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David Glickman has dedicated 15 years to entertaining corporate and healthcare audiences. The certified speaking professional energizes audiences with clever humor and upbeat music that will turn the heaviest agenda into a memorable experience. With over 2,000 programs performed, he’s solidified a reputation in the speaking circuit as the highlight of any event.

Before transitioning from “show business” to “business shows,” he worked with everyone from The Beach Boys to Steve Martin and performed at private parties for singer Gloria Estefan and former President Jimmy Carter. He also appeared on “Evening At The Improv” and several other national television shows. David began his career as Director of Public Relations for the American Heart Association of Greater Miami, which gave him a rich understanding of the healthcare industry and the non-offensive, non-invasive humor appropriate for rejuvenating healthcare professionals as well as corporate audiences.

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      • David Glickman works with organizations that want to add some comic relief to their events in order to make them really fun and memorable. With a portable keyboard slung over his shoulders on a strap, he combines humor and music in an exciting customized presentation unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

    David has been a professional speaker and entertainer since 1985 and has presented over 2000 programs. He has appeared on Evening At The Improv and several other national television shows, He has been the opening act for stars such as The Beach Boys, Ellen DeGeneres, Ray Romano, and more.

    David has worked with Steve Martin on a comedy project for CBS-TV and has performed at private parties for singer Gloria Estefan and former President Jimmy Carter. In 1994, he was voted “Funniest Person in America” in the Entenmann’s National Comedy Contest.

    David has owned several comedy clubs in the South Florida area and in Atlantic City Casinos, which garnered praise in Rolling Stone Magazine and other publications.

    He is probably best known for his “Custom Corporate Comedy” performances, which have earned him a national reputation as an expert in “finding the funny” in the many Fortune 500 companies and associations to whom he has spoken.

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David Glickman's Speech Descriptions

David Glickman provides clean customized comedic entertainment for conferences, business meetings, and the healthcare sector. He completes careful pre-program research so that he can craft original humor about your industry, your organization, and your people. In addition to giving your group the energy boost they need to get through a heavy agenda or pick up the pace in the workplace, David offers a continuing education healthcare course for credit, that will not only capacitate professionals but help them “find the funny” in a frequently stressful work environment. vid Glickman provides clean, clever, customized comedy entertainment

A Dose Of Healthcare Humor


This program is designed to positively address situations and frustrations that the typical healthcare professional deals with in his or her job.

You’ve never seen a funnier way of looking at Medical Technology, HIPAA, Patient Relations, Managed Care, Medical Specialists, Healthcare Bureaucracy, the Pharmaceutical Industry, Joint Commission, HCAHPS, CMS, and much more!

David has presented programs for physicians, nurses, and many other healthcare clinicians and specialists. He has spoken to hospital administrators, long-term care administrators, and professionals in patient relations, technology, training, marketing, human resources, and more.

“A Dose of Healthcare Humor” has also been presented for pharmaceutical companies, health insurance providers, healthcare equipment manufacturers, and other groups affiliated with the healthcare industry.

David always customizes the humor for his audience. He presents the most current and relevant humor for that group’s specific area of healthcare expertise or place of employment. He will also include any theme or message or initiative that your group is embracing (or resisting!).

“A Dose of Healthcare Humor” is not so much a ‘speech’ as it is a full-blown high-energy one-man show. It’s got observational humor, funny visuals & props, hilarious song parodies, and a big “rock and roll” finish!

It’s non-offensive, non-invasive humor——always clean, always clever! When David presents “A Dose of Healthcare Humor,” he will do whatever it takes to ensure that your entire event is an amazing success!

David Glickman puts the med in comedy and the Comedy in Medicine!

A Dose of Healthcare Humor Continuing Education Option
60-Minute CE Presentation

David Glickman’s signature program, “A Dose of Healthcare Humor” may be presented for Continuing Education credit. This program is designed to serve as a tool for stress reduction in the healthcare workplace. By examining the humor that can be extrapolated from even the most stressful work-related scenarios, the attendees will discover how to “look for the humor” when faced with these situations.

Attendee will learn how to “find the funny” in stressful work situations.

Content Outline

  • Observation of stressful situation
  • Instant analysis of stressful situation
  • Analysis of humorous responses or reactions to stressful situation
  • Implementation of humorous response to stressful situation
  • Strategize how to repeat the humorous response or reaction on future similar situations, without having to repeat the first four steps

    Teaching Methods
    Lecture, with a wide variety of tools, including everything from demonstrative props to sing-along memory builders.

    Evaluation Methods
    Written evaluation

    Custom Corporate Comedy

    With “Custom Corporate Comedy,” no two programs are ever alike.

    Your group will be incredibly impressed when they realize that you have had the program created just for them. A program that will only be used for that one event—and never again.

    David presents the most current and relevant humor for your group’s specific industry or place of employment. He will also include any theme or message or initiative that your group is embracing (or resisting!).

    The pre-program research places little or no burden on your staff or members. David conducts one or two efficient telephone interviews that usually take care of everything he needs to create your show.

    In addition to David’s performance, he can also serve as Emcee for your event. He can break his program into smaller segments, and sprinkle them throughout your agenda. And he can even do “Instant Comedy Summaries” of any speakers that go on before him.

    A performance by David Glickman will show your group that you really care about them. It will show your group that you will go above and beyond the ordinary—to create an experience unlike any they’ve had before.

    “Custom Corporate Comedy” is not so much a ‘stand-up comedy routine’ as it is a full-blown high-energy one-man show. It’s got observational humor, funny visuals & props, hilarious song parodies, and a big “rock and roll” finish!

  • What People are Saying about Seeing David Speak

    Rating Entries

      “David Glickman′s presentation was a huge success. We laughed for a full hour. What a delight to have a comedian that is funny and non-offensive. Feel free to use me for a reference, as I can highly recommend David as a WOW for any audience.”
      Concord Management
      (Event booked by Speakers Platform)

      “David was super and I had many great comments about him from the conference attendees. He did a great job customizing and was a pleasure to work with, even when we ran late on getting him on. Thanks for everything!”
      Mississippi Export Railroad Company
      (Event booked by Speakers Platform)

      “I′m glad that we decided to go the ′Custom Comedy′ route. It really showed my employees that we do care about them and won′t settle for the ordinary.”
      Mark A. Mershon
      Division Manager
      IDS / American Express

      “Incredibly motivating and a great team-building experience. Haven′t seen anything like it in my 20 plus years of sales and sales management.”
      Lenny Chesal
      Sales Manager
      AT & T

      “As you know, it was a very important and stressful meeting for us, and you provided just the right touch of levity we needed to take the edge off of things.”
      Nancy Berkowitz
      Vice President
      Mohawk Distilled Products

      “We needed something to get the sales force really motivated and your show was the perfect way to do it.”
      Fran Sevcik
      Director of Public Relations
      Norwegian Cruise Line

      “It was the perfect way to end a long day of meetings: lighthearted and funny, but in good taste.”
      Janis Altshuler
      Production/Promotions Manager
      The Sports Authority

      “Using a scale where 5.0 is the highest, you were the highest rated speaker/entertainer with a 4.7.”
      Cheryl Martin
      Senior Vice President/Director of Marketing
      Union Planters Bank

      “This was a long-awaited and very special evening for our employees, and your superlative skills as a comedian and musical entertainer made it a huge success! Although our employees represent widely diverse ages and ethnic backgrounds, you managed to get them all laughing, with jokes and routines that everyone could relate to.”
      Sue Baron
      Director of Marketing
      Aventura Hospital and Medical Center

      “David, you really did your homework on the real estate industry…Your presentation was the best part of our conference.”
      Donna Sullenberger
      The Prudential Florida Realty

      “Your entertainment and ′unique′ presentation of our annual Mark of Excellence Awards was the high point of our annual meeting. How can we top that next year?”
      Wade Edwards
      Vice President – Public Relations
      Florida Hospital Association

      Clients Include:

      AIG Claim Services
      American Express
      American Dairy Association
      Barnett Bank
      Baxter Healthcare
      Bell South
      Big Brothers & Big Sisters
      Boyle Engineering
      Camillus Health Concern
      Carnival Resorts & Casinos
      Challenge Publications
      Coronado Studios
      DeBartolo Malls
      Florida Direct Marketing Association
      Florida Film & Recording Institute
      Florida Hospital Association
      Florida Power & Light
      Goldman Sachs

      Great Dane Trailers
      Humana Hospitals
      Insurance Reporting Systems
      Lennar Homes
      Mark, Fore & Strike
      Mail Advertising Service Association
      The Miami Herald
      Mohawk Distilled Products
      Norwegian Cruise Line
      OAG Publishing Group
      Omega World Travel
      Performance Magazine
      Plastic Drum Institute
      Prudential/Merrill Lynch Realty
      Public Relations Society of America
      Redman Homes
      Reed International
      Scandinavian Cruise Line
      Schmid Laboratories
      Solarall Shade & Shutter
      The Sports Authority
      SunTrust Bank
      Super Bowl XXIII Host Committee
      Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare
      Teleport Communications Group
      The 24 Collection
      Union Planters Bank
      United Cerebral Palsy
      United Auto Dealers Association
      University of Florida Alumni Association
      U.S. Army Second Armored Division
      U.S.S. Enterprise

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