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Swimming champion and one of the first female sports broadcasters, Deborah Gardner is one of the world’s highest rated performance experts. She helps companies and organizations advance to new levels of success by generating and accelerating their professionals with a new competitive mentality.

Deborah has a talent for identifying untapped potential by helping companies and organizations align strategies, goals, and objectives. Better known by many Fortune 500 companies as the “Pit Bull in a Skirt”, she is 1 of only 5 speakers worldwide to receive the Certified Meeting Professional credential which means she understands the back house logistics of her clients’ meetings and events. Furthermore, she is one of the top 5 most requested speakers according to Meeting Professional International.

Deborah is Principal and Founder of two highly successful companies: A business consultant for DG INTERNATIONAL LLC and a speaker/trainer for COMPETE BETTER NOW! When it comes to her presentations, she brings nearly 3 decades of experience in the hospitality sales profession along with real-life stories and examples in a conversational interactive way that clicks with audiences and generates instant results.

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    Deborah Gardner is a competitive performance expert that companies and organizations call on to get more momentum. She helps organizations focus on what is truly important, inspires constant improvement, and motivates people to immediate action.

    Deborah, better known as the “pit bull in a skirt”, is an author, trainer, consultant, and vibrant international speaker for over 15 years. Her client list ranges from Wal-Mart, Bank of America, Professional Convention Management Professionals, Henkel (formerly Dial Corp), Silicon Valley Bank, Meeting Professionals International, Southeast Los Angeles County, Society of Government Meeting Professionals, Non-Ferrous Founders Society, Pacificia Host Hotels, DMC Networks, Crowne Plaza Hotels, Symbius, American Express, PSAV, Marriott International, Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International, National Association of Electrical Distributors and more.

    Deborah is a member of National Speakers Association, 27 year veteran in the hospitality profession, recognized as The Voice of Business Meetings
    and 1 of only 5 speakers worldwide that received her Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) credential which makes her easier to work with because she understands what is needed to create an impeccable program.

    With a lifetime of COMPETITIVE experience, Deborah has a wealth of practice. From being a Marine Brat, an Olympic trial swimmer to currently a
    two-time gold medal Senior Olympic winner to a ground-breaking leader as one of the first female sports broadcasters with CBS, NBC, and WHO-Radio.

    Deborah has a captivating monthly video blog called THE WINNER’S CHANNEL. Author of several popular books including her new released COMPETE BETTER NOW! 52 Challenges for a Kick-Butt Winning Year and COMPETE BETTER NOW! How to Beat the Pants off your Competition.

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Deborah Gardner's Speech Descriptions

Competitive performance expert, Deborah Gardner illustrates how to be competitive from a refreshing and stimulating perspective that spurs audience members to get in touch with their talents, identity, and personal story while learning how to apply those factors to their jobs, lives, and dreams. Deborah uses infectious energy, warmth, fun, entertainment, and her captivating sassy presentation style to drive organizations and individuals to succeed through constant improvement, motivation, and action. Her vibrant presentations completely enthuse her audiences to implement the ideas even before leaving the room.

Our studies show that most companies and organizations know they are faced with on-going, intense and complex daily negotiating issues yet not realizing the simplicity to prevent losses can happen just by letting go, be free and get naked! Deborah helps you strip away the old techniques while revealing the bare bones truth for successful negotiating. By participating in this highly interactive, practice-driven and hands-on program, everyone will be exposed to experiencing how to win without even dealing with the competition.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn 3 effective ways to create value to the other side so you get what you want.
  • Experience negotiating strategies, techniques, ideas and even formulas that work.
  • Discuss your challenges and hear a wide range of answers so you always look good naked.

    In this highly competitive global world, having a goal is just not enough to win. The competition is watching your every move and your company has to stay one step ahead. Do you know how do you stand out from your competition? Attain remarkable success by taking the challenge.

    Learning Objectives:

  • Realize your authentic space to dominate the marketplace.
  • Learn what ‘streamlining’ means and how to leverage it for more success.
  • Hear the ONE thing that separates you form others.

    As a longtime sales veteran in a highly competitive hospitality profession, learn from Deborah’s successes and failures that will ‘wow’ your audience. This wildly interactive and entertaining program is for all levels of sales professionals with endless creative ways to win against the competition. Deborah will show the actions needed to compete and win every sale.

    Learning Objectives:

  • View the new way to convince others of your products, services or ideas
  • Apply 3 effective ways to become the potential customers top choice
  • Elevate YOU to compete, stop your fears and conquer your goals

    Going For Your Gold
    Imagine your goal is to win the GOLD! Being the star in a new job, exceeding your quota or simply the joy of every day victory, winning is a phenomenal sensation. Conquering goal’s comes from the intensity of three critical traits combined with personal and professional strategies to help you succeed.

      • Faith – With the true meaning of competition, believe in the emotional heart-activating techniques to your dreams, passions and interests you long desired.
      • Focus – Spotlight your momentum to velocity while concentrating on minimizing pain and maximizing gain to win.
      • Finish – Encounter the powerful "wave" created by experiencing your own experience!

    Deborah Gardner’s "amateur swimming abilities to winning the gold after many failure attempts" story, helped her conquer something that not even her swimming idol, Olympic medalist, Michael Phelps has done before. In this program, discover your longtime ambition and purpose "experience your own experience" while going for your gold.

    Compete Better Now!

    Buckle your seatbelt! Watch as Deborah Gardner boldly unveils the most in-depth business topic in this humorous high-energy program. The world of competition breeds winners, especially within the hospitality profession. To become a winner, you must perform. Yet, do you really know how to compete, consistently win or do you merely co-exist? Do you ignore the competition? Do you know who your biggest competitor is? Competition is part of every facet of our lives... in business, in our families, in dating, in our daily activities and even within ourselves. Everyone’s goal is to win! And, every decision you make says something about YOU.

    Hear astonishing real-life business and individual case studies that exemplify the three main drivers for better competition. Discover the ONE thing that separates you from others. Experience an immediate stimulation to the true meaning of competition and find out, are you going to win or are you going to lose?

      • Perception - A judging mechanism that brings awareness to your product, image, influence foundations, decide is it good or is it bad?
      • Position – Identifying and demonstrating why others want to work with you is all about positioning you correctly.
      • Performance – We judge our intentions but others judge us by our actions. To win, it’s about putting to work, the right people, doing the right things with the right clients, the right way. Find out what to start and stop doing in order to thrive.

    Failure... The New Success
    News flash: you are going to fail! And by the nature of failing or making mistakes you most likely will beat yourself up... another mistake! Yet, more importantly, what mistakes did you not make that cost you your success? You may never know unless you start realizing mistakes are the only pathway to success. If you want "triumphant" success for you or your organization, then hear how Deborah shifts the path of failure through the Science of Success (SOS). Learn, cry, and laugh while Deborah shares the many embarrassing train wreck mistakes that failed her right into success as one of the first ever female sports broadcasters, winning her first real Olympic gold medal, and more. In this humorous, motivating, and jaw-dropping program, learn how to analyze a setback, and find the success message inside you while discovering new beginnings.

    Programs Insights

      • What to do when failure is not an option
      • Find out the #1 cause of failure
      • Hear why failure should be part of your everyday vocabulary

  • What People are Saying about Seeing Deborah Speak

    Rating Entries

    “The results are contagious!”

    – Anne Lentini, Henkel Company

    “A talented orator that has a phenomenal humorous message and delivery style.”

    – Donna Masiulewicz, Timeline Meetings & Events, LLC

    “Amazing high-content speaker with a strong message who is motivational in style and tone.”

    – Jean Caldwell, Elite Ideas

    “Thank you for that fantastic keynote presentation! You most certainly are a ‘pit bull in a skirt’ speaker that delivers what you promised. Thank you again for kicking off what turned out to be a great Educational Day.”

    – Irma Weaver, VP, Walmart Stores, Inc.

    “What great energy and understanding of our group’s needs. WOW! Deborah’s message is very clear, direct and engaging and brings people into the discussion without making anyone feel like they are spoken to but rather in the room with her for an exchange of ideas. Everyone MUST consider Deborah for their next meeting.”

    – Scott J. Cipinko, JD, AIRC, Exec. VP & COO, Consumer Credit Industry Association

    “It’s been a year since your presentation at PCMA and people are still talking about it” Thank you for making our job easy.”

    – Ann Johnson/PCMA Associate Director, Programs

    “Deborah is a fresh voice that inspires me to keep coming back to her programs! It’s amazing how fast Deborah turned around every problem I needed to solve. Her interactive presentation is like a laser of inspiration that keeps the audience involved and entertained. I would highly recommend her to any company or organization!”
    – Suzanne Ayers/Director of Events, Mastro’s City Hall Steakhouse

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    Books by Deborah Gardner:

    How to Sell to Men

    How to Sell to Men Without Wearing a Low-Cut Dress
    SEX SELLS! That’s How You Have to Compete in a Man’s World Or is it?

    As a sales woman in business today, you might find the sales process cruel and frustrating when pitching products or services to men. You do have options when pressured to do “whatever it takes” to impress them. Blunt discussions and tell-it-straight tactics in How to Sell to Men Without Wearing a Low-Cut Dress reveal how you can subtract the sexual sizzle and still advance your sales career.

    You will discover:

      • Common mistakes women make selling to male buyers
      • Tactics for selling to men that will not ever involve baring skin
      • Basic motivators men require when purchasing from a woman
      • Safe, not sexy, ways to communicate with men in sales situations
      • The essential role of confidence-do not leave home without it

    Drop the worn-out strategies and learn how to conduct business that will enhance both your self-esteem and your bank account. This book bares it all.

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