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  • Honorary Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership

  • Neuroscience Certified Executive Coach

  • Developed over 21,000 leaders through his inspirational keynotes and masterclasses
  • Chris Roebuck is a Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership at Cass Business School in London and an advisor to major global organizations. He has served in the British Army and held senior leadership roles at world-class companies, including UBS, HSBC, KPMG and London Underground.

    Chris’s highly individually-tailored business lectures and masterclasses show clients like the UK National Health Service and Government, top legal firms, the Red Cross in Myanmar and investment banks in London how to improve their businesses by leveraging their greatest asset: their people. His expertise lies in entrepreneurial leadership, entrepreneurial HR and Mach 2 leadership, the combination of entrepreneurial, engaging, ethical and effective leadership.

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      Chris Roebuck is a British economist and hands on leader who has spent over 30 years developing senior leaders in organizations of all sizes to be more successful.

      His combination of personal leadership experience in the military, business, and public sector, gives him unique insight to be a globally recognised expert speaker on transformational leadership.

      Chris inspires leaders to unleash the power of their own experience to deliver what their organisation needs via a simple 3 step system. Through interaction, case studies, hard data, psychology, neuroscience and insights from his broad career everyone leaves with an action plan to turn their ideas into success.

      Chris Roebuck’s combination of financial training, personal leadership experience in the military, business and public sector, much of it developing senior leaders, gives him unique insight as a globally recognised expert on delivering organisational success.

      Using business case studies, psychology, neuroscience, and insights from his career Chris inspires leaders with interaction to unleash the power of their own experience and potential to deliver what their organisation needs via a simple 3 step system.

      In over 200 inspirational keynotes he has helped over 21,000 leaders from over 650 organisations globally be more successful to beat their objectives, beat their challenges and build the future and, more recently, in a way that defuses their Great Resignation “People Time Bomb” and optimises hybrid working to enhance performance, wellbeing & retention and potentially add 10% to bottom line for free.

      After Chris worked on the top team at London Underground, the London subway, leading the creation of a partnership culture during a part privatisation & restructure working with management, employees & Government. He then helped KPMG set up a leadership enterprise and led Management Development at HSBC Investment Bank. His work there was so impactful he was asked to join UBS to help build a strategic leadership team of 500 for the newly created global bank as Global Head of Leadership. The creation of UBS is now a Harvard Case study.

      Chris subsequently helped the UK National Health Service, 1.4m staff, create their first nationwide talent and leadership identification systems and was commissioned to write a report for UK Government on developing leadership in NHS.

      Chris also helps even expert professional leaders get better delivering a 1 Day Masterclass on “Leadership Integrity” to 300 senior military officers and civil servants at the UK Defence Academy and also to speak on leadership at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

      He was co author of first book on strategic leadership development, has published 4 books on leadership one of which was translated into 11 languages, has been on the list of HR Most Influential Thinkers 10 times in annual awards and developed senior executives from multiple sectors as Hon Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership at Bayes Business School. Chris was on a Government Expert panel on boosting Employee Engagement across sectors via the Engage for Success report and initiative. His insights have been quoted by over 130 other leadership and business experts in their articles and professional journal publications. He was awarded Companionship of the Chartered Management Insititute in recognition of his work developing leadership globally.

      Chris has written over 100 articles including for Newsweek, CEO and CFO magazines, HR Magazine, Health Service Journal and many others. He has been quoted as a business leadership expert globally in the Harvard Business Review China, FT, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Business Week, Washington Post and many other titles. He has done over 350 TV interviews on leadership and business on BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC and other channels. His “Perspectives from the Top” podcast has listeners in over 60 countries.

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    Chris’s Mach 2 leadership strategies teach business leaders to embrace a style of entrepreneurial leadership that is engaging and ethical while delivering significant performance improvements. His programs simplify effective, practical realities of how leaders can become entrepreneurs, and how to motivate employees to deliver their best efforts for the good of the organization. His unique approach to delivering presentations has inspired leaders from around the world.


    Chris’s approach to leadership focuses on how to unleash the potential of your people. His keynotes draw on insights gained from 30+ years of leadership experience in corporations, military and government. Every keynote includes real-world success stories and simple practical neuroscience, combined into a catalyst for greater organisational success.

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    “Chris came highly recommended to us as a speaker on leadership, a critical issue for retailers in this period of unprecedented change. He more than delivered on this by fully engaging with our delegates. His closing keynote was outstanding in pulling together all the strands from the Congress and setting out clearly some takeaway points that were extremely relevant, thought-provoking and helpful to all of the retail leaders in the audience.”


    “Chris delivered a great keynote to leading CEOs and Finance Directors that engaged and challenged their thinking. He presented a powerful business case backed up with proven data and followed up with practical ideas for action that deliver return on investment, critical for credibility with this audience. The feedback was excellent and we hope to work with Chris again in the future.”


    “Chris in a very simple and straightforward way explained to us why this makes sense and is simple. Chris translates this in a very engaging way and from my own role Chris has given me a few things to consider, I’m going away thinking I am going to have to up my game. Very valuable morning. Thanks”


    “Chris, I enjoyed an incredibly inspiring ‘leading with integrity’ Masterclass with you at the UK Defence Academy, which I use as inspiration for leading my own high performing teams at sea… tomorrow I am using it to conduct a workshop with officers and SNCOs. We are on operations in Asia Pacific on a 10 month deployment, far from home and on strategic tasking – leading and inspiring people could not be more important.”


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    Books by Chris Roebuck:

    Lead to Succeed: The Only Leadership Book You Need

    Everyone, everywhere is under pressure to work harder. Many of us work to survive and get paid. Bored and trapped, performance is low, family relationships suffer and organisational performance deteriorates.

    To deliver real success, people must be inspired to be their best. Lead to Succeed shows you how: how to transform both your own and your peoples’ performances, whether you’re an individual leader, a leader of leaders or work in HR, IT, finance or marketing.

    Professor Chris Roebuck introduces ‘Mach 2’ leadership, a programme that works as well for SMEs and not-for-profits as it does for the public sector or large corporations. It creates responsive, efficient, customer-focused and risk optimised organisations, that inspire their employees, please their customers and stakeholders, cherish their environment, enrich their society AND deliver real success.

    Mach 2 leadership is proven in the real world; it’s simple, low cost and brings quantifiable benefits quickly, with just two key steps. It’s founded on Roebuck’s own experience, and from leadership success stories around the world – his ideas have helped the Red Cross in Myanmar, US investment banks, government organisations in China and the British National Health Service, as well as countless smaller organisations. That’s why this really is the only leadership book you need.

    Strategic Leadership Development: Building World Class Performance

    This new core textbook addresses the key issues of how organisations build and develop leadership capability and examines how this ability is a key element in delivering organisational success. Focusing on the behavioural aspects of leadership, it looks at how both individuals and organisations can develop leadership talent, and how leaders can influence and shape the strategic direction of an organisation as a whole. Drawing on case studies from a variety of contexts, and punctuated with questions and activities to encourage reflective learning, the text takes a decision-making approach and looks at how senior leaders come to make and implement decisions that maximise organizational performance.

    This book is the ideal companion for undergraduate and postgraduate leadership students, as well as practitioners, researchers and scholars in the field.

    Effective Leadership (Self-development for success)

    Effective Leadership is a short, simple, practical guide to critical leadership skills.

    Its simplicity and practicality resulted in it being translated into 13 languages and published by the American Management Association as one of their own branded guides to best practice. Globally it sold over 40,000 copies.

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