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    • Selecting an uplifting, informative and motivational speaker is critical to the success of any conference or meeting because that decision will determine the emotional impact of the event. The attendees will remember a great keynote speaker long after the food and surroundings have faded from memory.

Dave Caperton is a high-content and genuinely funny speaker.

Dave is a nationally-known humorous speaker and seminar leader who teaches his audiences in business, education, and healthcare how to laugh while they learn how to use healthy and compassionate humor to manage stress, to cope with change and to boost personal and organizational success.

Dave has been a teacher, a trainer, a stand-up comedian and a comedy writer. All of his talents as a performer and his skills as a teacher are evident in presentations his clients have described as “superior,” “soul-searching,” and “frankly hilarious.”

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We can’t always control what happens to us in life, but we can control how we cope. Offering a variety of presentations that are a unique blend of stand-up comedy and motivational coaching, Dave Caperton shows how humor and joy can help us manage life’s hurdles and flourish on a daily basis. You’ll laugh as you learn Dave’s “joy strategies” for communicating, handling stress, and dealing with difficult people.

While most of Dave’s programs are particularly geared to businesses, healthcare settings, and educational settings, Dave can design customized seminars and humor to meet any group’s needs.

Your Mission: Change the World
We′ve all heard the old adage, "perception is reality," which means your world is what you perceive it to be. But what you perceive owes as much to the choices you make as to your senses. Your commitment to joy, your sense of humor, your focus, even your physiology, shapes your perceptions. Consciously making positive choices leads to healthy perceptions about your life, work and relationships. And when you change your perceptions, you change your world.

Stress Mastery
Stress is one of the most talked about yet least understood threats to our success and health. Uncontrolled stress is a sure road to burnout and unhappiness. Unchecked stress depresses immune function, leads to illness and absenteeism and erodes energy and effectiveness. Combing humor and solid research to explore the stress response, Dave provides real solutions for coping successfully and thriving in times of change and challenge.

Healing Humor
Laughter doesn′t just feel good, it′s good for you. Besides providing a release for stress, a sense of humor has also been associated with improved immune function, pain relief, lowered blood pressure and is a proven predictor of longevity. This program presents the healing benefits of humor both for self-care and to minister to the needs of others. Healing Humor is perfect for healthcare audiences or any group interested in healthy living through laughter.

Laughter and Learning
It may seem counterintuitive that emotion, not rational processes, are the key to learning, but that is what brain research shows. In short, negative emotions stimulate limbic response (e.g. fight or flight) while positive emotion enhances cortical alertness. Learn ways to make compassionate humor a useful tool in the learning experience and join your students in enjoying increased learning and lowered stress.

Dealing with Difficult People
Everyone has to deal with an unpleasant person from time to time. But when we have to cope with toxic attitudes on an ongoing basis, the resulting stress can erode our joy and undermine our success. This program provides solutions to dealing with difficult people by taking a three-pronged approach:

    1. What Makes Difficult People so Difficult? Understanding the underlying reasons for negative behaviors can foster tolerance and even compassion.

    2. Techniques and Strategies. We can′t change others. We can only change how we respond to them. We′ll discuss communication strategies to minimize conflict and create more positive outcomes.
    3. Coping Skills. Dealing with difficult people takes a toll. In this part we′ll discover how to hone healthy humor and other stress-reducing techniques to innoculate oneself from exposure to toxic personalities.

Drive Sales- but first find your keys

Does your sales team know the number one factor that makes a buyer say "yes"? Learn the secret that drives sales and the 8 keys that every salesperson should practice to shift sales into high gear. You′ll also learn one simple habit that will take you from sales rep to expert consultant with loyal repeat customers.

The Fezziwig Principle: Joyful, Compassionate Leadership

From Oliver Twist to Ebenezer Scrooge, Charles Dickens gave us some of the most memorable characters in literature. One minor character in A Christmas Carol represents a standard for joyful and people-centered leadership: Scrooge′s old boss, Mr Fezziwig. Fezziwig is jolly, kind, beloved by his employees and successful. In short, he is in every way the leader that Scrooge is not. Still, old Scrooge displays nothing but admiration for his old boss. When the Spirit remarks that Fezziwig has spent very little to make the people so full of gratitude, Scrooge replies: "It isn′t that, Spirit. He had the power to render us happy or unhappy; to ; make our service light or burdensome, a pleasure or a toil. Say that his power lies in words and looks; in things so slight and insignificant that it is impossible to add and count them up, what then? The happiness he gives is quite as great as if it cost a fortune."

In Dave′s new program, The Fezziwig Principle, you′ll learn how the 9 principles that create the employee loyalty evident in Dickens′ classic tale are still powerful and available today, and the keys to creating the kind of work environment where real success is just the by product of doing the right things for the right reasons. This program will give your leadership team valuable tools for building loyalty as the foundation for success!

Special Programs
In addition to Dave′s regular topics, he also offers special customized presentations specifically designed for your group′s needs including customized humor, communication workshops and a number of special in-service programs for educators.

What People are Saying about Seeing Dave Speak

Rating Entries

I heard Mr. Caperton speak at a Retirement community about 2 years ago. I never forgot his powerful messages and the audience positive responses.
I am hoping to arrange for him to come back and give another presentation to the residents here. We are still not able to have outside guests present programs yet due to the Covid restrictions which are still in place. I hope to be in touch with our activity director and see what can be done in the near future.


    Dave was exactly what we needed and asked for. He left the staff feeling lighthearted and appreciated. He was unconditionally one of the best key note speakers that I have heard in twenty seven years of teaching. I would highly recommend him to any school division. He connected with the community of southern Saskatchewan and brought much needed laughter. People approached me after to say that he was the best keynote they had ever seen. He set a positive and uplifting tone that was projected through the rest of the day.
    Chinook School Division

    (Event booked by Speakers Platform)

    He was absolutely outstanding!!  He received a lengthy standing ovation.
    The Samford Summer institute for Teaching Excellence (SSITE)
    (Event booked by Speakers Platform)

    Your presentation with humor was exactly what we needed. Your presentation stood out above all the others and we heard a lot of great comments in regards to it.
    Ad Clinic Committee, Columbus Dispatch

    Most if not all commented that you were the best speaker we ever had.
    Jodie Gilroy, Dickinson County Healthcare System

    The audience was crying they laughed so hard. Thanks for a great end to our A Day for Me women′s health seminar.
    Magruder Hospital

    Dave Caperton is awesome. His background as an educator and a comedian allows everyone to learn and also laugh.
    Mike Patricelli, Boeing Aerospace Leadership Chapter

    That Dave′s experiences could be related to so many people and that he is very funny helped to make this a great day.
    Steve Allen, Grandview Heights City Schools

    What a GREAT JOB Dave did for our conference on Friday. What an excellent presentation and our evaluations reflect that.
    Mike Gray, Darke County Educational Service Center

    Outstanding. Appropriate humor-very funny.
    Marque Bressler, Columbus Board of Realtors

    I want to thank you for recommending Dave Caperton as a speaker. He truly was wonderful. He delivered a powerful message and received rave reviews. Everyone loved him!
    Tammie Spurlock, Indiana Statewide Member Services Section

    It is a breath of fresh air to have a speaker who gives ideas and thoughts that one can apply to their professional or personal life that very moment.
    Dr. John Porter, Indianapolis Study Club

    All the feedback we have received regarding your engagement has been terrific! You were captivating, hysterical, inspirational and thought-provoking all at once!
    Ginnie Grant, U.S. General Services Administration

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