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Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in October 31, 1953. In October 13, 1972, when he was 18 years old, he embarks on a trip to Chile that would change his life forever. The plane in which Carlitos was flying, together with other 44 passengers, crashes in the heart of the Andes Mountains 4200 meters over sea level.  After ten days of hopeless search, in an environment where according to experts survival was impossible, the authorities decide to end the search and accept the fact that these people would not be coming back alive.

72 days later, when Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa cross the Andes looking for help, the world learns that 16 people have survived.

Faith, passion, team work and overall attitude were key factors in the most incredible story of survival that the world has ever witnessed.

Today, more than 40 years later, Carlitos has two children: María Elena de los Andes “Gochi” and Carlos Diego, and five grandchildren: Justina, Mía, Violeta, Juan Justo and Alexis.

He is an Agricultural Engineer graduated from Universidad del Trabajo del Uruguay, and developed that activity for 10 years.

In 1992 he ventured into publicity and advertising as a member of the creative team in Nivel / Publicis. He founded his own agency, Rating Publicidad, and was a member of the Board of Directors of Bates Uruguay Publicidad.

Today he manages his own company, dedicated to Communications, Consulting and Public Relations, and continues giving conferences around the world since 2002 as International Speaker.

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Telling the story of the 72 days in the Andes, he touches subjects related to his personal and professional life, and to company dynamics. Team work, decision making, quick response to unknown situations, adapting to changes, tolerance in the face of frustration, leadership through hard work, creativity, humor, passion, and above all ATTITUDE, are the main topics in this story.

In his lecture, Carlos narrates the story of his survival from a completely positive point of view, a vision that succeeds in inspiring the audience and stirring their emotions.

The key element in the power of this conference is that he tells an extraordinary story, where the protagonists are common people, who knew how to evolve and do what was needed to achieve the impossible.

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“Carlitos, You are a treasure. It was great fun being with you, enjoying your humor and experiencing your caring heart. You truly inspired the audience and me among them. I told my wife and friends about you last night over dinner here at home. I hope our paths cross often. God bless you, Jim Cathcart Cathcart Institute”

“Dear Carlitos; I am a better person today after having heard your story first hand. It helped me better value the things that really matter in Life. I know that a big percentage of Our Group share my thoughts, Truly a priceless experience. I would encourage anyone and everyone to try and learn about your experience directly from you. Thank you for sharing your message with My Team. Jaime Vigil CEO/President Republic Steel Luis Ernesto Feoli Gerente Corporativo de Capital Humano Banco de Costa Rica. ”

“The way forward for me, will be for ever shape by the intensity you shared with me. I am very gratefull. Tom Murray IHG Chief Operating Officer The Americas”

“Dear Carlos Thank you so much for coming to British American Tobacco to present to our Spanish speaking colleagues your ‘Nothing is impossible’ presentation, we were all truly amazed by your story, and meeting with you in person was an absolute pleasure. I hope that I will have the chance to meet with you again in the future. Regards Antonio Monteiro de Castro Chief Operating Officer ”

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