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Dan Negroni, founder and CEO of launchbox, leverages his bold, authentic, no-nonsense approach and interactive style to challenge your employees and empower them to deliver immediate business results.

Offering the solution to today’s critical cross-generational issues, Dan successfully bridges the gap between managers and their millennial workforce to increase employee engagement, productivity and profits.

Dan delivers provocative, inspiring keynote presentations at all types of leadership, trade association conferences, and millennialrelated events. With a successful 20+ year career as a CEO, attorney, senior sales and marketing executive, Dan’s keynotes, workshops, and coaching sessions are proven to reinvigorate businesses and people on the spot.

Dan is an active philanthropist, serving as board member and development chair to support the efforts of various charities. He resides in Del Mar, California with his wife of 25 years and the youngest of his three children. He is an avid health and fitness nut, running, biking, swimming and doing anything else he can to fight off looking his age.

Dan is also the author of Chasing Relevance: 6 Steps to Understand, Engage, and Maximize Next-Generation Leaders in the Workplace, available now.

Dan is frequently interviewed by the press, media, and podcasts for his views on management, leadership, accountability, and the chasm between older generations and millennials in the workplace.

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Dan Negroni's Speech Descriptions

How To Win the Millennial Race
A dramatic shift is taking place in the workplace and the marketplace. Today, there are 2.4 billion millennials, they represent 36% of the workforce, control $660 billion in spending and will be 75% of your employees and customers by 2025.

What is your company doing to stay relevant, connect and drive engagement with the next generation?
With valuable insights, extensive experience, and a great sense of humor, Dan shares:
• The key trends that define the millennial generation
• 6 steps to bridge the generational gap between youth and experience
• How to deliver value to connect with your customers and employees
• How to stay relevant in a crazy, fast-changing world

The Next Gen Organization: Unleashing Innovation
Technology is rapidly disrupting and re-shaping every industry—healthcare, mobile devices, biotech, news, travel—and innovation is pushing the boundaries.

What is your organization doing to capitalize on technology and unleash innovation?
In this engaging and interactive presentation, Dan will share how you can leverage and unleash the creativity of your millennial employees and customers to generate innovative solutions that will take your company to the
next level. Attendees learn how to:
• Empower employees to succeed
• Create a culture of risk-taking and change
• Make it about others to develop winning, innovative solutions
• 5 ways to spark employee creativity

Drive Your Business: Make Everyone a Relationship Builder
Universally, when we ask an organization or CEO what they want, they most often say “more business.”

What is your company doing to drive new business and sales?
Incorporating an inside-out philosophy, Dan shares how to:
• Leverage your strengths and deliver your story
• Invoke the power of the question
• 8 ways to deliver added-value to your clients
• The art of closing the deal

5 Easy Steps to Create and Execute a Culture of Coaching in Today’s Workplace
Coaching is a highly effective way to sharpen leadership skills or correct management issues, and has been shown to reduce turnover, improve work relationships and morale, and drive increased sales. But in most companies, it’s only the select few who get to benefit from having a professional coach.

What if all your employees had an on-demand coach to help them solve problems, overcome challenges, set goals and reach their full potential?
In this keynote, Dan teaches attendees how to create a culture of coaching that will empower employees to embrace and commit to the organization’s goals while driving increased productivity, innovation and profits. Attendees will leave with:
• An understanding of inside coaching and its benefits
• Examples of what is working at the most progressive companies
• A framework for how to build an internal coaching culture and system that will deliver results
• How and why to start coaching within your organization

Are Business Leaders the New Parents? How to Create Millennials that Manage Themselves
Today’s millennial generation grew up differently than past generations—with “helicopter” parents who were ultra-involved, overly protective, ready to solve any problems, and save the day at a moment’s notice. As a result, they lack some of the basic problem solving and business skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

Are your managers really equipped to be guides and teach your millennial employees the skills they need to succeed?
In this keynote, Dan teaches managers how to become real mentors and guides and provide their employees with the “tough love” that will empower them to be successful while adding greater value to their organizations.
Dan shares how to:
• Understand what millennials want and how they need to be guided
• Utilize an inside-out approach to develop the “whole person” millennial
• Promote and reward becoming a mentor and accepting guidance
• Develop real problem-solving skills
• Instill personal accountability and responsibility
• The art of “self” feedback
• Create employee-driven career advancement paths

Let Us Assess Your Real Issue: Custom Keynote Presentation
Using our BRIDGEdex assessment tools, Dan does an intake to understand your challenges and create a custom presentation that works for you. Whether it is relating to your millennial workforce, adding value to your clients (millennial customers) or driving new business, he asks the right questions to identify what is standing in the way of your business’ success and then develops a presentation that addresses your challenges head on and creates real impact to move your company forward. He also delivers a post-conference report to ensure the learnings are shared and sustained.

What People are Saying about Seeing Dan Speak

Rating Entries

“Your training was exactly on point and taught us the value that Millennials bring to the table and how they challenge traditional thinking around the concepts of loyalty, work ethic, communication, technology, and work-life balance and demand. More importantly, you gave us tools to successfully incorporate this next generation into our workforce and as donors and volunteers for our nonprofit organizations.”
— Lorrie K. Albert, Esq., President-Elect, National Conference of Bar Foundations

“Over the past few years we have invited and heard from speakers on the topic of the multi-generational workplace. The CEOs and Key Executives who ‘endured’ these presentations found little value. And then we met Dan Negroni. Dan delivers a highly interactive and challenging workshop. You leave with immediate actionable techniques that will improve your company and your culture.”
— Jim Tenuto, Owner, Renaissance Executive Forums San Diego

“Dan Negroni presented to our Sales & Marketing Leadership Alliance and received rave reviews. His practical and real-world knowledge of today’s evolving and multi-generational workforce is second to none. More importantly, unlike the majority of today’s press surrounding the Millennial workforce, Dan delivers a positive and solution-oriented perspective, rather than simply stereotyping and ultimately blaming this population for their work style.”
— Ken Schmitt, CEO & Founder, TurningPoint Executive Search

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Books by Dan Negroni:

Chasing Relevance: 6 Steps to Understand, Engage and Maximize Next Generation Leaders in the Workplace

There are more than 83 million millennials in the United States, representing 36% of our workforce. By 2025, that number will grow to 75%. If millennials are not your employees yet, they will be soon-as well as your biggest customers. Our ability to attract, train, manage and retain this next generation of leaders is critical to the future success of our businesses. But a huge and damaging connection, communication, and understanding gap exists between non-millennials and millennials in our workplaces. Why? Because millennials are not a problem that needs to be fixed, they are an opportunity that needs to be embraced. We must all find relevance in bridging the gap to create next-generation leaders in all of us by: – creating powerful, authentic relationships – promoting behavior that creates a culture of openness, delivering value and shared purpose – teaching real-deal skills and increasing individual accountability to drive sustained results

That’s what Chasing Relevance is about: being better leaders by guiding those millennials and letting them guide us, having everyone be their best self by caring enough to connect. The choice is clear: we need to care more about millennials by pushing ourselves to be better leaders, coaches, and mentors. Because we love them, we need them and we want them to succeed. It’s time to stop chasing relevance and make it happen.

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