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Customer Service / Loyalty, Human Resources, Sales, Success

Travels from North Carolina, USA

Brian Parsley's speaking fee falls within range:
$20,000 to $25,000 (Speakers' virtual presentation fees are generally around 60-80% of the in-person fee range noted here.)

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Brian Parsley Profile

Chairman of a national online recruitment site, Brian Parsley knows what it takes to retain employees, keep customers loyal and increase sales. His expertise in human resources has been learnt from many years in the temporary staffing business.

Brian’s seminars establish the connection between what employees do and how the company succeeds, and demonstrate how that connection can be forged, encouraged and enhanced. His real-world insights are in demand from, among others, BMW, Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., Centex Homes, Fidelity & Trust Bank, Met Life, Principal Financial, Snelling Personnel, Glaxo Smith Kline, John Deere, Blockbuster, Decision One Mortgage, Video Products Distributors and Trader Publishing.

As well as sharing his expertise as a speaker, Brian has been a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician in Charlotte, North Carolina, a town in which he was named one of the Top 40 Executives under forty years old. Brian’s knowledge and vision can also be found in his book, InspHIREd: How to Hire, Inspire, and Retain Loyal Employees.

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      • Brian Parsley is a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst who speaks to companies on sales, customer loyalty, and employee retention. Pulling from his experience as Chairman of a national online recruitment site and his extensive background in the temporary staffing business, Brian knows what it takes to create environments that increase revenue while keeping employees and customers loyal.

    Brian′s seminars provide real-world insights into the connection between employee behavior and bottom-line results. He travels the country educating managers and employees on the importance of sales, customer loyalty, and employee retention – and how it affects their organizations. Brian′s clients included BMW, Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., Centex Homes, Fidelity & Trust Bank, Met Life, Principal Financial, Snelling Personnel, Glaxo Smith Kline, John Deere, Blockbuster, Decision One Mortgage, Video Products Distributors, Trader Publishing, and many more.

    Brian′s passion for serving is evident in all aspects of his life. He spent over six years volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in Charlotte, North Carolina. Brian was also recently named one of Charlotte, North Carolina′s Top 40 Executives under 40 years old.

    Brian′s new book, Insphired: How to Hire, Inspire, and Retain Loyal Employees, was released in early 2006.

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Brian Parsley's Speech Descriptions

Brian Parsley teaches how to maximize the value of customer loyalty programs as well as tried and tested business strategies to many of the largest companies in the US and across the world.

Brian can show you how to recruit extraordinary individuals and how, once you have them, to make the best of them. He focuses across-the-board to show how you can holistically improve your company through improving the customer experience, employee loyalty, leadership and finding your purpose in business and in life.

    Brian Parsley, President of WeSkill, guides business leaders on how to increase sales performance, solidify customer loyalty and build profits. Brian teaches timetested business strategies and customer loyalty programs across all industry sectors including financial services, technology, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and professional services.

    Brian’s speaking engagements and workshops take him around the world and into companies that are devoted to achieving unparalleled results. Along with being a recurring guest on FOX News, Brian is a management consultant for several fortune 500 thought leaders and the author of InspHired, which gives leaders the tools and steps to hire extraordinary individuals who produce results and remain loyal.

    Brian speaks internationally to a wide range of companies, organizations and professional associations.

    Brian’s speaking engagements focus on 5 core areas that create and sustain profit for your organization:

    • Customer Buying Motives
    • Employee Loyalty
    • Dynamic Customer Experiences
    • Leadership
    • Finding Purpose in Business and Life

What People are Saying about Seeing Brian Speak

Rating Entries

    “When it comes to identifying, hiring, and retaining employees, Brian Parsley′s insight into hiring and retaining employees is akin to Newton′s first mathematical formulation of gravity.”
    Todd Stancombe
    President, Enventys

    “Being a dynamic leader requires the ability to balance one′s personal and professional life. I have seen Brian Parsley live out this balance in his own life and now he has beautifully illustrated these principles in inspHIREd. I highly recommend that those in positions of leadership read this book and dare to be different.”
    James H. Morgan
    Chairman of the Board, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

    “The audience was spellbound! We first engaged Brian to address over 200 Blockbuster Video Franchise Owners and Operators. He did his homework! He was dynamic and engaging, and very well versed on the issues they face day-to-day, and addressed the issues head-on!”
    Don Kosler
    National Sales Manager, Video Products Distributors Inc.

    “I heard so many compliments from attendees with regards to both the content of your presentation and your humorous presentation style. Some said it was the best seminar they had ever attended, and all agreed that you make it easy and fun to learn some new and useful management and customer service principles.”
    Melissa Robinson
    VP of Operations, Secure Point

    “Brian is funny, insightful and highly entertaining. At our regional manager′s meeting, Brian shared sales ideas that will impact the way I sell and serve my customers. I learned practical and powerful ways to sell against the competition in a soft market that have already had an impact. Brian shared invaluable wisdom about creating memorable experiences from our customers that will turn them from satisfied to loyal.”
    Colleen Wilson
    General Sales Manager, Rent Magazine

    “Brian is energetic, engaging, & inspiring! His presentation drilled into our key issues, leaving us with nuggets to consider and execute for immediate improvement.”
    Stephen Haines
    Senior Training Director, Centex Homes

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Books by Brian Parsley:
    inspHIREd: novel ideas for novel leaders

    InspHIREd is not an HR handbook, or even a book that just tells you how to hire. The purpose is to tell you why and how to become a more effective leader. Whether you′re currently a CEO of an organization, or one day aspire to become a great leader, this book will teach new philosophies, help you to understand your beliefs, and learn how to put them into action. Most people think they know how to hire, and they believe they know how to inspire, but reality says something different. Most people think they′re great leaders (most people with body odor think they smell good too). Set aside your current belief system and how you think you should be a leader. Incorporate the principles of this book into your career and you will walk away with a renewed outlook on not just your work, but also your life.

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