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For more than two decades, companies have turned to Alan Beaulieu for economic forecasting and details about the international business outlook. As one of the country’s most informed economists, Alan’s insights have benefitted thousands of businesses across the USA. Alan’s views have been sought by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Knight Ridder News Services, BusinessWeek, Associated Press, the Washington Times, CBS Radio, CNN Radio, Sirius talk radio, KABC, NPR and many others.

Alan is President of the Institute for Trend Research, a principal and Managing Partner of ITR Capital Partners, an active member of ITR Capital Partners’ Investment Committee and Senior Economic Adviser to the NAW and Chief Economist for HARDI.

Specializing in the application of economic information in practical ways, Alan has co-written Make Your Move, a guide to increasing profits during changes in business cycles. His ability to predict those changes well in advance and provide explanations of how they can be managed for greater profit make him a much sought-after economic speaker.

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    One of the country’s most informed economists, Alan Beaulieu, has been consulting since 1990 with companies who have a domestic and global perspective on how to forecast, plan, and increase their profits based on business cycle trend analysis.

    Pronouncements from Alan Beaulieu have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Knight Ridder News Services, Business Week, Associated Press, The Washington Times, on CBS Radio, CNN Radio, Sirius talk radio, KABC, NPR affiliate WLRN and numerous other outlets. Alan Beaulieu has been providing workshops and economic analysis seminars across the US to literally thousands of business.

    Alan Beaulieu is co-author of Make Your Move, a book on how to increase profits through business cycle changes. Alan is also the President of the Institute for Trend Research, a principal and Managing Partner of ITR Capital Partners and an active member of ITR Capital Partners′ Investment Committee. Alan is also the Senior Economic Advisor to the NAW and the Chief Economist for HARDI.

    Alan Beaulieu provides economic information with practical application. What makes a presentation by Alan Beaulieu so unique is his extensive understanding of business cycles and the ability to explain the implications to any audience. Our presenters know that economic changes are signaled well in advance, and they know the signals. After hearing them speak—in easy to understand, non-intimidating language—you will, too. You’ll leave with an action plan and plenty of time to apply it before the economic shifts ahead.

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Alan uses economic data to provide practical solutions for dealing with business cycles. He examines the recovery from the last global economic crisis and forecasts the trends that will dominate national and international business in the years to come. Other topics include the government’s effect on the economy, off shoring, the stock market as an economic indicator and the economic upheavals we should be looking out for.

Alan Beaulieu provides economic information with practical application. What makes a presentation by Alan Beaulieu so unique is his extensive understanding of business cycles and the ability to explain the implications to any audience.

The Recovery: How Long and How Fast
What will be the end result of the government bailouts and should we expect more? What will the recovery look like over a period of years? What future impact will the current Administration have on the economy? What are the short-term and long-term economic forecasts for the U.S. and abroad? More importantly, how will those forecasts directly impact your company? In this wide-ranging presentation, economics speaker Alan Beaulieu answers these questions and more as he forecasts the outlook for keys industries as well as the global economy with the clarity that audiences have come to expect.

Other topics include:

    • Short-term and long-term economic forecasts (U.S. and/or abroad).
    • How those forecasts impact your company.
    • Is the economy going to grow?
    • What about inflation?
    • How will the U.S. be affected by corporate production facilities being moved overseas?
    • Republican or Democrat—what impact does each type of administration have on the economy?
    • Does the stock market give us a true reading of the economy?
    • What leading economic indicators should we be watching for?
    • See the future first—before your competition does.

What People are Saying about Seeing Alan Speak

Rating Entries

Alan has presented on a regular basis to major Fortune 500 corporations. Here is just a selection of rave reviews from his recent keynotes.

“Alan has been presenting to us once a year for nine years. We bring him back yearly because he does such an outstanding job. He prepares interesting slides and charts and gives us an overall view of where the economy is going. Then he ties it in to our business.”
    Alexander Ma, American Honda Motor Co.

“The conference was a huge success due to Alan′s participation in our program. In fact, he received the highest rating of all the speakers at this conference.”
    Leslie Miller, Conference and Meeting Planner, National Fluid Power Association

“The lessons and strategies you shared as part of the Strategies for a Tough Economy panel were of enormous value to the more than 700 entrepreneurs and small business partners in attendance.”
    Mark Herlyn, Vice President, Advertising, The New York Times

“Your economic outlook was clear, concise, professional, thought-provoking, and entertaining, giving all of us information to assist us in economic planning for both our personal and professional lives”
    Gregory Bocchi, Executive Director, Powder Coating Institute

“You packed the house, and convinced the skeptics in the room that the economy and business cycles can be explained clearly, ensibly and humorously!”
    Rick Doyle, Gases and Welding Distributors Association

“I was in the audience—mouth wide open, jaw dropped—listening to your entertaining, inspiring and surprising economic reflections yesterday Thank you for giving such a candid and intelligent take on the recovery and what it will take to be successful in the next few years.”
    Lida Citroën, LIDA360, LLC

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Books by Alan Beaulieu:

Make Your Move: Change the Way You Look At Your Business and Increase Your Bottom Line
A business book for these unprecedented times. After the most severe economic collapse in a generation, business leaders want to know how to protect themselves, plan for the future, and identify advancing trends in order to seize opportunities. Written with his brother Brian Beaulieu, Alan’s important new book, Make Your Move: Change The Way You Look At Your Business And Increase Your Bottom Line is a solutions-oriented management tool for mastering problems that thousands of businesses face regularly.

In clear, non-technical language, using proven business cycle analysis on which Alan is the leading authority, Make Your Move explains precisely what steps to take and when to take them.

It will help executives escape their recession mentalities and apply individual action plans to position their companies for an improving economy—as well as show them how to be profitable in any economic climate, even in a recession.

Alan’s breakthrough book will help you…

    • See what’s coming—Spot future economic shifts well before they take place.
    • Understand business cycles—It can mean the difference between your company’s success and failure.
    • Know where you are—Identify the phase cycle your business is in and how to profit from it.
    • Unlock the mystery behind leading indicators—And make them your economic crystal balls.
    • Increase profits consistently and reliably—Capitalize on cyclical changes and boost your bottom line.

Economic swings are inevitable. Make Your Move, written by two of our country’s most experienced practical business economists, will guide you through the upswings and downturns, and give CEOs, business owners, top executives and senior managers the insights they need to maximize profits in every phase of any business cycle.

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