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Cate Trotter Profile

  • Internationally sought speaker, Cate Trotter is repeatedly ranked among the 100 most influential retail experts in the world.

  • As the Founder of the agency Insider Trends, Trotter has helped brands ranging from Chanel to Lego get ahead by tapping into up-and-coming trends and innovations.

  • Always up-to-date with the latest significant digital tools, Trotter translates daunting technological jargon into fresh approaches retailers can apply to better serve their customers.
  • Named one of the top influencers in retail worldwide, Cate Trotter is at the forefront of the trends and technological developments shaping the future of retail. As Founder and Head of Trends at the London-based agency Insider Trends, Trotter works with entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world who are taking daring initiatives that will set the future benchmark for their industries.

    For over a decade, Trotter has been helping brands like Nike, Levi’s, Metro AG, Marks and Spencer, Chanel, Carrefour, Unilever, L’Oreal, Absolut Vodka, Galeries Lafayette, Samsung, Clarks, Credit Agricole, DeLonghi, Philips, BNP Paribas and Lego use the latest retail trends to their advantage.

    She and her team at Insider Trends are frequently sought out due to their in-depth knowledge of retail innovation combined with her ability to tailor these trends to specific audiences so that they can build stronger B2B and B2C relationships – the key ingredient to making your retail ecosystem more profitable and resilient.

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      Cate is the Founder and Head of Trends at Insider Trends, a leading London-based retail futures agency that helps global brands create world-leading and profitable retail spaces.

      It does this by clarifying what’s coming next in the world of retail, and what clients can do to get ahead of their competitors.

      Regularly presenting to groups of 4-400 people, Cate has spoken to a number if international brands including: Unilever, Chanel, Absolut Vodka, Marks and Spencer, Philips, B&Q, DeLonghi and Lego.

      Cate Trotter specialises in navigating complicated subjects and boiling them down into a handful of powerful takeaways.

      Cate’s retail trend presentations leave audiences inspired, energised and enthused, with the clarity and confidence to take action when they return to their desk.

      Cate’s presentations outline a handful of the most important retail trends for the next 2-5 years.

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    Cate Trotter's Speech Descriptions

    Top retail influencer, Cate Totter is in touch with the challenges retailers are facing as well as the holy grails customers are looking for. Totter prepares retailers for upcoming changes and trends in the B2B and B2C market while offering strategies to help them flourish in a crowded market. In addition to shedding light on new opportunities that are mostly technologically-related, she provides audiences with win-win guidelines to building a relationship with customers, the heart of any business’s livelihood and resilience.

    Key Retail Trends

    This retail trend presentation outlines the most important changes ahead for retailers and identifies the long- and short-term actions they can take to get ahead. Each trend is brought to life using inspirational case studies of the businesses leading the way.

    The Future of Technology in Retail

    Retail tech is revolutionising the world of retail. This presentation covers the latest and most innovative retail tech, examples of retailer best practice, how to choose which systems to incorporate and what’s coming next. This presentation makes it very easy for companies to pinpoint how they can best use the latest technology to get the best ROI.

    How to Spot a Trend

    This presentation gives audiences and teams a crash course in how to spot their own trends. It’s as inspirational as it is useful and will enhance your team’s thinking for the long-term.

    The World in 2035

    As the rate of change increases, radically different businesses are emerging – ones that can threaten established giants within a few months of launching. In this presentation, Cate Trotter helps established businesses understand the new mindsets, business models and technologies that underpin this super-fast growth.

    What People are Saying about Seeing Cate Speak

    Rating Entries

    “We loved Cate’s energy and confidence! I’d recommend Insider Trends to businesses embarking on a digital journey.”
    Retail Commerce Lead, IBM

    “My team was very happy with the session and it has been a very long time since they had such a high level of performance.”
    Chanel, France

    “Very good presentation – one of the best in years. Thank you”

    “Cate gave us a great speech about blended brand ecosystems and it was fascinating to see her adapt to our specific audience.”

    “Being able to stay ahead of the game and identify future innovations has been incredibly valuable.”
    The British Library

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