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A global phenomenon, Christopher Howard is one of the most prominent figures in personal development and life style turnaround. A leader in the science of neurological re-patterning, he’s replicated the formula of success utilized by billionaires worldwide and packaged it into nine best-selling audio programs as well as sold-out seminars that have reached millions of individuals.

As an entrepreneur, speaker, and performance consultant over the past decade, his personal clients have included politicians, celebrities, and Fortune 500 companies. His passion for changing the world has struck a major chord with other international business owners who are joining him in this exciting challenge.

Chris is known for his NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) & Hypnosis programs which drive behavioral changes. He developed and taught his programs throughout more than a decade before breaking into the international spotlight in 2006 thanks to exponential word-of-mouth praise. In just a few years his audiences grew from an average of 40 attendees to 4,000, while his company began to experience single days in which they would reach $1 million in sales. He rapidly built the largest personal and professional development presence in Australia, the second largest in the UK (only behind Tony Robbins)

A self-proclaimed social entrepreneur, Chris is passionate about using his techniques and profits to create worldwide wealth by empowering people in developing nations. He’s built a high school in Peru, coordinated Sponsor-A-Child programs for a Mongolian orphanage, and trained coaches in South Africa for free. In the U.S., he continuously supports the L.A. Inner City Arts Center, one of the nation’s most effective art education providers which aims to help children living in poverty realize their dreams.

Currently Chris directs his company Legendary Living, a platform he uses to help overwhelmed professionals, and individuals from all walks of life to tap into new levels of abundance and live their life purpose in powerful ways.

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    Christopher Howard has achieved extraordinary success as a Social Entrepreneur, Transformational Speaker, Author, Coach and Life-Style and Wealth Strategist in a career spanning over two decades. Chris’ life-long mission has been to put the tools of transformation into the hands of everybody on the planet, and to create worldwide wealth through education and entrepreneurial means. On the entrepreneurial side, his seminars and products have generated well over 100 million dollars in sales globally. He has personally done million dollar sales days, over and over and over again (an accomplishment which is only held by a handful of the very top 1% of speakers in the personal and professional development industry, including the likes of Tony Robbins and T. Harv Eker). One of the most popular speakers in the world, Christopher has spoken in 28 different countries and 57 different cities, often with individual exclusive audiences of thousands. Chris has touched over a million people’s lives through his teachings and programs and is known for both his heart-felt approach to transformation as well as his ability to help people to rapidly transform their businesses and their lives for the better. Chris built the largest personal and professional development presence in Australia, the second largest in the UK (only behind Tony Robbins) and he built the largest NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) training company in the world (with ten times the sales of the nearest competitor) prior to launching off to build his newest effort: Rock House.

    In 1996 he came back to his roots when he began to teach Clinical Hypnosis, which he had been studying from the age of 12, all across North America for The American Institute of Hypnotherapy – one of the largest and most celebrated hypnosis schools in the United States – while also leading trainings in NLP with Gary De Rodriguez in San Diego, California. Later Chris went on to become one of the top teachers of hypnosis, and Neuro Linguistic Programming in the world while training for the largest companies of their kind at the time – American Pacific University, and Advanced Neuro Dynamics. Chris proved to be amongst the very leading speakers within these organizations in terms of consistency of results on a platform while teaching accelerated human transformation to thrilled audiences throughout North America. During these years, he also went into greater depth in his studies of esoteric sciences, including shamanism, which he began to teach for American Pacific University and would later weave throughout his own teachings. While neither a professional psychologist, or psychiatrist, Chris has trained thousands of them who have been mesmerized by his teachings over a span of twenty years, as well as medical doctors, entrepreneurs, Olympic and world class athletes, and every day people looking to transform their lives in the most powerful ways and with the most cutting-edge technologies. People have traditionally come to Chris when they wanted to learn the science behind the science of what motivational and inspirational teachers teach, or when they want to take their transformational skills to the absolute highest level; he has earned the reputation for being one of the very top trainers of other professional trainers, speakers and coaches in the world.

    In 2000 Chris launched The Christopher Howard Companies, which rapidly spread to worldwide acclaim with his Australian promotional partner becoming the 13th fastest growing company in Australia – while selling only his products and services. During this time Chris began teaching to audiences of 2,000 people often times every weekend and all over the planet, from Ireland to Hong Kong from Los Angeles to Melbourne from New Zealand to Portugal. His presence exploded onto the scene. 2007 saw him presenting for his first time in the UK to an audience of 6,000 people in Excel Center Docklands. Here he did $3 million dollars in sales, which became his highest grossing sales day to date. At the same time he had developed 6 of the thousands upon thousands of trainers who he had taught to actually teach within his own organization and he had 40 coaches within the company extending his reach; at any given time he had two to three seminars being taught by his own trainers simultaneously somewhere in the world in his famed FAST TRACK to SUCCESS seminar curriculum. During this very fast paced period his international media attention also began to heat up with Chris having appearing on 100’s of television and radio programs worldwide. A media favorite – he became very well known for delivering brilliant content and interviews, he appeared on the largest spiritual radio show in Los Angeles, Lisa Garr’s Aware Show over 40 times, far more than any other guest – which includes the likes Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Dr. Reverend Michael Beckwith from The Secret.

    Christopher expanded from there when he began running and speaking at multi-speaker events under the Christopher Howard brand, where he shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the speaking industry including: T. Harv Eker, Marc Victor Hanson, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham, and celebrities such as Martin Sheen and Jordan Belfort – The Wolf of Wall street, and even world leaders and heads of state such as Tony Blair. On his multi-speaker stages Chris also gave opportunities to, and introduced to the world, some of the top up and coming experts having given world class speakers such as Brendon Burchard his first speaking opportunity on a major stage at the Ultimate Business Seminar in Los Angeles, California in 2007.

    Christopher is known especially for his powerful trance-like closed-eyed inductions and captivating hypnotic processes for subconscious re-programming; it has been said by many, that in this realm he is the absolute best in the world, and second to none. He is the master’s master of mental reprogramming, rapid transformation of business and life and he made himself known for modeling the billionaire mind and helping thousands upon thousands of people to upgrade their mindsets financially through his ground-breaking and one of a kind program: Billionaire Bootcamp. Powerful mental upgrades and training successful teachers have been his forte. Chris realized early on that he could create transformation only in a limited capacity if it was reliant simply upon himself – so he decided to go out and teach the teachers, and with his keen eye for what it really takes to build success, his organizations have effectively trained more successful million dollar speakers, coaches, and trainers than any other organization over the course of a decade, in Australia alone – which was the largest market that he opened into, beginning in 2001.

    Chris has led a global / jet-setting, adventurous lifestyle since the age of 18 often visiting multiple countries a year. He runs most all of his programs in breathtaking international resort destinations. These programs focus on re-sculpting a life of richness, success, rejuvenation, mind/body/spirit wellness, activity and adventure. These themes combined with his powerful platform presence and hypnotic processes for layering transformation in, both consciously as well as unconsciously, have continued to draw huge audiences around the world. Every year he or his team lead an Epic Adventure in dream destinations somewhere on the planet. In 2010, he led an expedition as they walked in the footsteps of Alexander The Great through the sprawling cities of Turkey and the ancient ruins of Troy, in 2013 he journeyed with a group through the majestic mountains of Tibet and the Himalayas, and in 2014 he will be adventuring with a group between the exotic mountain peaks of Nepal and India where the group will trek in the footsteps of Buddha tracing the very roots of his enlightenment.

    The warrior spirit has continued to be ever present within Chris’ teachings and Chris has sought out the best of the best in order to bring the teachings and philosophies from true champions and living legends to the platform. In 2008, Chris became a certified Gracie Combatives instructor through the Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy. In 2009 he was awarded his brown belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu under Rorion Gracie the creator of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Other masters Chris has trained with include: Owen Watson, Helio Gracie, Grandmaster William Cheung, Rickson Gracie, Ryron Gracie, Rener Gracie, Roger Gracie and Royce Gracie the man who made the greatest impact in the minds of martial artists world wide – perhaps ever in history – when he dominated the first several UFC events often with multiple opponents in the same evening. The Gracie Jiu Jitsu philosophies as well as Chris’ earlier philosophies from Twin Dragon Kung Fu have continued to permeate his teaching and provide a foundation of character in terms of what it really takes to win.

    Having spent 25 years of his life on the road, and after the training schedule began to heat up to a boiling point in 2007, Christopher saw the mission take over his life, which included aspects that weren’t so positive. He was teaching every day on the road with only 4 weeks back home in Los Angeles in the entire year. In 2008 The Christopher Howard Companies began doing business as The Academy of Wealth and Achievement. And in 2010 after a massive fall out with his previous business partners who had seized hostile control of The Academy of Wealth and Achievement, Christopher stepped down from the platform in order to take care of his own life. At this stage he took a two year hiatus – much of which was spent in Bali, Indonesia, where he could get lost in a paradise far from civilization while focusing on regaining control of his life, which he had lost to his partners as well as his training schedule. It was in Bali that he launched into recreating his life in a more sustainable way that better supported both himself and his mission.

    Between 2010-2012, Chris focused on his own development while simultaneously building The Million Dollar Mastermind where he has helped other leaders to put the structure within their own businesses’ to replicate the success that he himself had created with The Christopher Howard Companies and The Academy of Wealth and Achievement. This Mastermind has now expanded to where he has brought his entire 30 person team to the table to actually help business owners build their business’ and create everything from their websites, to their brand positioning, and their sales and promotional systems. Today this program is truly revolutionary in that you get a whole team building your business for you, and it’s run 3 times a year in Europe, 3 times a year in Las Vegas and 3 times a year in Bali for the Australasian market.

    2012-2013 while on sabbatical in the heart of the rainforest jungle paradise of Bali, Chris came to know himself and his connection to others and to the planet in a much deeper way – this led to an evolutionary change in his thinking which resulted in the launch of his newest venture, Rock House. Chris is preparing a Rock House Team as a proof of concept, with the intention of rolling out on a global scale moving forward and establishing multiple locations. Rock House is music that sings straight from his soul. A radical re-imagining of personal and professional development – Rock House attracts top tier talent who live together, and run programs in beautiful resort locations worldwide. Think: personal development meets the Big Brother house in paradise. These epicenters of transformation are places where the Rock House Team get to live rich lives in the most beautiful settings imaginable while helping to create worldwide wealth through online educational programs as well as live events, retreats and philanthropic efforts. Chris has had extraordinary success building people in this format with the people who work within the Rock House Team actually getting the greatest and deepest level of education of all. He’s taken multiple people and gotten them up on international platforms speaking within just a few months time, and the depth and the impact of the education is far greater than any of his previous delivery systems because of the saturation style of development. In this format the Rock House Team looks to position themselves at the forefront of technology and innovative methods for content delivery, while orchestrating powerful transformational programs globally with one overarching goal: world-wide wealth. The focus within the epicenters for the Rock House team is actually “being the change” and living the principles for a wealthy life daily, as a team, while sharing the wealth through education. This puts the well being of the individual first and the mission second only after that, which is what got lost when Chris was stretched beyond capacity on the road. Rock House creates worldwide wealth from the inside out.

    In addition to the growth of Rock House, while Chris is running trainings and programs in select locations, he has been asked repeatedly to go back on the seminar circuit, and while he never rules anything out, when he makes his official leap back to the road to tour he is toying with doing so in a brand new way. Throughout 2014 Chris will be working with Melbourne based Director John Paul Fischbach to develop a 90-minute one-man show that Chris would both produce and star in which would incorporate the full scope of Chris’ talents and the best of the best of his technologies and philosophies for personal evolution. While this is a complete departure from the personal development seminars that Chris has delivered in the past, Chris has teased that maybe people will walk out with even more massive transformation than they ever did in his seminars and trainings.

    Chris has a firm belief that the way to create worldwide wealth is through fueling social entrepreneurial efforts and through education; which is his primary strategy in teaching the teachers. While continuing to grow entrepreneurial ventures that further his mission Chris has used his professional success as a vehicle for helping to fuel the expansion of world wide wealth in more finite ways as well.

    In 2005, Richard Branson and Virgin Unite connected him with Taddy Blecher the founder of CIDA the first free University in South Africa, and Chris brought a group of 40 mentors and coaches to work with over 400 students at the South African college to help them expand their minds and their ability to create extraordinary lives. CIDA’s innovative model is designed to develop graduates who will serve to rejuvenate the economy of South Africa and any emerging nation through leveraging off the finest knowledge, content, and skills that exist worldwide.

    Also in 2005 Chris led an expedition deep into the mountains of Peru near Machu Picchu, where they worked hand in hand with the local Huiloq community to build a high school, and fund a library and medical center.

    While embarking on a journey through Mongolia, in 2006, Chris had the great opportunity to raise moneys to support the efforts of The Lotus Children’s Orphanage where they deal with the very base level of survival of street children. Lotus Children’s Centre currently houses around 100 vulnerable and abused Mongolian children and also takes part in community out-reach projects.

    Christopher’s companies have been a financial supporter for many years of Inner City Arts in Los Angles, California. Inner-City Arts, widely regarded as one of the nation’s most effective arts education providers, is an oasis of learning, achievement and creativity in the heart of Skid Row, and a vital partner in the work of creating a safer, healthier Los Angeles. Inner-City Arts was created to fuel the dreams of children, especially those living in poverty who may believe dreams are for other children

    Chris has personally raised over $600,000 in donations for the continued funding of public radio in the Los Angeles area, and the donation of his educational programs to these efforts have been one of the highest grossing fund raisers for KPFK 90.7FM which is part of the listener-sponsored Pacifica Radio network.

    Chris has also raised money and awareness for Friends-International based in Cambodia. Friends International is a leading social enterprise saving lives and building futures of the most marginalized children and youth in South East Asia and across the world. They reach out to over 60,000 at risk children and young people, their families and communities each year supporting them to become productive and functional citizens.

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Chris is "Performance Transformation in Action" with immediate results. I have been to 3 Breakthrough to Success weekends in 20 years, and have learned so much and transformed each time due to the evolution of time and place where I was when I needed another "hit of clarity". Each Transformational weekend was revolutionary for me and my family, my work, finance, happiness, whole of life.

I am now a certified Advanced Transformational Hypnotist through Chris Howard Training and the positive impacts are incredible. His training method is incredibly;y clever with the focus being on reaching every students highest capability.
I am enrolled to do more training and cant wait. Such an intelligent & perceptive, in the moment cutting edge educator & Coach who gives his all. A real gift to all he meets.

My thanks is endless, my results are limitless and will continue to be, I'm really enjoying the process. Amazing man to know and work with. Chris can very quickly illuminate greater life options from giving you a bunch of immediately applicable & easy to use tools for ability to continuously improve your destinies, as life moves and changes, with new opportunities and challenges to maximise your ethical advantage easily. Love it.


I heard Chris speak at a KPFK sponsored seminar and it transformed my retirement plan I viewed it as an opportunity rather than as a source of anxiety.


I attended Christopher Howard's seminar Breakthrough to Success in London. I had been given a complimentary ticket by a friend of mine in Ireland. It was an amazing weekend. Christopher Howard was a fabulous speaker.


Christopher Howard's course Breakthrough to Success changed my life. I have a successful business that I do not believe I would have if I had not attended his course to get focused on my dream and bring it into reality. I am forever grateful.


“Chris Howard is an extraordinary man.
I am privileged to work closely with Chris on a number of spectacular projects. Chris Howard’s seminars will accelerate your ability to master the illusive 95% of your mind that is not only unconscious… it is most often not in alignment with what you say you really want.
Remember: ‘Life is a gift… everything else is a decision.’ Catapult yourself into the future of your dreams and attend Chris’ seminars.
The life of your dreams is at stake!”
    Mark Victor Hansen, Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

“As a direct result of Chris’s unique approach, I have restructured my entire business and lifestyle. I now no longer feel overwhelmed.
Every skill learned and applied compounds the results I see. I have profited as much as $600,000 in a single day and have seen a net result of more than $2 million.”
    Phil Anderson, Former Mr. Australia, Owner of Five Star Fitness Centres

“Are you ready to commit to deepening your understanding and application of the metaphysical laws that govern the universe in the area of limitless abundance? The results you will receive from Chris Howard’s seminars are priceless!
Chris Howard has the heart of greatness. His seminars resonate with people at a very deep level and manifest abundance.”
    Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder and Spiritual Director, Agape International Spiritual Center

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    Turning Passions into Profits: Three Steps to Wealth and Power

    Turning Passions Into Profits: Three Steps to Wealth and Power provides specific tools for rapidly closing the gap between where you are today and where you′d like to be tomorrow. In this text Chris Howard teaches powerful, innovative techniques to plot ones course to arrive at a chosen destination quicker than ever thought possible. It provides concrete tools and strategies that provide full understanding of the governing principles outstanding achievers use to succeed.

    In addition, Turning Passions Into Profits supplies communication tools to master these skills – ultimately gaining career, personal, and financial success. Chris specializes in assisting people to make rapid and long-lasting change at a personal level, a professional level and also at a corporate level.

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