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The youngest state judge ever to be elected, Catherine Crier has dedicated her life to the pursuit of justice. A strong spirited independent, Crier has been one of the most outspoken voices on the need to reform the American justice system. She has spent several decades informing and educating the general public about the U.S. legal system through her work as a journalist, media personality, and best-selling author.

Shortly after accepting her second term as a Texas state judge, a chance meeting with a TV news executive prompted Crier to transition to the world of journalism as the co-anchor of CNN’s primetime newscast The World Today. She later went on to serve as a primetime correspondent for ABC programs such as World News Tonight and 20/20, winning an Emmy for Predators, her investigative piece on nursing home abuse. With the creation of Fox News in 1996, Crier served as one of the founding anchors covering leading stories in her show The Crier Report. She received various awards and recognition for her work as a regular host on Court TV and for her specials examining topics such as the Laci Peterson murder, issues surrounding a hypothetical extradition and trial of Osama Bin Laden, and the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Off screen Crier advocates for greater gun control, objective military reporting, increased assistance to American troops, and greater participation of every day citizens in the American justice system. Her fifth and most recent book, Patriot Acts, examines the philosophies behind the foundation of the U.S., the evolution of political ideologies and how they have manipulated and transformed the government, and the steps people must take to save and restore democracy in our nation.

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    Acclaimed Author, Former Judge, Award-Winning Journalist and Television Broadcaster

    An Emmy and duPont-Columbia Award-winning journalist, and the youngest state judge to ever be elected in Texas, Catherine Crier is now a managing partner in Cajole Entertainment developing television, film and documentary projects.

    Crier, a native of Dallas, earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and international affairs from the University of Texas and received a Juris Doctor in two and a half years from Southern Methodist University School of Law. She began her career in law in 1978 as an Assistant District Attorney then Felony Chief Prosecutor for the Dallas County District Attorney′s office. From 1982 to 1984, Crier was a civil litigation attorney with Riddle & Brown, handling complex business and corporate matters. In 1984, she was elected to the 162nd District Court in Dallas County, Texas as a State District Judge. During her tenure on the bench, Crier also served as Administrative Judge for the Civil District Courts and worked extensively with the ABA, National Judicial College, and Texas Legislature on legal issues. Shortly after her reelection (unopposed) to a second term on the bench, a chance meeting with a television news executive led to a dramatic career change.

    In September, 1989, Crier was hired to co-anchor the premiere evening newscast on CNN. Additionally, she co-anchored Inside Politics, all election coverage, and hosted Crier & Company, a talk show covering news, politics and international issues.

    Crier joined ABC News in 1993, where she served as a correspondent and as a regular substitute anchor for Peter Jennings on ABC′s World News Tonight, as well as a substitute host for Ted Koppel′s Nightline. She also worked as a correspondent on 20/20, the network′s primetime news magazine program. Crier was awarded a 1996 Emmy for Outstanding Investigative Journalism for her work on the segment “The Predators” which examined nursing home abuses throughout the United States.

    In October of ′96, Crier became one of the founding television anchors for the Fox News Channel, with her prime time program, The Crier Report, a live, hour-long nightly show, during which she interviewed the leading newsmakers of the day. Additionally, she co-anchored the evening news, election coverage and Fox Files, a magazine news show aired on the parent network.

    Catherine joined Court TV′s distinguished team of anchors in November 1999. She served as Executive Editor, Legal News Specials, in addition to hosting Catherine Crier Live, a fast-paced, live daily series, covering the day′s “front-page” stories, until joining Cajole Entertainment in 2007.

    Crier, a Texas-bred independent with a spirited passion for justice, released her first book, the New York Times bestseller, The Case Against Lawyers in October, 2002. In this eye-opening and plain-spoken treatise on the law, Crier shares her outrage at the state of the justice system and calls on American citizens to demand reform. Her second book, A Deadly Game: The Untold Story of the Scott Peterson Investigation was released in March, 2005 and became a #1 New York Times bestseller. Her third book, Contempt—How the Right is Wronging American Justice, was published in September, 2006, and Final Analysis: The Untold Story of the Susan Polk Murder Case was released in March, 2007.

    She is involved with many organizations and serves on several boards, including Soldiers For The Truth, dedicated to objective military reporting and assistance to America′s troops, PAX, an organization working to reduce gun violence in America that targets the nation′s children and the NY Law School Committee on Media and Law. Crier lives in Westchester County, New York. In her free time, she raises and trains Arabian Horses and enjoys playing golf and exploring the world.

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Catherine Crier's Speech Descriptions

With four decades of experience in U.S. law and politics, Catherine Crier brings a vast set of knowledge and insights about the workings of our government, court system, and how they are affecting our everyday lives.

A well-known independent, her informative and powerful presentations draw from history and her own experiences, giving general audiences a realistic picture of what occurs behind the scenes in court cases, policy-making, and news coverage. Crier’s thought-provoking programs will change the way you see justice in America and empower you to do something about it.

Patriot Acts—What Americans Must Do to Save the Republic

Based on her new book, Crier evaluates the domestic and international scene with historical context and political analysis to better understand this moment in history and where the nation is headed.

The Case Against Lawyers

Crier speaks passionately about the ways lawyers, politicians and bureaucrats have turned the law into an instrument of tyranny—and what we, as citizens, have to do about it.

The Supreme Court and You

This talk reveals the backstage maneuvering, political strategizing and extraordinary influence the nine justices have over our everyday lives. Crier’s timely topic will enable audiences to understand the importance of and weigh the impact of the fiery debates the nation will soon see as Senators battle over the future of this powerful institution.

Behind the Bench

This talk is based on many of the dramatic cases Crier has covered. She takes audiences behind the scenes of some of the biggest trials in recent history, including Scott Peterson, Michael Jackson, Robert Blake, Phil Spector, Michael Skakel, David Westerfield and Winona Ryder. Crier also examines the important role of television and the media in initiating and sustaining these events.

The World is Watching: The Role of Media in Global Conflicts

Crier leads audiences through a fascinating look at the part media has played in dramatic world events in recent decades, and how that has changed over the years.

Examining Current Events

Crier gives audiences a balanced look at major domestic and international happenings and the current political scene. The goal is to leave audiences with a better understanding of these events and issues, and how they might impact future actions by the United States and globally.


Crier is frequently called on to moderate panel discussions on a wide range of topics, including politics, education, technology, commerce, journalism, law and medical issues. For more than two decades, her preparation and ability to engage the nation’s experts on a variety of subjects have received rave reviews.

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Books by Catherine Crier:

Final Analysis: The Untold Story of the Susan Polk Murder Case

With extraordinary detail, Crier dissects this dangerous relationship between husband and wife, exposing their psychological motivations and the painful impact that these motivations had on their sons, Adam, Eli, and Gabriel. Drawing on sources from all sides of the case, Crier masterfully reconstructs the tumultuous chronology of the Polk family, telling the story of how Susan and Felix struggled to control their rambunctious sons and their disintegrating marriage in the years and months leading up to Felix′s death.

But the history of the Polk family is only half the story. Here Crier also elucidates the methodical police work of the murder investigation, revealing never-before-seen photos and writings from the case file. In addition, she carefully scrutinizes the many twists and turns of the remarkable trial, exploring Susan′s struggles with her defense attorneys and her shocking decision to represent herself.

Dark, psychological, and terrifying, Final Analysis is a harrowing look at the recesses of the human mind and the trauma that reveals them.

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Deadly Game: The Untold Story of the Scott Peterson Investigation

Catherine Crier has been covering the Peterson case since Laci Peterson disappeared from her home on December 24, 2002. Crier, a former judge and one of television′s most popular legal analysts, was among the first to question the behavior of Laci′s husband, Scott Peterson. And with her network of journalistic sources, Crier was soon able to penetrate the core of the police investigation that followed — gaining access to a huge and revealing body of previously unseen police reports, transcripts of recorded conversations, photographic evidence, and other exclusive materials. Drawing on these resources — and extensive interviews with key witnesses and lead investigators — Crier has written this astonishingly detailed and intimate look at the most notorious murder case since O. J. Simpson.

Among the revelations in A Deadly Game:

  • Dozens of actual conversations involving Scott, Amber Frey, the police, and his family, friends, and others — filled with Scott′s chilling and incriminating behavior
  • The most complete account ever of Scott′s lies and manipulation — in the words of those who knew him best
  • Accounts of Scott′s womanizing from his conquests themselves — including the woman he was dating just before Laci, and two of his mistresses before Amber
  • How Laci′s mother confronted Scott with furious accusations — while his own mother privately urged him to “deny, deny, deny”
  • How swift police work may have saved the case in the first twenty-four hours
  • The untold story of how Amber maintained contact with Scott without informing police, and was briefly considered a suspect
  • How Scott bragged to two different witnesses about how to kill someone
  • Many never-before-seen police photos, documents, and evidence files

Thoroughly engrossing yet highly disturbing, A Deadly Game is the definitive account of a murder that left an indelible stain on the American psyche.

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Contempt: How the Right is Wronging American Justice

You can′t play politics with people′s lives.

America′s federal courts have an enormous impact on the daily lives of Americans. They also make up the last relatively independent branch of government. But, there is a committed and well-organized confederation of ultra-conservative politicians, reactionary interest groups, and fundamentalist religious sects working to change that once and for all. And they are succeeding.


They have a plan. They have money. And they have millions of “believers.”

A majority of Americans strongly oppose the dogmatic agenda of this extreme right-wing onslaught, but that majority has remained silent.

Someday, you and your family may wake up in a very different country, a country re-made in their intolerant image, a nation governed by their inflexible laws.

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