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Chris Majer has spent over two decades developing innovative and highly effective approaches for enabling organizations of any size to maximize their performance. He is the founder and CEO of the Human Potential Project, a revolutionary leadership and management firm that Chris has grown from a startup to a company of over 80 professionals working globally.

A former competitive rugby player, Chris began by working exclusively with athletes to isolate and reproduce the elements of consistent winning performance. His success with individual athletes and teams caught the attention of the military and his firm spent nearly three years working with the Army to design new ways of training soldiers. This work culminated in a year long classified project with the Army’s Special Forces.

In the mid 80s the firm began working with corporate clients, again generating remarkable results. Chris was the principal architect of change management projects for such companies as AT&T, Cargill, Microsoft, Intel, EDS, Allianz, Itron, and Capital One.
Throughout the years, his firm’s training and interventions have collectively saved clients billions of dollars. Recently the Human Potential Project has transferred their decades of methodology to a robust online platform to help further propel morale, engagement, and growth.

Chris is the author of 20 white papers and The Power to Transform – Passion, Power, and Purpose in Daily Life. He has been featured in Time, People, and Esquire and has appeared on the Today Show, Charlie Rose, and the MacNeil/Lehrer Report.

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      • Chris Majer is the CEO of the Human Potential Project. This is an organization that is dedicated to opening the ′next frontier′ in the world of business design, leadership and management. He is an entrepreneur, innovator, adventurer, and a former competitive athlete. A rugby player with a Master’s Degree who grasped the cognitive connection between mental preparation and physical performance. As a player on a high performing team his experience enabled him to bridge the gaps between organizational theory and what it takes to make teams work in the real world.

    Over two decades ago he started working with athletes to isolate and reproduce the elements of performance that enabled consistent winning. He founded a company and quickly began doing leading edge work in the realm of human performance. His success with Olympic and professional athletes
    caught the attention of the government and he and his team spent three years teaching the US Army new ways for training soldiers and officers. This pioneering work was sought by United States Special Forces, Navy SEALS, and Marines and the programs he developed for improving the performance of personnel who already exceeded very high standards provide the foundation for a series of programs that are now available to both individuals and corporations.

    His progressive work in integrating the mind/body/spirit elements of human performance with a new body of work on organizational design and effectiveness has made him a nationally known authority on leadership, performance development, and organizational transformation. He and his team have taken the lessons learned from high performers around the world and developed a new proprietary body of work on leadership, management, organizational design, business process, strategic thinking, and innovation. Collectively the body of work is known as Commitment Based Management and it is as revolutionary to this generation of business leaders as the quality movement was to the last.

    Over the years he has worked with some of the leading companies in the country; AT&T, INTEL, Microsoft, Nike, EDS, Allianz, Capital One, Citibank, American Airlines, Amgen, and Cargill to develop innovative breakthrough approaches to business challenges and install performance based cultures that
    displaced the traditional hierarchy and processes based culture.

    Today many of his precedent-breaking approaches to leadership training are used by a range of Fortune 500 corporations, and a host of rapidly growing small cap companies. His expertise in providing individual coaching for CEOs and top corporate managers has produced winning strategies and improved financial performance, and he continues to expand his innovative programs to the advantage of teams in rapidly growing technology, telecommunications, and financial services companies.

    Chris built the firm from a small entrepreneurial venture into a steadily growing enterprise of more than 70 leadership, management, and organizational design professionals who have generated $ Billions in value for the firms clients.

    The Human Potential Project is advancing the human technology needed to generate innovation and mobilize action for clients who are seeking to generate a sustainable competitive advantage. Our current financial crisis was brought to us by graduates of all of the best business schools and Chris believes it is time to completely overhaul the way we educate, develop, and reward corporate leaders. Thus he continues to design, customize and expand performance enhancing methodologies to enable companies to expand their value and succeed at change in our fiercely competitive world.

    Majer’s approach to leadership training and his innovative designs for organizational futures have been featured in Time, Esquire, Business Month, Leaders Magazine and The Singapore Times. He has been profiled on the Today show, CBS Nightwatch, McNeil/Lehrer Newshour, Financial News Network and in other national and local media.

    He is the author of the book The Power to Transform.

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Chris Majer helps your company make much-needed updates to your leadership styles, management practices, and organizational structure. The human performance expert shows you the latest rule changes in the business world, the key competencies needed to drive productivity and profit, and how to develop teams, leaders, and employees who will continually be able to master new practices in order to adapt to a volatile economy. You will leave with the understanding of what it takes to transform a company and more importantly, the ability to do it.

    Adhocracy: The New Design of Business
    While businesses have made huge technological advancements in the last few decades, most employ the same management practices and organizational structures that have been in place since World War II. The economic downturn served as a spotlight on the flaws of this model—large, rigid, siloed organizations can’t adapt at the pace our new business environment requires.

    In this thought-provoking speech Chris outlines the factors that have caused corporate giants like Chrysler and General Motors to fail and puts forth a vision for how successful companies of the future will organize themselves to achieve new standards of productivity. They will organize themselves and deploy their teams in a dramatically different way, using a multi-disciplinary skunkworks approach that he terms “adhocracy.”

    Audience members will take away insights on how organizational structure either supports or defeats peak productivity and how new organizational practices for coordination can unlock organizational value.

    The New Game of Business
    It’s a whole new world out there. Overnight we have watched the rise and first fall of the world and the failure of some of the largest and most respected corporate giants. In front of our eyes a new economy is taking shape. Organizations of all sizes are undergoing radical change as markets shift, competitors emerge, and consumers have increasing access to information. Adaptability and agility are the new names for the game.

    In this presentation Chris examines what’s going on in the new game of business, what are the new rules, and what are the critical competencies that will separate winners from losers.

    Building World Class Teams
    Learning to build real teams is not something you are going to learn in a few days. It takes a unique set of skills that motivational speakers, sports coaches, and consultants don’t understand. In this speech Chris shares his experience as a first division rugby player and a consultant to teams ranging from professional athletes to the Army’s Special Forces, Navy SEALs, Marines, to corporate America. He shares his unique perspective on what it is that really makes a team, holds it together, and determines its degree of success.

    Learning in a New World
    It is clear new ways of learning are essential in today’s business world. All of our traditions for educating leaders and managers have been focused on the acquisition of knowledge and the application of concepts, but as knowledge becomes a universal commodity, it is increasingly evident that this is not what we need to cope and thrive in today’s world. Instead, we need new practices that allow us to cope with an increasingly global, constantly changing world, where communication is instant, and we are able to adapt and remain agile – ready for change. Authentic learning is the core competence that matters.

    In this presentation Chris offers a new interpretation of what it is to learn, proving why the vast majority of corporate development efforts don’t and can’t work. More importantly he outlines how to go about building the competencies that will see you well into the new century.

    The Silent Killers of Productivity and Profit
    The management practices most American companies use today are rooted in the manufacturing era that brought us the major management innovations of the last 50 years. Quality, Just-In-Time, Lean, and Six Sigma are prime examples.

    While indisputably valuable, the system was developed by industrial engineers and designed to be in a factory environment where the primary interactions are between machines or a man and a machine. We are no longer living in an industrial world. Today’s workforce is made up largely of coordination workers. These are people who are educated, mobile, creative, and ambitious. They generate value by their effective coordination with others to produce customer satisfaction.

    While the wastes of the industrial era were easy to see: scrappage, inventory, wasted raw materials, etc., waste outside of the factory is invisible, silent - but just as deadly. In this speech, Chris identifies the silent killers of productivity: degenerative moods, bureaucratic work practices and organizational structures, poor listening skills, lack of innovation, and what he terms modern indentured servitude. He then presents the antidotes. This is a big wake up call for corporate leaders as it requires a new commitment to transform themselves and their organizations to be competitive in the new world.

    The Pep Talk
    Every once in a while every organization needs a pep talk. We get bogged down in our day to day "stuff" and lose sight of the bigger picture of our lives and what it is we set out to do. HP2 founder Chris Majer has an extraordinary set of experiences that he tailors for individual companies that will leave groups newly inspired, refreshed, and revitalized. He teaches that it’s about managing commitments, not people or “tasks.”

    Beginning with his early work with athletes, audiences will hear about the trials of working with the Special Forces and Marines, the challenges of transforming AT&T, and wonders of working with companies that include Microsoft, Intel, Nike, Cargill, and Capital One.

    Global Perspective: What emerging economies can teach us about business
    India is the second most populous country in the world with over 1.1 billion people. By 2025 it is projected to overtake China. Combine that fact with these: India has more students in engineering programs alone that the US has in all majors and colleges combined. India has more young people in
    advanced placement high school programs than the US has in high school.

    What are the implications for the US economy? How will developing countries like India influence our economy in the next decades and what does American business need to do to respond to and lead in this new economic reality?

    In this speech, Chris will share observations from his recent work in India, and his view of what US businesses need to do to stay ahead of these powerful global economic influences.

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Rating Entries

    “We went from a business that was afraid of marketplace changes to one that embraced those changes and attacked them and found opportunities to seek market success. And we achieved that through our work with HP2.”
    Scott Flanders,
    Freedom Communications, Inc.

    Client List:

    180 Networks
    Allianz Life Insurance Co. of North America
    American Airlines
    AT&T Consumer Products
    AT&T General Business Services
    AT&T Information Management Services
    AT&T Microelectronics
    AT&T Real Estate Division
    AT&T Treasury
    Burger King
    City of Hope
    Columbia House
    Digital Electronic Corp.
    Electronic Data Systems (EDS)
    Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
    Goldman Sachs
    Halifax/Bank of Scotland (HBOS)
    Hoechst Celanese
    Interpublic Group
    IVEX Packaging
    James River Corp.
    McKinsey and Co.
    NBBJ Arch
    Niagara Mohawk Power
    NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
    One Call
    SABRE Travel Network
    Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas
    Seattle Seahawks
    Sky Chefs
    Springboard Companies
    Stanford Research Institute
    US Archery Team
    US Army 1st Cavalry
    US Army 2nd Armored
    US Army Special Forces
    US Marine Corps
    US Navy Seals
    US Rugby Team
    US Ski Team
    US Soccer Association
    US West Communications
    Washington Natural Gas
    Westin Resorts
    Women’s Tandem Biking Team
    Young Presidents Organization (YPO)

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Books by Chris Majer:

    The Power to Transform: 90 Days to a New You
    What if you could design your future instead of having it just happen to you? The Power to Transform teaches you the strategies corporate, military, and sports leaders have used to do just that for themselves and their organizations! Yes, you can have the life of your dreams—here’s how.

    Chris Majer has designed large scale transformational programs for the US Army, and Marine Corps, Amgen, AT&T, Microsoft, Intel, Allianz, and Capital One, and a host of others to revamp the way they do business. Organizations Majer has put through his process have seen measurable and dramatic increases in their performance and profits.

    In The Power to Transform, Majer tailors his program to you the individual, sharing the methods he has developed over two decades that have made him one of the leading innovators in the field. The book distills complex philosophical and linguistic concepts into easy-to-use practices that produce transformational change. Readers have reached a plateau in their personal or professional lives know that there is something more to life. Those committed to real change will find considerable power in:

    • Building the practices for authentic learning
    • Seeing that learning isn′t about “knowing and understanding,” it is the development of “embodied competence”
    • Learning how new action, not new thinking, is the cornerstone of change
    • Facing down the most daunting challenges and making consistently powerful choices
    • Building a practice that will enable you to stay calm while the world around you swirls in confusion

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