Connie Podesta Profile

  • Connie’s known worldwide for innovative and out-of-the-box creativity and incredible stage presence.

  • She ignites an amazing buzz of energy, empowerment, and call to action that generate lasting and positive change.

  • Hall of Fame speaker and Award-winning author of six books.
  • Connie Podesta is a game-changing, idea-generating ball of fire whose rare blend of humor, substance, style and personality have made her one of the most memorable, in-demand speakers in the world today. 25 years. Two million people. 1000 organizations. Hall of Fame speaker. Award-winning author. Nine books. Former radio/TV personality. Human relations expert. Therapist for 30 years. Recognized specialist in sales, leadership, change, life balance, and success. And what we all probably could use now and then… a Comedienne.

    Connie is not your typical motivational keynote speaker. Connie motivates audiences DIFFERENTLY by fueling them with exciting new ideas, mindsets, attitudes and solutions that will empower them to tackle even the toughest challenges in today’s crazy 24/7 world!

    Connie is honest-to-goodness funny! Connie started doing comedy when she was 14 and never looked back. Her humor allows her to tackle even the toughest issues organizations face with substance and style. Connie’s contagious sense of humor enables your audience to dig deeper and learn so she can keep those “ah ha” moments coming fast and furious.

    Connie is all about RESULTS. Most keynote speakers simply teach audiences WHAT to do. A few speakers show audiences HOW to do it. Connie does all that and MORE. She helps your team understand WHY it’s important to change behaviors, re-think attitudes, re-assess old ideas and get on board so they can make things happen!

    Connie gives the word CUSTOMIZATION a whole new meaning. She literally goes inside the minds of the people within your organization, your industry, and audience so she knows exactly what they are going through. Her uncanny insight into human nature will have every person in your audience feeling like she is talking just to them. It is rare for a speaker to have that ability to connect in such a meaningful way — and that connection keeps her message alive long after the event is over.

    Connie is down-to-earth and REAL! Audiences believe in her and trust that she has their success and welfare in mind at all times. Connie knows that people want, expect and deserve their speaker to be a REAL person sharing REAL solutions that can help them achieve REAL results.

    For four years, Connie served as Director of Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Director of Guest Relations at a large community hospital. As a national speaker, she has worked with hospitals and health care organizations throughout the United States as well as National and State Health Care Associations. She has created workshops for individual departments ranging from maintenance and food service to boards of directors. She has managed retreats and conducted programs that can be offered to the community at large, corporations, schools, and hospitals.

    For 15 years, Connie taught students in junior high and high school classrooms and in three state university positions. As a national speaker, she has addressed thousands of educators and administrators, including both the National Secondary and the National Elementary School Principals Associations. Popular topics include “Life Would Be Easy if it Weren′t for Other People,” “If We′re Going to Win This Race, We Need to Run in the Same Direction,” and “Creating a Vision: Building a Better Future.” High on the list of her most popular presentations are “Self Esteem & the Six-Second Secret” and “Journey–A One Act Play.”

    Connie received her B.S. in Speech/Drama and Education at Northern Illinois University in 1965, M.S. in Human Relations from Eastern Connecticut University in 1983, and became Certified as a Licensed Professional Counselor, State of Louisiana, in 1989.

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    Connie Podesta's Speech Descriptions

    StandOut Change

    Helping People Navigate Culture, Conflict, and "the Crisis of the Day"

    If the last few years have taught us anything – it’s that ANYTHING can happen. To succeed in today’s world, you need the skills that allow you to expand, not decrease, your emotional and business bandwidth in times of stress. The truth is there will always be culture clash opportunities, conflict, and daily crisis. HOWEVER, they don’t have to define you, distract you, or distress you if you have the right tools, mindset, and strategies in your life to navigate uncertainty with confidence.

    That’s what Human Behavior and Change Expert Connie Podesta brings to the stage. With a fascinating look at what makes each of us approach change different, Connie brings recipes for resilience, strength, and a solid centered sense of self. If your team is navigating the “deep end” of change – Connie’s got the lifeline and life tools for leveraging change for ALL IT’S WORTH!

    StandOut Communication...

    Cultivating Connection, Collaboration, and Negotiation

    Connectivity is vital to business (and life) success, especially in today’s world. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always come naturally, or authentically, or at all!

    That’s where Human Behavior and Communication Expert Connie Podesta comes in. With a healthy dose of psychology, humor, and an empowering understanding of human nature, Connie helps audiences connect in proven and powerful ways, and most importantly, instantly recognize the communication styles of both themselves and others – making navigating conversations and negotiating needs a thousand times easier. Want to bring your people together and give them the communication skills they need build relationship bridges and succeed faster? Connie’s got it covered.

    StandOut Success...

    Delivering Reality CHECKS and BALANCE

    Success can look different for everyone. It’s personal, and it doesn’t always have to do with the bottom line in a bank account or the title printed on a business card.

    In this refreshingly candid presentation, Human Behavior and Success Expert Connie Podesta leads audience members through a serious (but really fun) reality check to first understand why they do and think what they do – then discover where they may be living out of balance and out of alignment for the kind of success that resonates most with them. If you’re ready to give your team the tools, strategies, and mindset checks they need to unlock their full potential AND create a life that feels more fulfilled, call Connie today.

    StandOut Sales...

    Out-Think, Out-Negotiate, and OUTSELL the Competition

    “Sales” looks very different today. Clients don’t want to be “closed”, “techniqued”, or caught in a canned script loop they can’t get out of.

    And frankly, most sales professionals don’t want any part of any of that either. That’s where Human Behavior and Sales Expert Connie Podesta comes in. With proven sales tools and strategies based on the psychology of human behavior (why we do what we do and think what we think) and a healthy dose of humor, Connie has helped millions of people take sales to a whole new level…and have more fun while getting there. If you’re ready to help your sales team take their business (and bank accounts) to entirely new levels, call Connie today!

    Voted One of the "Top 41 Motivational Speakers Who Can Energize Any Sales Team" by Resourceful Selling Magazine

    StandOut Leadership...

    Creating Teams Who are Ready, Able, and EXCITED to Get the Job Done

    From hiring to firing to INSPIRING - LEADERSHIP today is about being both the calm in the storm and the step-up example your team needs to succeed. Connie can help you to super-charge your connectivity, collaboration, and team building in energized new ways.

    With her signature blend of comedy and "tell-it-like-it-is" delivery, Connie takes you inside the minds of even your most difficult employees so you can turn negative attitudes into positive, entitlement into accountability, complacency into productivity, complaining into solutions and "that's not my job" into ownership in ANY market condition or economy. Ready to re-imagine what your team can do? Call Connie today!

    StandOut Relationships...

    Life Would Be Easy If It Weren't For Other People

    Imagine what you could accomplish if you could decode the mystery of human behavior and truly understand what makes people do what they do and say what they say (including yourself!). Research shows that the #1 key to SUCCESS is the ability to get along with other people, personally and professionally.

    With laugh-out-loud humor, killer take-away strategies and her amazing insights into others (including a few who "drive you crazy"), Human Behavior Expert Connie Podesta will both challenge you and empower you with the knowledge you need to get along better with the people in your life. Connie will take you right inside the minds and personalities of the people you deal with every day — bosses, colleagues, partners, customers, friends, and family so YOU can ACT, rather than REACT to whatever life throws your way. Ready to help your team have less stress and more success? Call Connie today!

    What People are Saying about Seeing Connie Speak

    Rating Entries

      “Your presentations at WAHSA′s Fall Conference are further testimony to your power as a professional speaker. Based on delegates′ comments on our evaluation forms, you were the single most important ingredient in our recipe for this successful conference.”
      Janice Mashak, Wisconsin Assoc. of Homes and Services for the Aging

      “Your two-hour presentation to our AAL managers resulted in one of the most valuable meetings of the year; at least that is what many of them told me after the event. I agree! One of your talents is your ability to communicate managerial concepts other speakers spend hours grappling with, in just a few words. Your suggestions about how to deal with difficult people, for example, are not only uncomplicated but practical.”
      John O. Gilbert, President and CEO, Aid Association for Lutherans

      “I don′t know if you are aware that the Million Dollar Round Table rarely invites a speaker back, and never the next year – but in your case we are pleased to make an exception. By popular request, we would like to invite you for an encore presentation as one of our Main Platform speakers….”
      Karen Lewis Clark, CMP, Program Coordinator, Million Dollar Round Table

      “Everyone loved you! After one session, I felt like a rock star! I got so many positive comments that I not only can′t remember them all, but to put them in perfectly paragraphed and punctuated prose is not possible. But I did keep hearing she was the best we ever had and let′s have her again next year!”
      Tasca Lincoln-Mercury, Inc.

      “You were the highlight of the conference – even better than George and Barbara Bush or Kenny Loggins!”
      American Express

      “Just a brief note to Thank You for the great presentation at our Annual Management Retreat – you were sensational! As you were aware, your audience consisted of our top NASA management together with the senior managers from our larger support contractors at Stennis, Lockheed Engineering, and Sverdrup Technology.”

      “Based on the overwhelming responses from the participants, it is safe to say that you were the best speaker in over 14 years!”
      University of Delaware

      “Connie received the highest rating on our post-meeting survey that I have seen in 24 years!”
      Western Southern Financial Group

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    Books by Connie Podesta:

      Make a Fortune Selling to Women (Nook Book)

      In Make a Fortune Selling to Women, Connie Podesta combines psychology and sales tactics to create a how-to guide for closing sales with women. With a lively voice and no-nonsense tone that both men and women will appreciate, Podesta offers specific tips for overcoming the big five Deal Breakers:

        1. She doesn′t want to play the game
        2. She doesn′t think the salesperson views her as a legitimate decision maker
        3. She doesn′t like the salesperson
        4. She doesn′t trust the salesperson
        5. She doesn′t think the salesperson is the right person for the job

      Riddled with revealing anecdotes, Make a Fortune Selling to Women describes the male and female approach to the buying experience–without being condescending to either gender. And both salesmen and saleswomen will rely on this book to help them secure more sales with women.

      Order Here

      How to Stay Employed in Tough Times: The Insider′s Guide to being #1 in the Workplace (Nook Book)

      At a time of decreasing organizational loyalty and a decline in long-term job security, CEOs, managers, and human resources directors reveal on-target answers to the question on the minds of employees everywhere: What does my boss want? Based on a national survey of more than 300 people, this succinct guide provides real-life advice regarding job security today.

      Order Here

      Self-Esteem and the 6-Second Secret

      Updated Edition of Bestseller!

      Full of warmth and humor, this book will help educators and parents work positively with kids to strengthen their self-esteem and feelings of self-worth.

      Order Here

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