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From going green to the Internet of Things, Bob Hirschfeld pokes fun at the latest issues and trends hanging over the corporate world’s head. The self-proclaimed “cyber satirist” – and more recently “eco-cyber satirist” – refreshes business groups, getting their minds prepped and animated for the rest of your event.

Bob Hirschfeld carefully customs each one of his presentations to make them relevant and appropriate for the specific audience. His decades of experience in professional humor include writing satire for The Tonight Show, The Washington Post, and Newsweek. Described by comedic legend, Jay Leno, as “one of the top satirists of the country,” his shows have been a hit with groups at Microsoft, Forbes, and Honda, among hundreds of other organizations that have hired him to speak at conferences.

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    Engage your conference audience with appropriate business satire that will leave them with a smile and ready to tackle the rest of your agenda. Humor puts people in a more positive mood and more receptive to new ideas and information. Imagine how that can benefit your entire conference.

    “Cybersatirist” Bob Hirschfeld has been lampooning business and technology for over a decade with his own brand of “stand-up with a laptop” satire, created specifically for conferences. His customized presentations include parodies, visual punch lines and audience participation.

    Clients such as Forbes, Microsoft, Honda, Shell, Cox Communications, Oracle, AAA, the National Association of Home Builders and hundreds of others have booked Bob to perform at their conferences. No matter what field of business, Bob will work closely with clients to customize his presentation.

    Bob Hirschfeld′s humor has appeared in Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and USA Today. Bob also made his mark online with a popular humor web site awarded a prestigious Top 100 by PC Magazine. He followed this by establishing himself as a business satirist and was profiled in USA Today and The Wall Street Journal for his success. For several years, he was a contributing writer to Jay Leno for The Tonight Show. Jay calls Bob “one of the top satirists in the country.”

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Bob Hirschfeld's Speech Descriptions

"Cybersatirist" Bob Hirschfeld lampoons business and technology with customized presentations created exclusively for savvy conference audiences. He provides appropriate comic relief by mining the laughs from any business topic including social media, mobile and cloud computing and cyber security. Bob can also add a humorous yet motivating perspective on the challenges and rewards of sustainability.

As a keynote, Hirschfeld will leave your audience smiling, refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of your conference agenda. He's also perfect for after-dinner entertainment that ties in with your conference topics.

The first "Cybersatirist," Hirschfeld has been performing at conferences for over 15 years for a long list of clients that include Microsoft, Siemens, Forbes, State Farm and Shell. His success was profiled in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. No wonder Jay Leno called him, "one of the top satirists in the country.

Funny Business: A Satirical Look at the World of Business
Bob finds the laughs in a wide range of business topics including social media, time management, meetings, Powerpoint, branding, customer service and software upgrades. He also shows the humor in what it would be like to run your family as if it were a business. Audiences readily get the underlying message of finding humor in dealing with stress and adapting to change and technology.

Funny Green Business
Bob is one of the only speakers who uses humor to convey an "eco-friendly" message on the challenges, opportunities and rewards of green and sustainable policies. His approach is funny, fun and motivational. Bob's creative presentation includes a tongue-in-cheek history of green business and humorous perspectives on lowering your carbon footprint, recycling, increasing energy efficiency, the green office and clean energy. Underlying the humor are positive and informative strategies for sustainability.

America the First Start-Up

Satirist Robert Hirschfeld re-imagines our Founding Fathers as the entrepreneurial founders of the start-up America, by humorously using the context of current business and technology, to tell their remarkable story. The result: a funny, informative and creative presentation that shows how our founders truly were disrupters, risk-takers and visionaries.

First our founders declared war against the old ways of government by fighting for independence from the parent company England. Then they coded a new “open source” system of government for and by the people. It was a remarkable feat, considering they had to surmount opposing views on design, features and scope of the system. Yet they worked as a determined team and succeeded through the now nearly extinct political tradition known as “compromise” to create a brilliant framework for our Constitutional system of government

Eventually our government system, like a software operating system, became bloated, dysfunctional and corrupted. That’s why we need to reconnect with the constructive, innovative start-up spirit of our founders to get this system and our country back on track for the great destiny our founders intended

What People are Saying about Seeing Bob Speak

Rating Entries

“You provided an entertaining and witty look at what passes for normal in the everyday business world. I would gladly recommend you to anyone considering utilizing your talent.”
    Joseph Schneider, National Association of Home Builders

“You definitely caught the attention of the audience and woke them up with riveting laughter in preparation for the rest of the event. Thank you for helping make our event such a huge success!”
Mike Rioux, IDEA

“By collaborating closely with us for months before the event and customizing his material to fit our theme, Bob Hirschfeld delivered a thoroughly engaging keynote that had our audience laughing heartily.”
    Sandra Prescott, The Data Warehousing Institute

“Bob Hirschfeld’s universal business humor met with great appreciation by our senior level financial executives heralding from 16 countries. His grand opening, which was customized to our company’s history, brought tremendous laughter and it was clear Bob had captured the essence of our business.”
    Marcia Seibald, Citco Financial Services

“You were fantastic! Your extremely funny and insightful presentation delighted a very discerning crowd–Presidents and CEOs of emerging companies. A top-caliber comedy hour with business backbone. You set the perfect tone for an evening of fun and networking.”
    Karen Edelman, Editorial Director, Forbes Management Conference Group

“Your presentation was exceptional, I truly enjoyed it and have heard lots of positive comments. Thanks for helping us make our conference a great success.”
    Nancy Webster Manager, Service Delivery Communications, IBM

“Your unique observations clearly connected with many of our members’ own interactions with new technologies. Perhaps more importantly, your presentation emphasized that it is not we who are the “dummies” when it comes to computer technology.”
    Susan Sarfati, Greater Washington Society of Association Executives

“I want to thank you for an excellent presentation. You received exceptionally high ratings on our survey–a sure sign that you met and exceeded the audience’s expectations! I also want to thank you for your professionalism as a speaker. Everything that I needed you to do to make my life easier was done. A speaker who respects the planners needs is very much appreciated!”
    Joan Orentlicher, LOMA

Johnson & Johnson
Security Industries Association
National Association of Manufacturers
Forbes Presidents Forum & Forbes CIO conference
Oracle Users Group
Ziff Davis
Consumer Electronics Association
Mortgage Bankers Association
Smith Barney
Electronic Commerce World
American Society of Association Executives
Network World
CACI International
American Society of Travel Agents
Quantum Corporation
Deutsche Banc Alex Brown
General Services Administration
American Meeting Planners
American Chamber of Commerce Executives
Food Marketing Institute
HR Events
American Corporate Counsel Association
Watson Wyatt Worldwide
Manufactured Housing Institute American Hardware Manufacturers Association
Americans for the Arts
Medical Group Management Association
HR Southwest Human Resources Conference

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