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    • Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor®, has helped hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses in every major industry, including hospitality, manufacturing, service, restaurant and retail. He is a nationally recognized expert on business strategy, customer service, sales, and marketing. With over thirty years experience beginning in the trenches of retail and extending to senior management positions, he has been a corporate officer, franchisor and entrepreneur. His presentations are designed to provide practical information in a fun and re-memorable format, earning raving fans along the way.

In 1994, Bob started his own consulting company, The Retail Doctor, with a mission to provide training and inspiration to small and medium sized independent businesses — and teach them how to successfully compete in today’s retail environment.

As a member of the National Speaker’s Association (NSA), Phibbs regularly addresses business organizations, corporations, and business conferences.

Bob’s aggressive, comprehensive ideas and best practices has proved successful in helping firms of all types and sizes. 

Bob’s passion and enthusiasm are hallmarks of his presentation skills. He has consulted for, and given presentations, to some of the country’s best-known retail brands, including Yamaha, Caswell-Massey, Viking, Brother, LEGO and True Value.

One of Phibbs’s most publicized successes was his association with an independent coffee house where sales had slipped for years after Starbucks opened ten blocks away. When a second Starbucks opened just seventy-five feet from the store, the Retail Doctor® arrived to overhaul the operation. Sales rose a dramatic 50 percent over that record year and an additional 40 percent the following year. From that success, Bob drank up the next big trend helping It’s A Grind Coffee, a startup, first as COO and then as CMO. Along the way, they grew to over 125 franchised locations nationwide, created a lot of buzz as the featured coffeehouse on ShowTime’s Weeds and helped make it the second-fastest growing company in Los Angeles County two years running. He was also a partner in growing the Hunter Douglas elite Gallery dealers program across the US.

A frequent guest on MSNBC and Fox, he and his work have been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. In addition, Phibbs provides business makeovers for the Los Angeles Times. His award-winning book, You Can Compete was the backbone of Do-It-Best hardware’s How-to-Beat-the-Big-Box kit for their 4100 stores. His follow-up book, The Retail Doctor’s Guide to Growing Your Business was released by Wiley & Sons in 2010.

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Bring retail speaker Bob Phibbs to your trade group, business association, national conference or select customers with one of the his retail sales and marketing presentations below:

You Can Compete!
Retail isn’t that hard to perfect… it comes down to having the right people and right product for your customers. When you drop one of those, you end up settling. And if the past year has taught us anything about retail sales, it’s that you just can’t settle anymore if you want to get ahead of the competition and stay there. In this retail sales training presentation, you’ll discover how to make bigger sales and earn the profits you seek by building the right team, holding on to existing clientele, and capturing new customers.

Marketing Smarter Than Your Competition
Interruption marketing is the past; the future of marketing is participation. To make more money, you need to get in front of those people looking for your products or services by getting top search engine rankings. This marketing presentation shows you how to monitor your brand, engage your customers and create direct links to what your local customers are searching for so you can market smarter than your competition.

Selling Like A Pro
In order to move more merch, your employees must possess great customer services skills so they can build trust quickly and start a relationship with your customers. In this presentation, Bob reveals his proven sales process you can easily apply to see your sales increase, your merchandise turn increase and your employee turnover plummet.

Merchandising for Sales
With these days of budget cuts and computer scheduling programs to minimize overlap of hours, your employees simply can’t be everywhere suggesting add-ons. Displays are your silent salesperson, from the intriguing windows to the impulse items at the counter. They are the foundation of a healthy business. In “Merchandising for Sales,” Bob shares tips and tools that will help you create kick-butt displays that move product quickly.

How To Train and Manage Your Sales Team
In order to earn the profit you desire, you need your sales team at the top of their game, focused on the customer and adding value. This retail management presentation reveals secrets to managing your sales team, raising them from lowly clerks to the top of the selling mountain!

What People are Saying about Seeing Bob Speak

Rating Entries

    What impressed me about Bob was his ability to connect with our audience of Star Motorcycle dealers. He did his homework prior to the seminar and his research paid off as he was able to explain concepts that hit home with our dealers.

    Bob has a laid back style that allows him to show his knowledge of retail while the audience laughs and enjoys the training. After Bob′s presentation you realize you had fun but you also have key take-aways that you can implement to make a difference in your business.

    I told Bob he had to present real world ideas that can be implemented that will have a positive impact on our dealers business and Bob delivered. I would definitely recommend Bob, he understands retail and brings to the table real business concepts that can be turned into actionable items.
    Joe D, Motorcycle Product Manager, Yamaha

    Congratulations on a stimulating presentation on Monday at our North American dealer conference. Your topics and presentation hit the mark with our dealers who have seen a great variety of speakers throughout the years. As you are no doubt aware finding a speaker who truly understands the retail process along with its’ creative solutions, is a difficult task.

    Your confidence to ask for “any questions you would like me to satisfy by the end of this presentation” sums up the reason I would refer you to others in the future. Keep up the passion , we need it in this retail game!
    Craig L., VP Sales, Beachcomber Hot Tubs

    Our dealers are still raving about our July event – especially your presentation. A few of our dealers even put your advice into practice, and – guess what – they saw an immediate improvement in their business and employee morale. Thank you again!
    Shirley H., Sr. Marketing Manager, Brother International

    What fun we had working with you at our convention! I have been working with keynote speakers for more than I care to admit and you truly had an understanding of their business, the day-to-day competition they face and the steps they need to take to compete. Many of our dealers have commented on the appropriateness of your speech and the fact that they would have loved to have heard more.
    Nancy J., Husqvarna Viking

    People were raving about your presentation! Everyone said this was the best event they ever attended of any manufacturer!
    Dean S., President, Brother International

    When we first engaged you, we had an idea about growing our business, but had little idea as to how to make it happen. Your help in every aspect of the development of our business—menu, recipes, training, marketing, just to name a few–has brought us a national following and tens of thousands of customers to our stores every month. You have been there to help build our brand from 4 stores to more than 100. Your passion during our two-week franchisee training has given them a clear picture of how to build their business. Your wisdom, patience and insight have made us a better company.
    Marty C., Founder and President, It’s A Grind Coffee Franchise

    As a speaker, you captivate audiences with the use of humor and by having them interact with you. The energy level in the rooms was always high, and as word spread about how great your seminars were, the attendance kept increasing. As the person that hired you to speak to our retailers, reps and manufacturers, I was extremely pleased with your performance, and with the feedback I got from my group. Every retailer in business today should hear your message!
    Karen G., Casual Furniture Retailers Association

    Bob, our metamorphosis has been wildly successful! There has been a consistent monthly increase in materials circulation averaging from 12-20%! Watching the hungry public gobble up books and DVDs in this area has been the single biggest thrill!
    Paula B., Chula Vista Public Library

    It is rare to find a professional speaker who is willing to immerse himself in our industry and customize a training program specific to our participants. Bob Phibbs has done this for us. He has worked side-by-side with our customers, consulted with them and attended our product trainings. Our customers feel connected to him because they feel he really knows and understands their business.
    Donna K., Training Manager, Hunter Douglas Window Fashions Gallery

    Your keynote address exceeded our expectations. Bob, you certainly were well prepared and kept the client’s attention. Thank you for a job well done. We would highly recommend you and would certainly use your services again.
    Pat P., Myriad Software

    Thanks again for your inspiring presentation to our members.
    Dave K., Director of Education, True Value

    We have had several occasions to invite Bob Phibbs to provide training for groups of retailers. Bob′s style makes the sessions fun and rememberable. His message is actionable, with a to-do list for the attendees that will grow their business if they follow his advice.
    Ron S., Vice-President, Hunter Douglas Inc. Corporate Education

    Bob helped us manage our business better and sell our rooms quicker so we could continue to upgrade and improve guest satisfaction. Bottom line: our business doubled within three years.
    Bill P., Owner, Bay Shores Peninsula Hotel

    We flew Bob in and within two weeks Bob provided us with more than 80 concrete ideas that were understandable and capable of implementation for our three stores. Bob was very candid with us and forced us to focus on who we were and enabled us to determine the direction needed to go.
    Trent B., Vice President, Epic Touch

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Books by Bob Phibbs:

    The Retail Doctor′s Guide to Growing Your Business: A Step-by-Step Approach to Quickly Diagnose, Treat, and Cure

    It′s one of the toughest economies in years, but don′t fear-the doctor is in

    Are you among the thousands of retailers frustrated by market challenges and looking for ways to take control of your business? Are you looking for the advice of an expert consultant, but unable to spend the money? Then The Retail Doctor′s Guide to Growing Your Business is for you.

    By providing a step-by-step approach to evaluate your current business practices, The Retail Doctor offers professional guidance

    • Redesign your organizational structure
    • Reap the maximum returns on your investment
    • Keep your business financially healthy

    Following the advice in these pages will help you devise a sound strategy to accomplish your goals and outperform your competitors. You′ll also gain clear insight into all areas of human resource management, sales training, merchandising methods, and marketing.

    While your competitors are looking for a magic bullet to solve their problems, with The Retail Doctor′s Guide to Growing Your Business, you can be making changes that will guarentee enormous returns and financial success.

    Order Here

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