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  • The founder of Perfect Fitness, Mills developed his star product, the Perfect Pushup, after losing almost $1.5 million in his initial ventures.

  • Mills grew Perfect Fitness 12,000% in three years, making it the "fastest-growing consumer products company in America" at that time.

  • Mills has walked his talk, overcoming asthma to become a nationally recognized rower, Navy SEAL, and platoon captain.
  • A former Navy SEAL and the founder of Perfect Fitness, Alden Mills’ knowledge of persistence, leadership, and teambuilding is second to none. Mills weaves together his experiences from the elite U.S. military force and the high stakes world of startups to get everyone, from executives to entry-level employees, fired up about unlocking their potential.

    Despite being diagnosed with asthma as a child and told that he should avoid playing sports, Mills found his niche on his school’s rowing team – an endeavor that caught the attention of the U.S. Naval Academy and earned him an invitation. His senior year there, he was one of 19 students chosen from 100 to train for the Navy SEALs. In a grueling 25-week session that opened his eyes to the critical relationship between attitude and results, Mills passed his training and eventually work his way to the position of platoon commander.

    In 1998 Mills left the SEALs to pursue an MBA. After company acquisitions and industry collapses caused a few downturns in his career, Mills’ wife advised him to launch his own fitness business. He created a rotational weight system called Body Rev aimed at women. Despite raising (and spending) $1.5 million, the product failed to connect with consumers. Down to his last $25,000, Mills developed and launched The Perfect Push-up, which became the star product of the Perfect Fitness company, helping the organization reach $90 million in sales in a 3-year-period.

    Mills is the author of Be Unstoppable and the upcoming book Build Unstoppable Teams. He holds over 40 patents.

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      Alden Mills first started taking control of his life at age twelve—when his doctor told him to learn chess because his childhood asthma would keep him from playing sports. His mother stepped in, telling Alden that he should never let someone else decide his future.

      Alden’s first personal goal was to conquer asthma. He then went on to achieve extraordinary things in sports, academics, military service, business, and philanthropy.

      Alden became a nationally-recognized rower—as a gold medalist in the Olympic Festival, then as Captain of the freshman and varsity teams at the US Naval Academy. Alden became a Navy SEAL—and served as platoon commander no less than three times. Alden also became an entrepreneur, leading his first company to $90 million in sales in just three years.

      How did he do it? Through persistence.. That’s right, Alden was fully committed to achieving better outcomes every day. He was particularly persistent about learning from his failures.
      alden mills

      Through these efforts, Alden:

      • Founded Perfect Fitness. As CEO, he led the company through growth of over 12,000% from 2007 to 2009 which resulted in Inc. magazine recognizing it as the #1 fastest-growing consumer products company in America
      • Developed over 40 patents including the Perfect Pushup, Perfect Pullup, Perfect Situp, and Perfect Ab Carver
      • Authored Be Unstoppable plus the forthcoming book, Build Unstoppable Teams
      • Has been featured on ABC’s Nightline, CBS This Morning, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, and more
      • Joined Young Presidents’ Organization and World Presidents’ Organization
      • Has served on boards of a number of non-profitsAlden has codified his most successful leadership practices in a framework called C.A.R.E.:

        Connect, and you’ll build trust.
        Achieve more, and you’ll create direction.
        Respect others, and you’ll build an environment of continuous contributions.
        Empower others, and you’ll create ownership within your team.

        To no one’s surprise, Alden’s motto is, “To lead is to serve—and to serve is to care.” He believes success is available to everyone, not just a chosen few. And he believes that your potential is much greater than you know.

        Start expanding your leadership impact today.

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    Former Navy SEAL and renowned inventor, Alden Mills uses his fascinating experience in the U.S.’ most elite force to show how attitude affects performance. From software companies to high schools, Mills has challenged and inspired audiences to break down mental barriers and go all in. No matter what degree of uncertainty you may be facing in your career or industry, Mills will leave you energized and empowered with his message that no force can rival the power of determination and the human spirit.

    Alden Mills—a humble leader with abundant charisma, vibrant storytelling skills, and a teacher’s heart—brings his frameworks to life in every keynote.

    It begins with your precall–when Alden asks penetrating questions so he can customize his presentation to an exceptional degree. He then delivers his keynote with the passion and experience you’ve come to expect from such an outstanding speaker.

    The Science and Secrets of Persistence

    Finding success can be hard, frustrating, and even demoralizing. Many people give up too soon, not knowing how close they’ve come to reaching their goal. Thanks to 25 years leading businesses and Navy SEALs, Alden Mills has learned that success can be a choice. He draws upon his own failures and achievements to share how anyone can succeed at greater levels once you understand the science and secrets to persistence. This inspiring keynote is based on Alden’s highly-regarded book, Be Unstoppable.


    4 Essential Actions of High Performance Leaders

    In today’s hard-charging world, your success is determined by your ability to lead–yet there’s no greater challenge than galvanizing others into high-performing teams. Alden, CEO of America’s fastest-growing consumer products company as well as a #1 Navy SEAL platoon commander, shares how to bridge the gap between the impact you want and the outcomes you need. Audiences get his C.A.R.E. framework to implement on Monday morning.

    Alden has broad audience appeal. Here’s a sampling of his keynotes:

  • Financial services: Transamerica, USAA, First Guaranty Mortgage, Residential Mortgage Services, VeriClaim
  • Healthcare: Boston Children’s Hospital, Case Western’s School of Medicine, American Healthcare Association
  • Leadership: Fortune’s ScaleUp Summit, EO/YEO, TEDX
  • Technology: Acumatica, Akamon, Jasper Software, Telefonica, Mobile World Congress, Ironhack Barcelona
  • Consumer goods: Select Comfort, Embassy Suites, Groupe Beneteau, Ariat
  • Manufacturing: Lustre-Cal, Implus
  • Associations: GPI, Kansas Farm Bureau
  • Education: UC Berkeley, Dodge City High Schools, IESE

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    Alden rocks! Finally, a speaker who’s walked his talk.”

    – Lustre-Cal Corporation

    “One of the best we’ve ever had.”

    – USAA Federal Savings

    “Alden made a difference in our lives!”

    – Select Comfort (NYSE)

    “Incredible! A life-changing experience.”

    – World Financial Group

    “Alden set the tone—then stole the show.”

    – Verne Harnish, Fortune’s ScaleUp Summit

    “The best commencement speaker we’ve had.”

    – Case Western School of Medicine

    “Nailed it! Alden delivered a powerful message.”

    – Acumatica Software

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    Books by Alden Mills:

    Be Unstoppable: The 8 Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything

    You see others who have the things you want money, joy, success and suppose that they were born with special talent or into a family which made these things easy to attain. They are just lucky. What you don t know is that there is a methodology to success. BE UNSTOPPABLE contains a system to gain this vital skillset.

    Alden Mills was an uncoordinated asthmatic who went on to become a national rowing champion, three time Navy SEAL Team Commander, inventor of over 20 fitness products and CEO of the #1 fastest growing consumer products company as identified by INC 500 magazine in 2009. Through his own journey to success, Mills identified Eight Actions proven to overcome the bad habits between you and getting your goals.

    Written in a story format that is easy to remember, BE UNSTOPPABLE opens with a parable of a young skipper who meets a remarkable, seasoned captain, changing the skipper’s direction and setting him on a course to fulfill a larger destiny. The allegory, intertwined with Mills humorous, brutally honest personal stories, anchors tools like Plan in 3D, Exercise to Execute and Improvise to Overcome into your memory. You can start at any place in the program, because the momentum gained from using any of the tools will cause you to stop making excuses about why you can’t have the life of your dreams, while the stories inspire you to do whatever it takes to ensure that you can.

    The goal-getting code embedded in BE UNSTOPPABLE will enable you to navigate around challenges, chart a course, and put you on a heading to achieving your dreams.

    However the past has shaped you, your future is yours to shape, and if you want to shape it for success, you’ll find no better coach than Alden Mills. Using the power of a parable and his own experiences as a Navy SEAL and accomplished entrepreneur, Mills teaches you his proven framework for success. BE UNSTOPPABLE is the parable of a young skipper who meets a remarkable, seasoned captain, and this chance meeting changes the young skipper’s direction in life, setting him on course for living his dreams. This charming tale illuminates the eight actions to take to succeed at anything in life, and makes BE UNSTOPPABLE a uniquely effective hybrid of Who Moved My Cheese and Vince Lombardi-style coaching.

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