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    Our keynote speakers address a comprehensive array of topics. Many of these leading luminaries can only be found at SPEAKING.com. We are continually reviewing and adding fresh, compelling talent.

    The average keynote speaker fee (in US dollars) is $7,500 plus coach travel. Many well-known speakers will charge $20,000 and up. For a celebrity you will need to budget at least $50,000. To compensate for the additional travel time and logistics, speakers traveling internationally will usually increase their fee by at least 50%, plus business or first class travel.

    Choosing an overall topic for the speech is a good place to start defining your candidate search. You should also ask yourself: 1- What effect do I want the speaker to have on the audience? 2- What are the overall event goals? 3- What background / profile should the speaker have?

    If you have any questions and/or would like any advice during your search, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: Speakers@SPEAKING.com or call: 1-877-717-5327.

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    Evaluating an Online Speaker Profile

    When evaluating speaker profiles, keep in mind that program outlines are offered as examples of what you might expect in the speaker’s overall presentation; but most will tailor their programs to your audience and event goals after a conference call with your programming team.

    Video clips should be viewed for presentation style, not content. Some of the video clips might be from presentations given a few years ago, so the speech content will have been updated for today’s audiences.

    All speaking testimonials provided by speakers are true and accurate.

    It’s sometime difficult to evaluate a speaker from online materials. Our agents each have an average of 20 years experience booking and managing speakers. We are happy to provide our valued insights and guidance to help you choose the best candidate for your audience and event goals. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at: Speakers@SPEAKING.com or call: 1-877-717-5327.