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American technologist and early social network entrepreneur David Weinberger is a pioneer in studying how the Internet affects our lives, our businesses and our ideas.

David has contributed to a wide range of fields such as journalism, politics, and marketing. He has written for publications such as Harvard Business Review, Wired, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Guardian, USA Today, The Miami Herald and Scientific American. He has been a frequently featured guest on NPR’s All Things Considered.

Several journalists turn to David for insight. Journalists from The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Information Week, Foreign Policy, Time, and many other publications have considered David’s vision to be indispensable when they want to know and understand the meaning behind what is happening in the world of technology.

David has years of training as a philosopher and has gained valuable experience from being at the front lines of the ever changing landscape of the Internet economy. He has been called a “marketing guru” by the Wall Street Journal. He brings insight and expertise about subjects such as innovation, education, social media, marketing, journalism, and more.

Although David has a great deal of knowledge about technology, he does not consider himself a futurist. “The future is too surprising for that,” he says.

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    The Wall Street Journal

      • called David Weinberger a “marketing guru.” He′s the co-author of the

    The Cluetrain Manifesto

      • , the bestseller that cut through the hype and told business what the Web was really about.

    David′s book, Small Pieces Loosely Joined has been published to rave reviews hailing it as the first book to put the Internet in its deepest context. Another of his books, Everything Is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder, which has been called “an instant classic,” explains how the new rules for organizing ideas and information are transforming business and culture.

    He′s been a frequent commentator on National Public Radio′s All Things Considered. He′s written for the “Fortune 500” of business and tech journals, including The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, The Miami Herald, The Boston Globe, USA Today, The Guardian, and Wired. Journalists from The New York Times, Newsweek, The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times, InformationWeek, The Economist, Foreign Policy, the Wall Street Journal and many more turn to him for insight. He is a columnist for Knowledge Management World and has been a columnist for il sole 24 ore. He writes a well-known weblog, Joho the Blog.

    David was a philosophy professor for six years, a gag writer for Woody Allen′s comic strip for seven years, a humor columnist, a dot-com entrepreneur before most people knew what a home page was, and a strategic marketing consultant to household-name multinationals and the most innovative startups.

    He has a Ph.D. in philosophy and is a Senior Researcher at the prestigious Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society and is Co-Director of the Harvard Library Innovation Lab, and was a Franklin Fellow at the United States State Department (2010-12).

    He is also one of the most entertaining and acclaimed presenters around.

    Dr. David Weinberger turns this remarkable range of experience and knowledge to the most important question facing every business today: How is technology changing the way my employees, partners and customers are putting themselves together, and how is that changing the basics of business, culture, education, politics and government.

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David Weinberger's Speech Descriptions

David Weinberger has done extensive studies about how the Internet is a deep fountain of readily available knowledge. Now that information has been freed from paper and put into online form, there is more opportunity to see different points of view. This is what David calls the “power of the Net.”

David likes to create customized presentations that are tailored to his clients’ individual interests and needs.

David likes to work with clients to create customized presentations designed for their particular interests and needs. Here are some suggestions:

How Organizations Can Be Smart Now that There′s Too Much to Know
The world has always been bigger than our skulls. But with the rise of the Internet, we at last have a medium capable of embracing this over-large world. To do so, we are adopting new fundamental strategies of knowing, transforming the role and importance of experts, how we make decisions, and how we lead.

Organization Information in a Messy, Customer-Driven World
We′ve long assume that the owners of the info get to organize it. But in a digital world, if you don′t let users organize it their way, they′ll look elsewhere. The good news is that bottom-up organization, if done right, discovers hidden value in what your company offers. It just requires screwing your head on differently...

The Power of Disagreement

Stay on the Net long enough and you will learn one clear lesson: We will never ever agree about anything. But that disagreement is the power of the Net...both the Internet and the local webs that hold your organization together. But for disagreement to move us forward, it has to be of the right sort among the right people.

Online Markets are Weirder than You Think

The Cluetrain Manifesto in 1999 was right when it said "Markets are conversations." But that doesn′t mean that the right way to market in the weird, weird online world is by engaging in conversations. Understanding online markets requires undoing about a century′s worth of basic assumptions about marketing.

What People are Saying about Seeing David Speak

Rating Entries

    TTI/Vanguard KM Conference

    Hal Levin
    Board member

    “You were among the most passionate, prepared, and articulate speakers we have ever had; appropriately funny, sarcastic, and right on target. As a reinforcement, we just received an email that reads in part: I must say that having David Weinberger at the KM conference may turn out to be the most important choice made this past year…”

    Vignette Users Conference

    Bruce Milne

    David′s talk at our annual customer conference was entertaining, but more importantly challenged our customers to apply what they had learned to their businesses. His anecdotes and experience were invaluable in setting a business context for the how organizations can use content and information. it was perfectly suited to our audience. Thanks again David!

    Delphi Group Integration Conference

    Tom Koulopoulos
    President, Delphi Group

    “David is simply brilliant! He was an absolute smash hit! He makes complex technology simple without making it trivial; he makes you laugh loud and often; he conveys passion and sincerity; and he does all of this without arrogance, pseudo-intellectualism, or ra ra futurism. His wit, unassuming manner, and cut-the-hype style delivered one of the best presentations I have ever heard – and two-hundred hard-nosed, biztech professionals from seven countries all agreed. Simply brilliant!”

    Nasdaq Global Marketing Roundtable

    Denise Benou Stires
    EVP, Global Marketing and Investor Services

    “David Weinberger is an engaging, surprising and, most importantly, thought-provoking speaker. He sneaks up on his audience with his unassuming style only to completely captivate them with his controversial, intelligent and witty perspective. Whether or not you agree with his unique point-of-view, the exchange of ideas will leave you enriched.”


    David Allen Forrester
    Director, Practice Development

    “Those of us still designing and building Web applications have been debating whether the industry has hit bottom or if this is just the eye of the storm. Through his considerable wit and intelligence, David reminded us why we continue to believe in the Web despite competitor bankruptcies and less fulsome client budgets. I′d hesitate to call it a ′pep talk′ or refer to David as a ′motivational′ speaker. But many in our battle-bruised group became a chortling mass of vigor and freshness by the time David finished.”

    Mass High Tech
    in their report on the Nantucket Conference

    Dyke Hendrickson

    “Need a hilarious but informative speaker? Try Cambridge’s David Weinberger. He is an author of the “Cluetrain Manifesto” and, most recently, “Small Pieces Loosely Joined.” His theory is that the Web was created to be a free communications device and is succeeding in linking people in a way not envisioned a decade ago. He’s not optimistic on e-commerce or selling on the Web. But boy, is he funny.”

    IBM Executive Forum

    Michelle Han

    “On behalf of the IBM Exec Forum team in IBM, I would like to thank you for your highly entertaining & thought provoking presentation. Customers commented that your presentation was very refreshing and different/unorthodox, prompting them to think out of the box… One customer casually mentioned that he needs to halt all his web plans and review them again as he′s not sure if his plans make sense after listening to your presentation 🙂 We have definitely achieved our objectives of making our customers think about the changes that are happening around the world, around us and how the dynamism of the ′webolution′ will change our lives and the way businesses operate now and in the future.”

    IBM Users Group

    Tom Manning
    Marketing and Communications Manager

    “Your presentation was a great kickoff to our conference. Our audience of more than 1,500 hardcore IT pros was entertained and interested throughout, and they reflected their satisfaction in an average evaluation score of 4.7 (out of a 5.0 scale). Your address was a insightful combination of the theoretical and practical, with examples we can all identify with. It′s safe to say those of us who attended the presentation won′t be thinking of the Web in the same light than we did beforehand. ”


    Eric Waldschmidt
    Director, Marketing Strategy

    “It was an absolute pleasure having you speak at our event. It′s not often that people with really interesting perspectives and new ideas have even the faintest sense of humility. You′ve got both in spades and I loved working with you.

    “Judging by literally every conversation I had (I′m certain a scientifically rigorous and statistically significant sample) regarding your presentation you scored high marks. Your performance you′ll be happy to know, seemed to rate (again in my scientific poll) consistently higher than Martin Short. And people loved him so I don′t see how you could have done much better.

    “I′d recommend you in a heartbeat to anyone considering you.”


    Ellen Dahlin
    Director, Conference Activities

    “David, you were just what we needed to kick off our event. You are consistently one of our highest rated speakers, and this year was no exception. Your presentations are always timely, you always lead us to think about things in new ways, and most importantly, we have an opportunity to laugh – sometimes at ourselves. And, you are a delight to work with. I′d recommend you as a speaker without hesitation.”

    Ernst & Young
    (6-event seminar series)

    Crystal Campbell
    Marketing Associate

    “Your presentation was a wonderful ending to a year of speakers. You presented ideas that encouraged our attendees to think, laugh and act on how they interact with their customers via the web. Based on the comments we received from your presentation, our attendees found your talk to be “timely,” “one of the best presentations I attended” and “enjoyable.”

    We would not hesitate to recommend you to a company looking for someone who will bring thought-provoking ideas to their attendees. Thank you David – we appreciate your preparedness and willingness to share your ideas.”


    Steve Larsent
    Conference Organizer

    I try to balance a mix of speakers in the “main event” area of the conference – the general sessions, with sessions that will inspire, motivate and make the audience think. You were in the “make them think” category and did a splendid job – as evidenced by the amount of emails and discussion about what you said after the event. That continuing dialog is something I care very much about and in the NY event, you were the one that provided that.

    IBM WebSphere

    Peter Moorcroft,
    Creative Director for the event (PGI)

    “Wow – what an extraordinary performance from a shy, retiring, introverted philosopher!

    “Your inspired and inspiring presentation ′What′s the web for?′ was absolutely the hit of our opening session, and, just as I had dared to hope, set the tone for our whole event. Your message of a new world on the web, one of ′voice; fallibility; forgiveness; laughter; passion; and spirit′ resonated perfectly with our developer audience. The excitement was palpable and the audience riveted and ennobled by their role in the unfolding vision you described – who could ask for more!”

    Jenny Szawlewicz

    “On behalf of the IBM team, I wanted to thank you for your participation at WebSphere 2001. Your opening keynote was a great way to start out the conference. it was high-energy, thought-provoking and very funny. I know that the audience was very receptive to your presentation. We were so happy to have you at the conference, and I just wanted to express my appreciation in writing.”


    Harvey Ardman,
    Co-program Chair

    “At this year′s Pop!Tech Conference, “Being Human in the Digital Age,” David Weinberger spoke to some 500 top Internet and computer executives about the future of work. He was funny, provocative and fascinating – an overall delight. The audience loved him without reservation. He told us truths about ourselves and our lives that we hadn′t realized, and he told them in a modest, appealing and truly hilarious way. I′d heard David before and I knew he′d be good – which is why, as co-program chairman, I signed him up for the event. But he far exceeded even my expectations. His talk was one of the highlights of the conference, which included luminaries as John Perry Barlow, Bill Joy, John Sculley and Gov. Angus King.”


    Carol Parker
    Manager, Meetings and Events

    “Your general session presentation provided us with insightful information and at the same time kept us delightfully entertained. There are very few speakers who have in-depth knowledge of technology and also have strong presentation skills. From the positive verbal feedback I received, along with the excellent written evaluations, it is obvious that you are one of those rare individuals.”

    National Breast Cancer Awareness

    Ron Nicodemus Director, Conferences & Symposiums Disney Institute

    “David Weinberger′s business concepts and presentation were the perfect way to jump-start our conference with the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Board of Sponsors on challenging the current communications paradigm in the healthcare industry). He created the right mental atmosphere in getting the participants out of their boxes and stimulating their thinking.”

    Art Technology Group
    (8-event seminar series)

    Alison Howard Manager,
    Field marketing, ATG

    “The audience, which was made up of [our] partners, customers, and e-business executives, offered nothing but praise for David’s presentation, “The New Context for CRM.” David provided an entertaining and insightful reflection on the consumer’s needs – and the company’s role – in an increasingly customer-focused marketplace..” User Conference

    Tony Rodoni, VP Marketing,
    Support. com

    “David Weinberger is a guest speaker dream come true. He′s passionate, engaging, and entertaining. And just as important for, he is a speaker that listens before he talks. His keen interest to learn about the audience and customize his presentation to ensure he is not only insightful but relevant is unparalleled.”

    Hospitality Technology Conference

    Larry Hausman, Publisher, Hospitality Technology Magazine

    “David Weinberger brought inestimable value to the readers of Hospitality Technology magazine as they convened for the annual HT Lodging Conference in Orlando, Fla. His talk was warmly received and it inspired several attendees – and HT magazine – to consider further developments of their websites.”

    Interactive Summit

    Sarah Faye, EVP, Managing Director, Carat Freeman

    “David Weinberger was an absolute hit as the keynote speaker at the Interactive Summit 2000 in Boston. He is to be commended for actually putting new ideas and information in front of a crowd that has seen all of the new economy presentations! And best of all, he made us laugh! I would highly recommend David Weinberger for the toughest of crowds – and especially if your audience needs to wake up to the Internet tidal wave that has changed business forever.”


    John Underwoood, CEO,

    “David was the most entertaining speaker I have ever had the pleasure to listen to ( and laugh and laugh)…”


    Mike Azzara
    PC Expo & eBusiness Expo Conferences

    “David Weinberger′s articulate passion, intelligence and wit riveted an SRO crowd of about 1,300 at the eBusiness Conference & Expo. With the crowd in his palm, and hanging on every word, he painted a rich aural tapestry about the Internet′s impact on marketing and the true meaning of the Web, culminating in a dramatic climax.”

    Washington, DC
    Mary MacPherson

    “On March 7, 2000, the Morino Institute′s hosted an event featuring The Cluetrain Manifesto in Washington, DC. One of the authors, David Weinberger, was a featured speaker before a crowd of over 1000 people. David′s best known mediums are perhaps the written word and the radio. But he′s also a wonderful presenter. With high energy, he moved around the stage and did not park himself behind the podium. This enabled him to engage the audience — which he did for the entire session. He′s smart, funny, witty, very entertaining and also very genuine. In an interactive panel discussion, he was thoughtful in his answers, provocative and informative. We very much enjoyed having David in our program and hope that we′ll have many opportunities to work with him again in the future.”


    Keynote to US government CIOs (Washington, DC)
    Katie Hanusik, ENC Marketing

    “I wanted to thank you for doing such a terrific job at the AFFIRM Breakfast at FOSE last week. It was such a pleasure working with you, and the attendees were thrilled.”


    Keynote to Canadian government industry group (Ottawa)
    Peter Broadmore, Conference Organizer

    “At ITAC′s conference in Ottawa, David Weinberger stole the show. His sometimes irreverent delivery takes nothing away from the importance and relevance of his message. His analysis of most corporate communications is dead-on!”

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Books by David Weinberger:

    Too Big to Know: Rethinking Knowledge Now That the Facts Aren′t the Facts, Experts Are Everywhere, and the Smartest Person in the Room Is the Room

    We used to know how to know. We got our answers from books or experts. We’d nail down the facts and move on. But in the Internet age, knowledge has moved onto networks. There’s more knowledge than ever, of course, but it’s different. Topics have no boundaries, and nobody agrees on anything.

    Yet this is the greatest time in history to be a knowledge seeker . . . if you know how. In Too Big to Know, Internet philosopher David Weinberger shows how business, science, education, and the government are learning to use networked knowledge to understand more than ever and to make smarter decisions than they could when they had to rely on mere books and experts.

    This groundbreaking book shakes the foundations of our concept of knowledge—from the role of facts to the value of books and the authority of experts—providing a compelling vision of the future of knowledge in a connected world.

    Order Here

    Everything Is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder

    “Perfectly placed to tell us what’s really new about [the] second-generation Web.”—Los Angeles Times

    Business visionary and bestselling author David Weinberger charts how as business, politics, science, and media move online, the rules of the physical world—in which everything has a place—are upended. In the digital world, everything has its places, with transformative effects:

    • Information is now a social asset and should be made public, for anyone to link, organize, and make more valuable.
    • There’s no such thing as “too much” information. More information gives people the hooks to find what they need.
    • Messiness is a digital virtue, leading to new ideas, efficiency, and social knowledge.
    • Authorities are less important than buddies. Rather than relying on businesses or reviews for product information, customers trust people like themselves.

    With the shift to digital music standing as the model for the future in virtually every industry, Everything Is Miscellaneous shows how anyone can reap rewards from the rise of digital knowledge.

    Order Here

    The Cluetrain Manifesto: 10th Anniversary Edition

    Ten years after Cluetrain′s original publication, too many companies still ignore the idea that markets are really made up of people. In our rapidly changing world, this book′s message is more vital than ever. Companies may be wired for business, but they still struggle with how to talk to their customers like human beings.

    The 10th Anniversary Edition features extensive new commentaries by industry leaders, but the core message of this modern business classic remains intact.

    Order Here

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