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Change Management, Diversity, Productivity, Team Building, Technology

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Amy Cappellanti-Wolf Profile

  • Chief Human Resources Officer at Cohesity

  • Former SVP & CHRO at Symantec, the world’s largest cybersecurity software company

  • Executive Coach with expertise in working with startups to Fortune 500 enterprises

  • Amy Cappellanti-Wolf is Chief Human Resources Officer at Cohesity, a company with a mission to radically simplify how organizations manage their data and unlock limitless value.

    Amy is an accomplished senior human resources professional, business transformer and executive coach with expertise in working with startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Her capabilities focus on developing high-performance leadership teams and guiding organizations through complex and challenging business transformations, including pre-IPO, rapid growth, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and culture changes. Her management roles span high-tech (Symantec, Silver Spring Networks, Cisco, Sun Microsystems), entertainment (The Walt Disney Company), and consumer goods (Frito-Lay). Amy’s specialty areas include Business Transformation and Change Management, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Organizational Design and Process Management, and Total Rewards.

    Amy holds an M.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations and a B.S. in Journalism and Public Relations, both from WVU. She sits on the Board of Directors for Softchoice TSE: SFTC, an IT solutions and managed service provider, and D-Wave (NYSE), a quantum computing systems innovator and leader, and Betterworks, a performance management platform, and is an HR Advisory Member to Betterworks.

    Recently named one of the top 50 most influential women tech leaders by the National Diversity Council, Amy has been a Forbes Human Resources Council Official Member since September 2018 and a CNBC Workforce Executive Council Member since April 2022. In June 2022, Amy was selected to be in the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s 2022 class of Women of Influence. In October 2019, she was named to the Roll of Distinguished Alumni at WVU’s John Chambers College of Business and Economics.

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    Amy Cappellanti-Wolf's Speech Descriptions

    Technology runs today's workplace but what role does it play for a department that has the word "human" in its title? Racing through rapid-fire business acquisitions, Amy Cappellanti-Wolf had to find the best path to leverage technology without losing the focus on employees. In this session, Amy will deliver the tools you need to build an HR strategy that can solve real business problems while keeping the "human" in "Human Resources."

    Executive teams are facing multiple and complex demands arising from changing market pressures, disruptive technology, acquisitions and competition for talent. CEOs and their surrounding teams know that attention to top and bottom lines is crucial. Today's enterprise is a complicated, open and alive system that must keep adapting to change. Thriving through transformation requires prioritizing people throughout. In this session, Amy Cappellanti-Wolf, CHRO at Symantec, will lay out the challenges companies are facing, and provide processes and systems that have been successfully implemented to prioritize talent during change, and help HR leaders successfully navigate change.

    A strong organizational culture can clearly differentiate a business from its competitors in the mind of its stakeholders. According to LSA Global, a consulting firm specializing in culture and talent, companies that align culture with business have 58% more growth and 72% more profitability. They have three times the customer satisfaction, two times the customer retention, eight times leadership effectiveness and over 17 times more employee engagement. Every culture is unique to the company and the culture reinforces the company when it is well defined. Yet, only companies that can relate their cultures directly to their business strategy will perform and grow. What role does culture play in the growth of a company? How can we enable culture to grow our business? What processes can we implement to ensure our culture optimizes our business strategy? In this session, Amy Cappellanti-Wolf, CHRO at Symantec, will explore how culture and business strategy go hand in hand, and demonstrate how culture is a key enabler for growing the business. Using real life examples, Amy will explain how to integrate business strategy with culture, and lay out proven tools, processes and systems to develop a strong culture that helps the business grow and thrive.

    Most global businesses today have wide ranging customer sets, with multinational needs and solutions. Those that are well positioned for success will have workforces resembling the customer base and community as a whole. Without diversity of thought and experience, the customer base cannot be understood or properly served. Diversity in the workforce and equal treatment are therefore prerequisites for any successful organization. In order to represent everybody -not just a segment of the employees, businesses must remove biases, get the best and brightest in the war for talent and embrace all the different benefits diversity brings for their customers. In this session, Amy Cappellanti-Wolf, CHRO at Symantec, will explain the critical need for a diverse and inclusive business environment. She will explain the effectiveness of the "diversity multiplier" and share practices she has put in place to help leverage the power of inclusion. Finally, she will explore how having a strong talent and workforce strategy results in amazing dividends for all customers and shareholders.

    Change management is often overlooked in mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures — an unfortunate situation, since people stand at the heart of change. To avoid leaving people underemphasized, companies must establish change management planning and execution for the smooth integration (or divestment) of assets while also managing team resources across functional areas. This is critical to any complete analysis of the deal.

    Changes can range from rebranding company assets, ensuring employee alignment with the newly formed organization’s goals, to retaining key employees. Companies must also implement a comprehensive communication plan that addresses leadership, acquired employees, current employees, customers, and vendors.

    In this session, Amy Cappellanti-Wolf, SVP and CHRO at Symantec, will demonstrate the change management lifecycle process through a recent use case. She will provide an outline with at least four tracks to help leaders and employees navigate the deal. Amy will also review how to stabilize and optimize the new organization to realize the deal’s full value. Before leaving, attendees will understand how a disciplined approach to change management that views employees as key stakeholders dramatically improves the odds for a smooth transition.

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