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Consulting Futurist

David Pearce Snyder is a data-based forecaster whose thousands of seminars and workshops on strategic thinking have been attended by representatives from most of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as hundreds of local and federal government agencies, educational institutions and trade associations. Before entering private practice as a consulting futurist in 1981, Mr. Snyder was Chief of Information Systems, and later, Senior Planning Officer for the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, where he designed and managed the IRS Strategic Planning System. He was also a consultant to the RAND Corporation, and has served as an instructor for the Federal Executive Institute, and for Congressional and White House staff development programs.

David Snyder has been Contributing Editor of The Futurist magazine for over a quarter century. In addition, he has authored hundreds of studies, articles and reports on the specific future of a wide range of U.S. institutions, industries and professions, and on the socio-economic impacts of new technologies. He is the editor/co-author of five books, including Future Forces and a sequel, America in the 1990s, both published by the American Society of Association Executives. He also serves on the Editorial Board of On the Horizon, and has appeared on Nightline, The Today Show, CNN, MSNBC, and the BBC World Service.

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    The World’s Largest Economy Shifts Gears

    To paraphrase Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the current generation of Americans has a “rendezvous with austerity” as tighter credit and stagnant income combined with rising taxes and increased savings rates constrain consumer spending – prolonging the current “Jobs Recession” by forcing most U.S. households to “live within their means.” For the foreseeable future, Americans will spend less on housing, cars and cruise ship holidays, and more on infrastructure, healthcare and home entertainment, while suburban sprawl grinds to a halt and high-rise apartments spring up along mass-
    transit lines throughout an increasingly urbanized nation.

    Meanwhile, the current economic slump is accelerating the “information revolution!” Confronted by stagnant sales, businesses are using information technology to cut costs, permanently eliminating millions of jobs in the process. The resulting productivity improvements are boosting profitability, but will forestall significant reductions in unemployment, further delaying full economic recovery.

    Economic historians are confident that within 5 years, maturing high-tech industries – including bio-engineering, nano-materials, robotics, low-carbon energy and infopreneurships – will begin to leverage new mass market prosperity that will “lift all our boats.” Until then, however, U.S. equities markets will largely experience “sideways growth,” and investors will increasingly pursue more robust returns in the modernizing economies of the developing world.

    Consulting futurist David Peace Snyder will present an Instant Pre-Play of what will happen in the American workplace during the next 5 years – as the world’s largest economy “shifts gears” for the 21st Century.


    At a time when we are all preoccupied with our short-term economic circumstances, it is important not to lose sight of the long–term demographic, econometric and technologic trends and developments that will predictably determine the markets for consumer financial services over the next 5 to 10 years.

    In this lively illustrated program, futurist David Pearce Snyder spells out the
    forecastable realities that will shape the markets for community banks in a “New Normal” world of economic austerity, technologic innovation and social change, and details 4 marketing strategies for acquiring new clientele and expanding services to existing depositors.


    History has shown that the most potent socio-economic effects of a new
    technology do not occur until 60 to 70 years after its invention. This means
    that the coming decade will see the most transformational applications of
    computing power in daily life and work. Some of these innovations –
    including social networking, cloud computing, mobile connectivity and data
    mining – are already changing the operating environment for all forms of
    public and private enterprise.

    Consulting Futurist David Pearce Snyder describes how rapidly-maturing
    information technologies will give us cashless commerce, paperless processes and conversational computing in less than 10 years, while revitalizing the deleveraged American economy by creating new businesses, boosting productivity and changing the ways by which consumers are served, products are marketed, enterprises are organized, and human resources are managed and developed.

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