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Formerly a broadcast journalist, Connie Dieken brings the insights from her bestsellers Talk Less, Say More and Become the Real Deal to thought leadership presentations assisting executives to develop presence and influence.

Connie spent twenty years as a television journalist working for both ABC and NBC. In this time she was awarded five Emmys, two Telly awards and was inducted into the Radio/Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

The Dieken Group, which she founded in 2000, is a global coaching and consultancy firm, which has helped leaders of major companies to build and improve their decision-making culture. These companies have included Nestlé, Deloitte, HP, eBay, Apple, Bausch +

Lomb, McDonalds, The Cleveland Clinic and American Greetings.

Much in demand around the world for her powerful keynotes, which can transform the careers of her audience, Connie is also a guest lecturer on the power of influence and presence at Case Western University, Indiana University and Ohio State University. Her ideas and methodology have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNBC, The Los Angeles Time, Crain’s Business, The Chicago Tribune, Women’s Day, Men’s Health and The Huffington Post, amongst many others.

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    Connie Dieken is the author of the bestsellers Talk Less, Say More and Become the
    Real Deal,
    both published by Wiley. A former broadcast journalist, she delivers her
    thought leadership on developing executive presence and building influence.

    Connie draws on two unique experiences to help people build their personal
    presence and lasting influence. She combines:

    • The keen instincts of an experienced journalist, skilled at drilling to the core
      of issues, with
    • The astute insights of an executive coach to global CEOs.

    She spent twenty years as a television journalist with ABC and NBC, earning
    five Emmy awards, two Telly awards, and induction into the Radio/Television
    Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

    In 2000, she founded the Dieken Group, a global coaching and consultancy firm
    focused on helping leaders build a culture of influential decision-making. She
    advises leaders at organizations such as Nestlé, Deloitte, HP, eBay, Apple, Bausch +
    Lomb, McDonalds, The Cleveland Clinic and American Greetings.

    An intuitively interactive, dynamic speaker, Connie is a guest lecturer on the power
    of influence and presence at Case Western University, Indiana University and Ohio
    State University.

    She also delivers powerful keynotes to corporate and conference audiences around
    the world. Frequently the highest rated speaker on conference agendas, Connie
    delivers solid takeaways that transform careers, which, in turn, improve the
    performance of entire organizations.

    Connie’s thought leadership has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today,
    CNBC, The Los Angeles Time, Crain’s Business, The Chicago Tribune, Women’s Day,
    Men’s Health, The Huffington Post
    and many other publications worldwide.

    She is most grateful, however, to provide leadership to her remarkable son and
    daughter who influence Connie’s worldview everyday.

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Connie Dieken's Speech Descriptions

Connie Dieken brings her vast journalistic experience and innovative thought leadership to a series of stimulating and fascinating keynote speeches. Based on her bestselling book, Become the Real Deal, she explains how everyone has the potential to become a powerfully influential leader and shows how this can be achieved.

As an award-winning broadcaster, Connie knows how to communicate and explains how to avoid other people tuning you out when you are trying to get a point across. She outlines the three key habits that will create positive outcomes from all your communications.

Connie demonstrates through her own presentation just how you can improve yours. She models strategies that will allow you to place your audience at the center of everything you do, so that you can influence the most demanding or indifferent cohort.

Solving Your Presence Problem

How to Build Your Personal Brand, Establish Trust and Gain Lasting Influence

Whether your audience members want to move a team to action or elevate their own careers, they need presence. But what is presence?
Now more than ever, people are quick to judge, resist and dismiss. During this highly interactive keynote, Connie pinpoints the three most crucial presence problems that undermine person power – and guides each person to identify and solve their issues to transform into the powerfully influential leader they're meant to be.

Your audience will discover how to:

    • Lead others to seek their presence, trust them, and willingly follow their lead.
    • Override presence-killers such as egotism, anxiety, long-windedness and social façades
    • Be – and be recognized as – the real deal, thereby boosting their leadership capabilities

This keynote is based on Connie's newest bestseller, Become the Real Deal

Talk Less, Say More

Three Habits to Influence Others and Make Things Happen

Is your audience frustrated by distracted, impatient people tuning them out? Are they having trouble getting their points across in today’s time-pressed, noisy world? In this keynote, they’ll learn how to elevate their relationships forever. They’ll walk away ready to implement three powerful habits that will transform the true metric of influence – the way others respond to them. And it will never be more positive after this program.

Your audience will discover how to:

    • Connect with what others want and values to capture their attention
    • Convey information with portion control so they don’t confuse others
    • Convince anyone to reach an ideal outcome and feel good about it.

This program is based on Connie's bestseller, Talk Less, Say More

Present To Win

Develop & Deliver Ideas that Influence

Your audience will never approach or deliver a presentation the same way after experiencing this program. This keynote hones in on the outcome of presenting: how to influence positive decision-making. From this point forward, your attendees will place their own audiences at the center of everything they do. Connie models her strategies from the stage, so your audience gets a double dip as they discover her wildly successful approach that Fortune 100 teams have adopted as their winning presentation model.

Your audience will discover how to:

    • Reverse-engineer messages to influence even the most demanding people
    • Simplify to amplify to fight presentation bloat
    • Present naked. (It's not what it sounds like, but it's wildly fun.)

This program is adapted from Connie's executive coaching program.

What People are Saying about Seeing Connie Speak

Rating Entries

“Reviews from Connie′s presentation however were outstanding and I can easily say she was the highest scoring guest speaker on our attendee′s review sheets.”

Department of Veterans Affairs

(Event booked by Speakers Platform)

“Perfect. Exactly what we needed to be more on point and improve our presentation skills.”
– Apple Computer

“Your advice is spot-on. We’re making faster connections, communicating with better candor and eliminating miscommunications.”
– Diebold

“Absolutely fantastic. We’re now getting our points across more effectively in today’s fast-paced world.”
– Olympus

“Your communication expertise is immense. Thank you for being a part of our success.”
– Charter One Bank

“Your strategies are both original and practical. Our sales and marketing teams have gotten powerful results.”
– Moen, Inc.

“Your coaching was the experience of a lifetime.”
– General Electric

“Outstanding, exhilarating, energizing, charismatic, motivating, exciting, fantastic!”
– Clemson University , Executive Education

“The skills we’ve learned in your workshops have transformed our business.”
–Visa Partner Cardinal Commerce

“Your coaching made our CEO and CFO look and sound great. The results have been outstanding.”
– Agilysy

“Terrific. Splendid. Your program transformed our leader.”
–Cleveland Museum of Art

“You brought out the best in each person and delivered precisely the results we hoped for.”
–Medical Mutual

Your training has been a hit with the doctors. They’ve improved their communication skills immensely.”
– The Cleveland Clinic

You speak with authority, insight and wisdom. Your presentation was vibrant, customized to the audience and right on target!”
– Society for Human Resource Management

“Your coaching made our CEO and CFO look and sound great. You immediately grasped the magnitude and sensitivity of the situation and delivered just what our leadership team needed. The results has been outstanding.”
– Pioneer Standard Electronics

“Your coaching was an experience of a lifetime. I would gladly recommend your services to any professional.”
– GE Financial Assurance

“Your media training moved us light years ahead. I have no doubt there will be a sea-change in the standard of our media interviews.”
– First Church of Christ, Scientist

“Our media outings are wildly successful! Your strategy has been a big hit. Your insight has been extremely helpful with media relations.”
– Jr. PGA Public Relations firm

“I learned more from you in ten minutes than I did in four years of communications courses. Your media know-how is incredible.”
– Host of “Up Late” Television

“You captivated the audience with your dynamic delivery and authentic, truly useful information. You were a tremendous hit!”
– National Association of Women Business Owners

“I’ve never been more confident about my keynote speaker. You put on a terrific – and enlightening show! And ours is not an easy-to-impress group. You are a real pro.”
– Public Relations Society of America – Cleveland Chapter

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Books by Connie Dieken:

Talk Less, Say More: Three Habits to Influence Others and Make Things Happen

Talk Less, Say More is a revolutionary guide to 21st-century communication skills to help you be more influential and make things happen in our distracted, attention-deficit affected world. It′s full of specific tips and take-aways to ensure that you′re fully heard, clearly understood, and will ignite positive action in any business or social situation.

You′ll achieve more with less. Less wordiness. Less tune-out. Less frustration. You′ll gain more time. More positive outcomes. More rewarding relationships.

Whether you′re a business leader, emerging leader, or salesperson, you need to persuade others to succeed. This book will get you there. It will help you cut through distractions, demands, and information overload to get real results.

Author Connie Dieken coaches leaders to communicate with purpose. She′ll help you instantly gain more power and influence while spending less time being tuned out.

With this book′s fast-paced, no-nonsense style, you′ll discover Connie′s Connect-Convey-Convince® methodology. These three powerfully simple habits will help you:

  • CONNECT with anyone to instantly capture their undivided attention
  • CONVEY and nail information without overloading or confusing
  • CONVINCE anyone to take the action you want and feel good about it

Communication is the single greatest challenge in business today. Talk Less, Say More will help you reach your A-game in interpersonal communication, giving you more power to change minds and inspire remarkable results—while talking less.

Order Here

Become the real deal

Become the real deal and you’ll become the leader you’re meant to be.

If you want to make change in your organization and in your world, and advance your own career, you need to become a person who can effectively influence others to take action. When looking to bring about organizational change of any kind, the main skill required is influence. Nothing will help your cause more than being able to effectively influence others to take action. Become the Real Deal presents a modern and practical approach to leadership that yields unlimited dividends for leaders at all levels. Author Connie Dieken calls these dividends your Return on Influence® (ROI).

You’ll discover your own Centers of Influence through a series of visual dashboards and learn how to capitalize on these Centers of Influence to become the powerful, purposeful authority you’re meant to be.

    • Readers will learn how to override personal influence-killing tendencies, such as narcissism, anxiety, long-windedness, silence, social façades, and invisibility.
    • Connie Diekenis the country’s foremost Fortune 500 communication coachan executive coach to the world’s top brands, an Emmy award winning former TV news anchor, reporter, and inductee of the Radio/Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

For anyone seeking to be the “real deal,” this book uncovers the strengths and skills you need to gain influence and lead your organization to success.

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