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  • His riveting and stirring speeches at Harvard, TED, and SXSW have sparked a national conversation about inequality and our individual power and responsibility to enact social change.

  • As the Co-founder of the non-profit, MBAs Across America, he traveled throughout the country to help entrepreneurs revitalize their communities through social business.

  • Presenting his "new playbook for change," he explains why we must stop "waiting for permission" from authorities, shed our fears and insecurities, and make purpose and doing good our bottom line in today's business world.
  • As CEO and Co-founder of MBAs Across America, Casey Gerald has spent his recent years helping young entrepreneurs use their businesses to solve their communities’ problems and revitalize the nation at a grassroots level. Named one of the “Most Creative People in Business,” Gerald is driving a movement to make purpose and doing good business’s bottom line.

    While studying at Harvard Business School, Gerald and his friends wondered what would happen if, instead of “marching off in pinstripe suits to slave away in a cubicle,” they set out to the heart of America to put their MBA educations to work helping social entrepreneurs. The result was MBAs Across America and a simple but vital message: There’s a new way of changing the world, and each of us has a part to play.

    The message went viral when Gerald put it at the center of his 2014 commencement speech for Harvard University. With his 2016 TED Talk and SXSW keynote generating a massive emotional response, Gerald continues to inspire people to stop waiting for permission from institutions or authority figures and take it upon themselves to act within their communities to create a country where everyone has a shot.

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      He has witnessed every facet of the American Dream — from his harrowing childhood in Texas, to his tenure at the heights of America’s elite institutions, and to his journeys through the cities and towns of the American heartland where he has spent his recent years as cofounder and CEO of MBAs Across America.

      Casey began his career in economic policy and government innovation at the Center for American Progress, and has worked as a strategist with startup social ventures such as The Future Project, as well as companies like The Neiman Marcus Group.

      Born and raised in Dallas, Casey received an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he delivered the 2014 commencement address, and a BA in Political Science from Yale College. He has been featured on MSNBC, in the New York Times, Financial Times, The Guardian, and has appeared on the cover of Fast Company, which also named him one of the “Most Creative People in Business”. He currently serves on the advisory board of NPR’s Generation Listen.

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    Called the voice of a generation, Casey Gerald is a riveting story teller on a mission for social justice. His heartfelt presentations on the disconnect between business, America’s 1%, and our most dire real world problems strike a nerve that will keep the conversation going long after his presentation’s conclusion.

    Gerald highlights how networks have disrupted hierarchy and allowed us to become entrepreneurs who do not need to wait for permission from authorities. Equipped with hundreds of case stories from his own travels with MBAs across America, he makes the case that doing good over doing well will wake a dying world from its slumber and bring about a recalibration driven by creativity and the people who practice it.

      There Will Be No Miracles Here
      Casey Gerald’s story has the arc of a classic rags-to-riches tale, but he soon discovered there was a steep cost to his success. “If to live as we are is destroying us,” he asks, “what would it mean to truly live?” In this talk, Gerald turns the American Dream narrative on its head, inspiring audiences to question–even shatter–and reimagine this nation’s most cherished myths.

      Purpose Is the New Bottom Line
      After graduating from Harvard Business school, Casey Gerald and his friends wondered what would happen if, instead of “marching off in pinstripe suits to slave away in a cubicle,” they set out to the heart of America to put their MBAs to work helping entrepreneurs. The result is MBAs Across America, whose message is simple but vital: There’s a new way of changing the world, and each of us has a part to play. In this talk, Gerald shares his story and gives us the three aspects of this “New Playbook of Change.”

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    What People are Saying about Seeing Casey Speak

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    “The most electrifying speaker of our generation.”

    – Adam Grant, Wharton Professor, Author of Originals & Give and Take

    “Casey has lived the breathtaking fullness of America. He is a real-life Forrest Gump — oh, and he’s not yet 30. His sonorous voice, on the page and the stage, will be a bugle call for his generation, and for the rest of us.”
    — Anand Giridharadas

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