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Veteran reporter and CNN’s chief business correspondent, Christine Romans delivers the day’s top business news every morning nationwide. An award-winning reporter known for her decades of trustworthy analysis of Wall Street and economic affairs, she is a respected journalist who has also covered some of this century’s monumental stories like the first democratic elections in Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, and the Southeast Asia tsunami.

In addition to acting as the co-anchor for CNN’s “Early Start” and translating financial jargon into news people can use on her weekend show CNN Money, Romans has been responsible for several groundbreaking investigative pieces. Her Emmy-Award winning report “Exporting America” publicized the effects of globalization on the U.S. work force. Her series of stories “Living Dangerously” alerted Atlantic coast residents of the risks of living in a hurricane zone and steps they could take to mitigate damage.

She is the author of two books, both of which serve as entertaining tutorials for timely topics. Smart is the New Rich teaches key financial strategies for the millennial generation and How to Speak Money (coauthored by Ali Velshi)examines how people think about money and different techniques they can employ to gain control of their earnings while working towards financial independence and security.

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    Christine Romans is the anchor of “Early Start” with John Berman, CNN’s chief business correspondent and the host of CNN Money, CNN’s Saturday business program. In addition, Romans reports on the economy, politics and international business for CNN’s morning shows. Her reporting is also regularly featured on CNN International. Romans is known as CNN’s explainer-in-chief of all things money, translating complicated international finance to kitchen table economics. She is the author of two books: How to Speak Money (Wiley) and Smart is the New Rich (Wiley).

    Romans’ coverage focuses on the latest breaking developments in the current economic crises and what they mean to Americans and their money. When President Obama talks about the economic crisis and the road ahead, CNN relies on Christine Romans for her perspective and instant analysis of the administration’s efforts to rescue the American economy. Reporting on, among other issues, the bank crisis, the AIG bailout, the intricacies of the derivative markets, and the economic stimulus and its effect on American wallets, Romans brings an award-winning career in business reporting. In 2010, Romans co-hosted “Madoff: Secrets of a Scandal,” a special hour-long investigative report examining disgraced financier Bernard Madoff and how he perpetrated one of the largest investor frauds ever committed by an individual. Her special “In God We Trust: Faith & Money in America” explored the intersection of how our religious values govern the way we think about and spend our money.

    Previously, Romans served as a correspondent for Moneyline and Lou Dobbs Tonight. In her various roles, she has extensively covered immigration reform, substance abuse, homeland security, American foreign policy with China and Latin America and education. Her series of reports “Living Dangerously” illustrated the risks and precautions for the nearly 30 percent of America’s population living in the path of an Atlantic-coast hurricane. In “Deadly Hospitals,” she examined how hospitals spread dangerous infections and what patients can do to protect themselves. She has investigated the collapse of Enron, WorldCom and numerous other corporate scams and has reported on corruption from the point of view of the investor.

    Romans joined CNN Business News in 1999, spending several years reporting from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Romans was the anchor of CNNfn’s Street Sweep tracking the market’s boom through the late 1990s to the economy’s uphill battle after the Sept. 11 attacks. In addition, she led CNN’s coverage of the first democratic elections in Iraq’s history from CNN Center in Atlanta. She contributed to CNN’s award-winning coverage of Hurricane Rita in 2005 and reported during the funeral events for President Ford.

    She received an Emmy Award in 2004 for her work on “Exporting America,” an investigation into the impact of globalization on U.S. workers. Romans was part of the coverage teams that earned CNN a George Foster Peabody award for its Hurricane Katrina coverage and an Alfred I. duPont Award for its coverage of the tsunami disaster in Southeast Asia. The National Foundation for Women Legislators has honored her with its media excellence award for business reporting and the Greenlee School of Journalism named her the 2009 James W. Schwartz award recipient.

    Prior to joining CNN, she reported for Reuters and Knight-Ridder Financial News in the futures trading pits of Chicago.

    Romans is a graduate of Iowa State University.

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Economic Gut Check: Opportunities and Challenges in the Economic Recovery
Christine Romans, Chief Business Correspondent for CNN, analyzes the current strength in the American economy and the challenges for businesses and consumers in a recovery that is not shared by everyone. What will it take to restore confidence in corporate suites? Can Washington cure itself of dysfunction? Can the housing rebound withstand the coming higher mortgage rates? Will the Federal Reserve's withdrawal of stimulus help or hurt American businesses? How do these challenges and opportunities relate to you and your organization? Romans will deconstruct these complex issues for audiences, just as she does with her popular "Romans' Numeral" segment on CNN programs.

"Christine was great! She's also a very nice person and I think her approach to the event was perfect. I was thankful her talk had something for the students in the audience as well."
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Books by Christine Romans:


Smart Is the New Rich: If You Cant Afford It, Put It Down
A practical way to think about money today.

Author and CNN veteran money correspondent Christine Romans believes we should live by three qualifiers: living within our means, living with less debt, and being less vulnerable. While some may say this is old-fashioned, today it’s hard to argue with Romans’ view.

Smart is the New Rich explores how adopting a new approach to money can lead to a healthier financial lifestyle. Each chapter opens with a question about money to begin the conversation about earning, saving, spending, growing, and protecting your money. Using checklists and quizzes, Romans guides you through the “New Normal”, helping you to think differently about your money and relearning good habits for prosperity.

Reexamines the money rules abandoned during the consumer bubble and poses the essential questions we should ask ourselves before spend our money.

Provides an interactive, step-by-step guide to all things money, from credit, debt, and savings to investing, taxes, and mortgages.

A companion Web site allows you to chat with other readers about jobs, mortgage rates, investing, and saving.

For 30 years, the financial rules for life revolved around abundant credit. That bubble has burst. Smart is the New Rich addresses why these rules no longer apply, and reveals what it will take to make the right money choices moving forward.


How to Speak Money: The Language and Knowledge You Need Now
Do you speak money? You should. It is the world’s most important language. It’s spoken everywhere. Speaking—or at least understanding—this language allows you to follow the real conversations in politics, business, and at work. Understanding money and speaking the language fluently is critical to preparing for a comfortable retirement, building a small business, or planning for college and a career for your children. Everyone speaks it differently, with different dialects. Some are riskier than others. Some want to save their money; others want to see it grow. There is no one accent, but understanding the differences will make couples, business partners, and coworkers happier and wealthier.

Authors and CNN financial experts Ali Velshi and Christine Romans speak the global language of money and translate it every day for hundreds of thousands of viewers. And they are here to teach you, too. It’s easier to learn than you might think.

Speaking money affects every area of your life. It’s more than simply your savings or the investments you may have. It involves the way you think about money, the way you teach your children about it, and the way you were taught about it yourself. It’s about the way you spend it, save it, invest it, use it, need it and want it.

This book will:

  • Shed light on male and female spending and investing disparity
  • Discuss emerging international economies
  • Weigh the financial hurdle of student debt culminating in a successful job
  • Explain how to budget wisely and build wealth
  • Show how to plan appropriately for retirement
  • How to Speak Money is an easy-listening, practical book that helps readers become fluent in the world’s most universal language.

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