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Travels from New York, USA

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Chris Bashinelli Profile

Perhaps best known for his role on the worldwide hit HBO show The Sopranos, Chris Bashinelli is a motivational speaker who focuses on cross-cultural issues reflecting his passion for improving life for those from poorer cultures. Raised in Brooklyn, New York, he moved to Tanzania to explore the poverty on the other side of the global equation. He now travels the world examining the problems of impoverished areas; his TV series Bridge the Gap, which he produces and presents, promotes intercultural dialogue with its presentation of other lives as lived around the world.

Bridge The Gap TV is Chris’s socially conscious production company that focuses on understanding what it is like to walk in another’s shoes for a day. His interviewees have ranged from Ben and Jerry to NBA star Dikembe Mutombo, and his partners include the Jane Goodall Institute and Do Something, amongst other leading non-profit organizations.

Holder of a BA in Theatre Arts (Cum Laude) from Marymount Manhattan College, Chris is an Eagle Scout and a United Nations Guest Speaker who has spoken and emceed events in the UN General Assembly Hall in the presence of Ban Ki-Moon. As an actor his credits include An Inconvenient Truth Special on MTV and of course the aforementioned runaway worldwide success The Sopranos.

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    Chris Bashinelli (The Sopranos, HBO) was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. After years of reading headlines about world hunger, human suffering and extreme poverty, he decided to move to Tanzania. Now he travels to impoverished areas worldwide to find out first hand how the other half of the world lives. Chris is the producer and host of Bridge the Gap, an internationally recognized travel series that fosters intercultural dialogue by highlighting stories of every day life from around the world.

    Chris traveled to Tanzania with a Sony handy cam and came home with a newfound meaning for life. He returned to New York to face tragedy and within two years would bury his father due to cancer. These turbulent times forced Chris to find meaning, and he did so in Bridge the Gap.

    Chris is the founder of the socially-conscious production company, Bridge the Gap TV. He’s interviewed everyone from Ben and Jerry to NBA legend Dikembe Mutombo, and has formed partnerships with the world’s leading non-profit organizations, including the Jane Goodall Institute and Do Something.

    Chris’s experience is in the world of film, with credits ranging from The Sopranos (HBO), to An Inconvenient Truth Special on MTV. He holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts (Cum Laude) from Marymount Manhattan College. He is an Eagle Scout and a United Nations Guest Speaker. He has spoken at international youth conferences and Emceed in the UN General Assembly Hall with Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Chris is determined beyond measure to produce wide-reaching, socially conscious media.

    Chris traverses the globe from Tanzania to Thailand as Host and Executive Producer of Bridge The Gap, a new TV show (premiering onPBS TV later this year) where he discovers what it′s like to walk in someone else′s shoes for one day.

    He′s interviewed some of Time Magazine′s 100 Most Influential People on the planet, and at 26 years old, has become the United Nations Go-To-Kid for all things youth, Brooklyn, and cultural exchange.

    Chris′ passion and charisma have made him a celebrated speaker and emcee at home and abroad.

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Chris Bashinelli's Speech Descriptions

Chris Bashinelli’s presentations are universally inspirational. He discusses topics of leadership, community-building and social responsibility from a unique perspective. He engages audiences and inspires them to reach out to everyone around them and find some common ground. He also encourages audiences to find direction in their lives using concrete examples from his own.

Chris presents a series of inspirational talks in which he approaches familiar topics from eye opening new perspectives. He has a passion for inspiring his audiences to reach out and find common ground with others. He talks of how he made his journey from a Brooklyn kid to someone who can raise $100,000 from companies such as Ben and Jerry’s and have his own TV show on PBS. Inspired by his travels around the world, Chris encourages his audience to drop their perceptions of their own limitations.

Talking of his travels all around the world to examine different cultures, Chris explains his concept of the stoop, the place of common ground where neighbourhoods and cultures meet, and shows how “finding the stoop” can create a more cohesive workplace. Chris is passionate about the search for true meaning and global awareness, and after hearing him talk you will be too.


For our organizations to thrive in the 21st Century, now, more so than ever before, it is critical that we open our minds to new cultures and open our world view. Our increasingly globalized world is changing at lightning speed and we interact daily with people from diverse backgrounds who bring with them history, culture, knowledge, skill, and yes – even bias. And that – is a good thing. It’s no longer enough to think solely through our own lenses and filters. It’s time to adopt a worldview that is inclusive of all cultures, genders, and viewpoints. It’s time we become Global Citizens!

START AT STEP “Z” – Stepping into Powerful Performance

What is your Step “Z”, the goal you feel will truly bring your life meaning? It could be a new client, a new partner, or a new home. What if you could arrive at that destination before you even begin the journey? We tend to be so fixated on our goal that we forget to examine how we are viewing ourselves. We feel that if our circumstances were different our goal would be attainable. In reality, we can only go as far as our shadow will let us - it’s not the circumstances that have to change, but us.

Steps from the Stoop - Cultivating Connection

In order to achieve real diversity and inclusion within our organization, we must adopt a worldview that equally values all generations, cultures and perspectives. Chris Bashinelli’s all-inclusive approach to relationship building has been cultivated for 30+ years, starting with his “Stoop” in the heart of Brooklyn, where his childhood friends shared a combined total of more than 13 nationalities. In this signature keynote, Chris drives home the ease of relationship building with a personal, yet universal method he’s applied everywhere from farming with mystics in Uganda to living with nomads in Mongolia.

What People are Saying about Seeing Chris Speak

Rating Entries


  • UN Launch of International Year of Youth- UN General Assembly Hall, NYC
  • United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), Bridging Cultures Forum- Brazil
  • United Nations World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue- Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Empower Youth 2011 Conference, Reach out to Asia- Doha, Qatar
  • Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoos National Leadership Retreat- New Orleans, LA
  • Girls Who Rock Benefit Concert w/ Shontelle- NYC
  • Global Issues Conference, American Community School of Abu Dhabi- UAE

    “Chris was outstanding and willing to go the extra mile to meet students. Every young person should hear his message.”
    North Central Michigan College
    (Event booked by

    “Bridge the Gap is a great idea and it’s need has never been greater.”
    UN Ambassador Ombeni Sefue (Tanzania)

    “Chris’s project is exciting and helpful to the people of our world.”
    Princess and Ambassador Mbikusita-Lewanika (Zambia)

    “Chris is beyond inspirational. Before, I thought ‘I’m just one person, what can I do?’ But now I feel I can really make a difference.”
    Mackenzie Stack (15 years old), Student at Qatar Canadian School

    “Chris is a trailblazer in that he is able to entertain and educate simultaneously.”
    Damian Wampler, Photographer, Founder of Colony Magazine

    “Chris has a one of a kind entrepreneurial spirit coupled with an overwhelming desire to be a positive influence for his generation.”
    Alfred Hanssen, former COO for Miracle Corners of the World

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