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Bart De Witte Profile

  • Healthcare technology pioneer, Bart De Witte orientates audiences through the potential (and perils) of digital health.

  • With 20 years spearheading research and development in the field, De Witte is one of the most regarded innovators working to eliminate inequality in healthcare.

  • De Witte is the founder of AI HIPPO and The DHealth Academy in Berlin, Germany.
  • Intrepreneur, Bart De Witte is dedicated to resolving inequalities in healthcare via emerging technologies. The award-winning digital healthcare leader is the founder of AI HIPPO, the first global nonprofit to focus on open sourced medical AI. An in-demand consultant and mentor, de Witte has been involved with dozens of companies across 26 countries.

    De Witte is the founder of The DHealth Academy in Berlin, Germany. The DHealth Academy aims to cultivate a digital culture in the health field by training healthcare professionals in groundbreaking technology. De Witte is also a faculty member at futur/io Institute, a German research institution developing transformative data-driven medical technologies.

    Previously, De Witte was the Director of Digital Health for IBM, where he spearheaded the company’s development of healthcare technologies for almost a decade.

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      Bart De Witte is an inspiring and award winning digital health tech leader who worked as an executive for the world top 3 software vendors. He has been intimately involved as a mentor in the formation and growth of a dozen digital health startups, and lectures at different universities in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria. He is part of the founding faculty of the European Institute of Exponential Technologies and desirable futures,, and an Inspiring, Thoughtful and Entertaining global keynote speaker.

      During the last years he has been on a mission to harness the power of artificial intelligence for the greater good and help to solve current and future inequalities in healthcare. He is the founder of HIPPO AI, an NGO that focuses on Open Sourcing Medical AI. His experience and his vision places him in a unique position to deliver research-based, entertaining, inspirational keynotes around the topic of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.

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    Bart De Witte's Speech Descriptions

    Digital health pioneer, Bart De Witte draws from 20 years in this emerging field to prepare audiences for the coming changes that will sweep healthcare systems globally. De Witte illustrates the current capabilities and applications of technologies such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Design Thinking, and Open Data. He addresses the barriers to innovation in healthcare, the digital transformation of the sector, and how AI could lead to a universal digital healthcare system.

    Learn on how Open Data, Open Models and Distributed Learning can be used to develop AI and deep learning in medicine for the common good.

    AI in Pharma is used for Drug Discovery, Clinical Trail Matching and pharmacovigilance. But similar as in the Automotive Industry, AI will have a strong impact on the Value Chain and Relationships of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

    In an Inspiring Keynote, Bart gives a global perspective, and update on the current state of AI in healthcare and makes some predictions that are related to the exponential changes that might occur, and the potential impact it will have.

    ​During this Keynote, Bart uses his 20 years of experience of working with Hospitals, and explains on how AI and Design Thinking can create automated self learning environments, which allows Hospitals moving away from paperless towards keyboardless environments

    What People are Saying about Seeing Bart Speak

    Rating Entries

    “Bart was one of our speakers at XPOMET. In addition to his lecture and participation in the Precision Medicine Alliance Congress, he organized and moderated a panel with top-class speakers on AI. In our survey, Bart was named most frequently in the question of the best speaker. Our visitors described his lectures as “exciting, authentic, realistic and futuristic” as well as “entertaining and with much depth and insight”, “inspiring and interesting”
    -Lena Geppert, Expomet, Germany

    “Bart is an excellent keynote speaker and shows true understanding in regards to the bottlenecks and hurdles of medical dataset acquisition for AI solutions in healthcare. I know for a fact that this is not easy, which Bart seamlessly reflects in his initiatives where the focus lies in enabling medtech start-ups to gain easy access to open datasets.”
    -Ziyaad Jaber, Medical Doctor, M.Sc. in Neuropsychology and Neuroscience. Entrepeneur, The Netherlands

    “Bart is a great keynote lecturer with a lot of knowledge of IT and technology for the healthcare market. He is a real story teller who is able to explain complex insights in a very simple way. Theaudience sticks to his lips”
    -Rudy Maertens, CEO ALMA, Belgium

    “Not only did Bart receive the best ratings with regard to the content and the methodology with his courses, but the personal remarks added to the student evaluations exceeded anything previously seen. “The course has been the absolute HIGHLIGHT of the Master’s program”, as well as “An exciting and new lecture with good prospects for the future”
    -Prof Peter Mayer, University of applied Sciences, Burgenland, Austria

    “Bart de Witte ist eine der mich am stärksten beeindruckenden Persönlichkeiten der aktuell ablaufenden digitalen Transformation. Bart vereint großes fachliches Wissen, eine herausragende didaktische Befähigung und – das ist eben das besondere – eine warme Menschlichkeit. Humanisierung als primäres Ziel der Digitalisierung, Bart verkörpert dieses Ziel! Vorbildfunktion!”
    -Prof. Dr. Jochen A. Werner, President of the Board at University Hospital of Essen

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