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  • Nour pioneered the concept of Relationship Economics, the art and science of building and leveraging your network to meet your goals.

  • Nour is the best-selling author of Relationship Economics, Return on Impact, and CO-CREATE.

  • Since 2002, Nour and his company, the Nour Group, have showed hundreds of companies how to capitalize their business relationships via both interpersonal relationships and social media networking.
  • Growth strategist David Nour is the creator of the groundbreaking concept, Relationship Economics®, the art and science of strategically investing in people to meet goals and get extraordinary returns. For 20 years he’s taught companies of every size how to choose and nurture key relationships that will take their perception and business to the next level.

    Nour quickly realized the quantifiable value of relationships when he immigrated from Iran to the U.S. in 1981 with $100, few family connections, and limited English skills. His ability to develop strong relationships relevant to his goals propelled him forward into a fulfilling business career. In 2002, he launched the Nour Group, and since then has taught hundreds of organizations how to capitalize their business relationships.

    Nour is the author of ten books translated in eight languages, including the best selling Relationship Economics, Return on Impact, and his latest work, CO-CREATE. He delivers between 50 to 70 keynotes per year on making relationships more strategic.

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      Building on over two decades of experience as a senior leadership/board advisor, bestselling author, and executive coach, David founded The Nour Group, Inc. in 2002. His vision? To help his global audience see business relationships as not simply a “nice to have,” a “convenience,” and “of course, they’re important,” but instead their intentional, strategic, and thus quantifiable value. Nour has pioneered the phenomenon that relationships are the greatest off-balance sheet asset any organizations possess, large and small, public and private.

      Yet in all of his work, David has found that relationships are NOT a standalone concept. Think about it – they don’t make sense by themselves. In other words, no individual, team or organization builds relationships because they’re bored! Individuals, groups, and companies that focus on proactively mapping, relating, nurturing, sustaining, requesting will be able to bridge their relationship creation efforts to one of relationship capitalization! That’s Relationship Economics® at work, often accelerating performance, execution, and results.

      In all of his speeches, Nour demonstrates the correlation between succinct strategies, visually illustrated and clearly articulated, proactive relationship mapping and business impact such as time to market, engaged employees and reduced turnover, creating and sustaining exceptional customer experiences, and driving profitable growth. Often challenging entrenched status quo mindsets about certain personality types or functions which seem to excel at relationship development to get to the core of what drives success, David’s Co-Create approach is a win/win scenario that, without exaggeration, will define the evolution of individuals, teams, and organizations.

      Born to middle-class educators in Iran, David learned at a very young age the incredible power and promise of identifying, building, and nurturing strategic relationships. As he wrote in his first book, Relationship Economics® – Transform Your Most Valuable Business Contacts Into Personal and Professional Success (Wiley, 2012), he certainty didn’t get it then, but walking through the bazaars of Iran at a young age with his father on Friday errands, he understands now that his dad got things done through relationships. Whether they needed a plumber at the house that afternoon or access to an influential politician, the rest of the world is dramatically more proactive with its portfolio of relationships.

      David arrived in the U.S. as a teenager in 1981 with a suitcase, $100 to his name and no fluency in English. He lived with an aunt and uncle he had never met and grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta. He earned his Eagle Scout, graduated from high school and enrolled in an undergraduate engineering program, before graduating from Georgia State University with a business degree. His early career in sales and sales management at various technology firms reinforced the value of internal and external relationships.

      Later after working for a global consultancy and earning his postgraduate degree from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, David became President of an early-stage venture. While there he again leveraged more than his educational foundation and professional pedigree, but his portfolio of relationships to identify market opportunities, attract and retain exceptional talent, raise capital, and gain his clients’ confidence. Many of these results he shares today with his global audiences.

      During his time as a senior leadership advisor to portfolio companies of a private equity firm, David saw dramatically diverse business models, leadership styles, and a broad spectrum of relationship development best and worst practices. From that experience, he dedicated himself to becoming a student of business relationships and what made world-class individual contributors, managers, and leaders excel.

      After hundreds of speeches and being asked countless times for a book, David hunkered down to write his first, Relationship Economics, back in 2008. To date, more than 50,000 copies of that first book have been purchased or gifted by individuals or their organizations, and it remains David’s iconic work. In it, he outlined his Relationship Currency™ Roadmap, the sustainable differentiation in Reputation Capital™, and the strategic value of one’s Professional Net Worth™. The goal was then as it is now to elevate his audiences’ mindset, help create a roadmap, and provide a toolset to think of relationships as more than transactional networking, and one of truly transformational relationships.

      In 2016, he launched the Relationship Economics quiz, amassing a research database of over 20,000 respondents on how individuals think about their business relationships, further quantifying the six relationship-development archetypes, from Start to Star across 28 different industries, from manufacturing to professional services. Continuing on that journey to better understand how people think, feel, and behave around their business relationships, this time with a particular emphasis on collaboration and reinvention of business and revenue models, he launched the Co-Create quiz, Canvas, and Workbook.

      As an internationally renowned thought leader and business expert, David annually delivers 50 global keynotes on business relationships, social and mobile disruptive technologies, and adaptive innovation at corporate meetings, leading industry association conferences, and academic forums. He is an adjunct professor at the Goizueta Business School at Emory University and a guest lecturer at Georgia Tech’s College of Management. David serves as the lead independent director on the board of introNetworks, a privately held intelligent community technology firm based in Santa Barbara, California.

      David’s unique perspective and independent insights on business relationships as well as social and mobile innovation have been featured in a variety of prominent blogs and publications including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fast Company, Knowledge@Wharton, Associations Now, Huffington Post Business, Medium, Entrepreneur and Success magazine.

      An Eagle Scout himself, David is passionate about youth with his foundation’s support of the World Scout Jamboree, Junior Achievement, One Voice – aiming to create peace in the Middle East, and the High-Tech Ministries. He is currently an active member of the FBI Citizens’ Academy, Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), and the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) where he has earned the Governance Fellow accreditation.

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    When it comes to networking, David Nour helps you see the big picture, connecting the dots between your goals and most valuable asset – your relationships. Debunking many of the false assumptions we make about relationships, Nour shares his robust methodologies for building trust in a sincere and mutual beneficial way. He focuses on harnessing both social media networks and in-person relationships, showing you how they can be your greatest aid in broadening your perception, meeting your goals, and taking on the latest market challenges and opportunities.

    You’ll never think about business relationships the same way again after you’ve heard Nour speak! Relationships really do impact every facet of an enterprise – from its strategy to its talent agenda and digital transformation.Nour addresses over 50000 people globally each year across a multitude of industries organizational sizes or audience composition. From sales teams to senior leadership and board retreats he shares unique insights independent perspectives and real-time appropriate humor that inspires his audience to think and behave differently when it comes to their most significant asset:their portfolio of strategic relationships!

    The Co-Create Effect
    What will the evolution of you, your team,
    and your organization look like?

    Individuals teams and organizations must balance learning and performing to evolve. That evolution no longer comes from being the smartest in the room but from innovative collaboration with strategic relationships- within and external to the organization. David will explain how co-creating provides the construct the process and the tools to help your audience do just that– evolve themselves their teams and their organization.Recognized by many past clients as David’s best thinking and practical pragmatic work to date.

    Relationship Economics®—The Art and Science of Relationships
    Leveraging Your Single Biggest Asset to Driver Performance, Execution, and Results

    Focus on the quantifiable value of business relationships and provide a systematic process for
    identifying, building, nurturing, and leveraging personal and professional relationships. David
    introduces battle-tested best practices, based on his global experiences, along with social
    science research and hundreds of executive interviews, that bridge the gap between relationship
    creation and relationship capitalization. The cornerstone keynote based on the best-selling book,
    Relationship Economics Updated & Revised (Wiley, 2012), delivered to more than 30 corporate,
    association and academic forums annually.

    Return on Impact—How Will You Lead Differently?
    How Will You Adapt to Disruption and Evolve Your Value-Add in the Process?
    Return on Impact isn’t about Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. It’s about socially enabling organizations
    to listen louder, think faster, and respond to changing market dynamics, helping them reinvent,
    adapt, and relate in new and powerful ways. David discusses how SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics,
    and Cloud) is swinging the power pendulum in the direction of members and customers, leaving
    many industries and organizations out of the equation, and how you can get the most return on your
    business interactions, involvement, image, and impact.

    Addaptive Innovation – Adaptable Business
    Models for Changing Market Demands

    From Signal Scouts to “Yes, And” Learning to Drive Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration

    Create a sustainable competitive advantage, develop a relationship-centric culture, and have the
    audacity to fail and the ability to learn from those failures. Create greater market value than your
    competitors, help your channel partners differentiate your unique products or services, and shake up
    your value chain. It sounds difficult; David makes it simple.

    Though most organizations invite David to speak on the above-listed core grouping of
    topics, he is happy to work with you to customize a presentation that best serves your

    What People are Saying about Seeing David Speak

    Rating Entries

    “I’ve had the pleasure of hearing many great speakers during my 27 years
    with PMA. So it takes someone exceptional to cut through the clutter and
    make a unique impression. You did that and then some.”

    -Bryan Silbermann, CAE – President & CEO, Produce Marketing Association

    “…I heard you speak at the ASAE Annual Meeting in Atlanta. I found you to
    be a gifted professional speaker and dramatically more insightful than
    most typical associated-related presenters. During our introductory lunch,
    you provided ample value in your understanding of our growth challenges
    and piqued my curiousity to seek your advisory services.”
    -Stefano Bertuzzi, Ph.D, M.P.H. – Executive Director, American Society for Microbiology

    “During David’s presentation, our audience of more than 700 elected officials
    and city staff members were extremely engaged, as evident by few distracted
    mobile users or anyone who left the session early! He used appropriate humor,
    was personable yet thought provoking in conveying his ideas. Needless to say,
    David’s presentation was the buzz of the conference long after his session.”

    -Michael Sittig – Executive Director, Florida League of Cities, Inc

    “As a senior executive at an association I have heard and hired many
    speakers and not all have hit the mark each time. However, from the first
    time I engaged you on short notice through subsequent engagements
    following you have always hit the mark and exceeded my expectations
    and most importantly, those of the audiences you have addressed for us.”
    -Duffy Wilbert, CAE – Former SVP of Member Services, InfoComm International

    “David, you deliver a message that applies to all audiences. It is so
    important in this time of uncertainty that people do value relationships.
    Thank you for being such a great influence and a wonderful speaker.”

    -Brooke Sommers, CMP, CMM – Owner/Consultant, Strategic Conferences & Events LLC

    “Thank you so much for presenting at the 2011 Amerinet Member Conference in
    Orlando, Fl. The session was a huge hit and so well received.
    As you know, social networking is relatively new to the healthcare field and most
    of our attendees came into your session knowing very little about how it can
    apply to them. At the end of the session and in follow up emails, I received
    more requests for your information than any other speaker— and this is saying
    a lot, considering many of the other speakers were from the Disney Institute.”

    -Kerry Price – Senior Vice President, Operations, Federation of American Hospitals

    Select Corporate Clients

      • AmeriPark
      • Accretive Solutions
      • Cambridge Professional Staffing
      • Cambridge Southern Financial Advisors
      • Cisco Service Provider Video Technology Group—SPVTG (formerly Scientific-Atlanta)
      • Cohber Press
      • Cole Harford
      • Craftmade International
      • DBM International Center for Executive Options (ICEO)
      • Deloitte Consulting
      • Deloitte Financial Advisory Services (FAS)
      • EO Bahrain
      • EO Dubai
      • Flo Healthcare, a division of Emerson
      • Ford & Harrison
      • FTI Consulting
      • Georgia Lottery Corporation
      • Hi-Hope Service
      • HP Scitex
      • Horn Murdock Cole
      • IBBS
      • ImpactRX
      • InterContinental Hotels Group
      • KPMG Forensic / Advisory Learning & Development
      • Manning, Selvage & Lee PR
      • Marriott ExecuStay
      • Online Vehicle Exchange (OVE), a division of Cox
      • PC Connection / HealthConnection
      • Shepard Exposition Services
      • Siemens Energy & Automation
      • Syscom Technologies
      • ThePort Network
      • Vistage International

    Select Academic Forums

      • Emory University Goizueta Business School
      • Georgia Tech College of Management
      • Innovation Hub Executive Forum—South Africa

    Select Industry Associations

      • AMC Institute
      • American Cancer Society
      • ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership
      • Associated Luxury Hotels International (ALHI)
      • Association of Moroccan Professionals in America (AMPA)
      • Association of Financial Technology (AFT)
      • Association of Patent Practitioners (APP)
      • Association of Suppliers in the Paper Industry (ASPI)
      • Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau (ACVB)
      • Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS)
      • Canadian Association of Rehab Nurses (CARN)
      • Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH)
      • CoreNet Global—Commerical Real Estate
      • Council of State Restaurant Associations (CSRA)
      • Georgia Chamber of Commerce
      • Georgia Society of CPAs
      • International Assoc. for Exposition Management (IAEM)
      • International Association of Speakers Bureaus (IASB)
      • Legal Marketing Association (LMA)
      • LOMA
      • Luxury Marketing Council
      • Material Handling Equipment Distributors Assoc. (MHEDA)
      • Meeting Professionals International (MPI)
      • Mississippi Manufacturers Association
      • Mississippi Workers Compensation Commission
      • MIT Enterprise Forum
      • National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)
      • National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW)
      • National Association of Woman Business Owners (NAWBO)
      • National Speakers Association (NSA)
      • Professional Convention and Meeting Association (PCMA)
      • Project Management Institute (PMI)
      • Provential Health Leadership Forum
      • Rotary Club International
      • Sales & Marketing Executives International (SMEI)
      • Society of American Consulting Arborists (SACA)
      • Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)
      • Society of International Business Fellows (SIBF)
      • Technology Association of Georgia (TAG)—TAMY Awards
      • Water & Sewer Distribution Association (WASDA)
      • Women In Technology (WIT)
      • Young Jewish Federation (YJF)

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    Books by David Nour:

    Co-Create: How Your Business Will Profit from Innovative and Strategic Collaboration

    What if your customers had a vested interest in guiding your company toward greater success? What if your employees had a personal as well as professional commitment to elevating your organization? Imagine how different your results would be if investors, vendors, and even analysts treasured the relationship they have built with you?
    Most important . . . is your company capable of setting aside a bit of its own self-interest to become part of dramatically more rewarding collaborative effort? That’s the provocative and ultimately earthshaking question David Nour poses. He argues that co-creation is a transformational journey that naturally leads to growth and evolution . . . because it gives birth to shared interests that dwarf anything that existed previously.

    In Co-Create, David Nour makes the case that co-creation leads to Market Gravity™, a force that attracts stakeholders to your business because they recognize that many others have also united their interests with yours. It’s the sense―backed by tangible metrics―that this is bigger than any of us imagined . . . except that you imagined precisely such an outcome. That’s the power of co-creation.

    Relationship Economics: Transform Your Most Valuable Business Contacts into Personal and Professional Success
    What’s the most valuable asset you or your business possesses? Is it your physical resources? Your intellectual properties? Your workforce? Your skills and knowledge?

    All are important aspects of business success. But you can’t get the most advantage from any one of them if you don’t make the right strategic investments in your relationships. Relationship Economics takes a unique and strategic view of business relationships as a platform for long-term business growth and success. This goes far beyond simplistic “networking” or the exchange of business cards. Thinking strategically about business relationships is a proven way to move your business or career forward.

    Based on interviews with more than 1,000 managers, directors, and executives from a wide range of companies, Relationship Economics reveals that success comes from investing in people for extraordinary returns. It introduces new concepts in relationship management, including the exchange of Relationship Currency, the accumulation of Reputation Capital, and the building of Professional Net Worth. These are the fundamental qualities and measures of busi-ness relationships, and once you understand them, you’ll be able to turn your contacts into better execution, performance, and results.

    Many of us are so busy we forget to take the time to build and nurture the key relationships that lead to long-term success. Relationship Economics turns business relationships into quantifiable variables based on proven concepts from the fields of business development and process optimization. You’ll learn to develop the three major types of relationships—personal, functional, and strategic—and how to gain the most opportunity and value from each.

    Relationship Economics isn’t about taking advantage of friends or coworkers to get ahead. It’s about building and maximizing relationships for a better career and a better life. In business and in life, nothing is more important than the company you keep.

    The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Raising Capital (Entrepreneur’s Guide Series)
    Ask any established business owner to identify his or her toughest challenge when just starting out, and you’ll likely get this answer: raising capital. Most aspiring entrepreneurs know far too little about the sources of money that can help start a business or fuel its growth. Where do you get capital? What are investors looking for? How do you ask for money in a way that gets results? This book answers these and many other critical questions. Even more important, entrepreneur and consultant David Nour shows how to develop long-term relationships with financial partner—the people who can help keep a business humming throughout its life.

    The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Raising Capital, designed to help entrepreneurs navigate the money-raising maze, shows how to attract financing to fund the start-up and growth phases any business moves through. It answers the most common—and the most perplexing—questions entrepreneurs have about financing a business: How do I put together a credible request for funds? How do I choose wisely from among the plethora of financial and strategic investors, consultants, investment bankers, and other intermediaries? How do I identify and avoid the risks associated with various sources of capital? How do I plan for the right kind, amount, and source of smart capital as the business evolves? How do I get the highest return on invested capital? How do I avoid the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when raising capital?

    This book provides real-life, pragmatic advice from entrepreneurs who have raised money from friends, family, angel investors, and banks, as well as institutional investors such as venturecapitalists and private equity firms. It details the process from start to finish while spotlighting the danger spots and ways to avoid them. It will be especially useful to those who are uncomfortable making important financial decisions, and to those who are confused by all the conflicting opinions offered by advisors—both well meaning and otherwise. By showing readers the financing ropes, Nour removes a major source of stress for budding entrepreneurs and moves them closer to their dream come true: a successful business.

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