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Travels from Texas, USA

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Chris Westfall Profile

Business coach and U.S. National Elevator Pitch Champion, Chris Westfall dedicates his life to improving the world by teaching his clients the art of authentic persuasion – also known as the elevator pitch. He firmly believes that when it comes to business, whoever has the best story wins.

Chris got his undergraduate degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX and a Masters in Business Administration from Texas Christian University.

Using his expertise, Chris’s coaching has helped his clients get onto shows such as Dragon’s Den, Shark Tank, and Shark Tank Australia. He has also guided entrepreneurs to raise millions of dollars from investors and has been extremely successful with rebranding services and products worldwide.

Chris is the owner of the business consulting and publishing company Westfall and Associates. He was honored with the top MBA teaching award from Southern Methodist University’s Business Leadership Center.

He has written three books about branding and creating effective elevator pitches: Five Great New Elevator Pitches: Get a Job, Get a Raise, Get a Date and MORE, The New Elevator Pitch, and Bulletproof Branding.

Chris is an award-winning instructor at a top 10 MBA program and produces and co-hosts The 118 Pitch Course with Jeffrey Hayzlett of Bloomberg TV. According to Hayzlett, Chris has the best two-minute speech in the U.S. Chris is also a “pitch coach” at the StartUp Aggieland at Texas A&M University. Chris’s unique and effective strategies have helped student start-ups raise more than $2 million dollars.

Chris has an impressive client list which includes Ashland, Ernst & Young, The Jewish Federations of North America, Cisco, Unilever, HP, Experian, RE/MAX, RNC Global, Verizon, E&Y, and American General Insurance.

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    Chris Westfall is the national elevator pitch champion, an award-winning MBA instructor at top-10 business schools, and an expert at sales and marketing strategy.

    According to former Kodak CMO and Celebrity Apprentice guest star, Jeffrey Hayzlett, Westfall has the best two minute speech in the country. As part of his book, The Mirror Test, (one of Business Week Magazine’s top three business books for 2010) Hayzlett says that the new elevator speech is 118 seconds long – about the length of the average elevator ride in New York City. Westfall has appeared on CNN, ABC-NEWS, NBC-TV, and has worked in broadcast for some of the largest companies in the world. His first book will be published by Greenleaf in 2012.

    Chris is also an award-winning instructor at a top-10 MBA program, and he was selected as the “Communicator of the Year” at the top-rated MBA program for developing strong business communications skills (according to The Princeton Review). He is a featured keynote speaker at Hewlett Packard (HP), the largest technology company in the world, where he helps international sales executives with advanced leadership strategies.

    • Grand Prize Winner, National Elevator Pitch Competition
    • Award-winning instructor, SMU Cox School of Business (MBA)
    • Communicator of the Year

    A former technology sales executive, Westfall has lead sales teams and marketing efforts around the globe – with surprising results. Known as the “Sales Accelerator,” he helps companies and individuals to harness the power of communication to make a difference. Having risen through the ranks in Fortune 100 technology companies (Verizon and AT&T), he led international branding efforts at a division of Unilever, before moving into executive sales. As a technology leader, he built sales teams from scratch while managing marquee partnerships with Hilton, Hyatt, MGMMirage and Starwood.

    A native of Chicago, Westfall received his undergraduate degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. As a spokesperson and on-camera personality, he has worked in broadcast for some of the largest companies in the world. He holds a Masters in Business Administration from Texas Christian University, where he graduated with honors. He resides in Dallas with his wife and two daughters, and is an avid supporter of the performing and visual arts.

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Chris Westfall's Speech Descriptions

U.S. National Elevator Pitch Champion Chris Westfall knows how to make an everlasting impression in two minutes or less. He teaches his audience to do the same in an interactive, dynamic, and compelling way. His methods are beneficial to a diverse range of audiences, from MBA professionals and executive leaders to students who need to raise money for start-ups.

What makes Chris so successful, with various groups? Executive leaders and MBA programs all benefit from his expertise – how can he reach such diverse audiences? It boils down to his presentation style. As a former executive in sales and marketing, he knows how to make what matters matter. He has the style and expertise that audiences recognize for results. His speeches are interactive, dynamic and compelling.

Suggested Speaking Topics:

  • Award-winning Communication Skills: Your Best Elevator Pitch EVER
  • Leadership and Team-building
  • Handling the Toughest Customers
  • Sales Acceleration

What People are Saying about Seeing Chris Speak

Rating Entries

    “These days asking for someone’s attention for more than 10 seconds is asking a lot! Doing so in the TV series “Shark Tank”, in front of 5 very successful business people is something more than challenging. At the end of every presentation the only thing that matters is what your listener does once you’re finished. Chris Westfall helped me to deliver the presentation that changed my life. ”
    J. Emilio Cano, Winner – Shark Tank Australia, Season One

    “Easy to work with, actionable guidance, and a high degree of interaction. Fresh ideas and insights. Everyone was highly engaged and the participation really brought the ideas to life!”

    “I was amazed at his ability to grasp concepts and reframe them. A true pleasure to work with and the results have increased my results and those of others I’ve suggested seek his help. I can’t speak highly enough of his work or its value to my company!”
    D. Dromgold, Founder and CEO, RNC Global, Sydney, Australia

    “Dynamic and Informative! If you need a creative preparation, though-provoking content and interactive delivery – Chris is your choice!”
    D. Nuvkovic CISCO

    “That gift is the ability to immediately connect with people and share a compelling story with them in a way that engages and entices them to hear more. ”
    Dr. Brandon Sweeney, PhD, Co-Founder, Essentium Technologies

    “Chris’ presentation skills are some of the best I have seen in my 25+ years in business… It is Chris’s balance of professional skills (communication both oral and written, presentation, and interpersonal) that time and again made a difference …”
    Mark Stoldt, Vice President of Professional Services, AMX Corporation

    “…that polish is backed up by substance and the two combine for an audience that is more informed and enlightened than before he spoke. Chris’s interpersonal communication skills are also among his greatest strengths. His teams want to be led by him…”
    Jason Kulas, CFO, Santander USA

    “Chris is a dynamic, engaging speaker that excels at connecting with his audience and compeling delivery of his subject… I am always impressed by how he energizes the room. Chris is also versatile: I’ve observed first-hand that he is witty, quick on his feet and can engage with the C-suite as well as he engages with a potential customer on a trade show floor.”
    Kent Cys, Senior Managing Consultant, IBM

    “With charisma and confidence Chris brings products and ideas to life in a way that few sales leaders can. Beyond his tremendous sales skills, Chris is also a person of empathy and sincerity. He balances the excitement he creates with a sensitivity to the needs of his customers and colleagues alike.”
    Daniel Newman, President and Chief Executive Officer, United Visual

    “Chris has that rare ability as a communicator to get people involved and excited in whatever his presentation is covering. He is always well-prepared and thorough, and is able to get his point across decisively and directly in language that is easily understood and that can be effectively acted upon.”
    Gary Cullen, President, J&G Sales

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