Employee Engagement Speakers

With employee turnover estimated to cost the US economy $5 trillion annually, many leaders, managers and organizations are realizing that to be successful today, employees need to be engaged, committed to and passionate about their work.

But once you’ve hired the best, how do you keep them on board, happy, focused and productive? By building a culture of engagement, commitment and accountability with people at all levels, working together and embracing an unshakeable esprit de corps throughout the organization.

Our Employee Engagement Speakers realize that the degree of belief in one’s work making a difference, contribution, a sense of connection to others and a common purpose, predict employee productivity and retention. Our speakers know how to help managers create great leadership cultures, increase engagement, build best places to work, establish a shared sense of achievement and decrease workforce burnout.

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Employee Engagement Speakers

Marcus Buckingham

FEE CATEGORY * $75,000 and above

Cambridge University Masters graduate Marcus Buckingham founded The Marcus Buckingham Company in 2005 to help promote his credo that no company can truly thrive unless it focuses on the strengths of their workers and gives… Full Profile

Teri Yanovitch

FEE CATEGORY * $5,000 to $10,000

Along with 85 percent of business leaders today, Teri Yanovitch thinks quality customer service is how your business can set itself apart. Through her enthusiastic, upbeat delivery, drawing on examples from Gandhi to the scientific… Full Profile

Dr. Mark DeVolder

FEE CATEGORY * $20,000 to $25,000
TRAVELS FROM British Columbia, Canada

Known as “The Change Specialist,” Dr. Mark DeVolder has guided some of the most high-stake transitions of recent history, preparing Colombian business leaders for the NAFTA Free Trade Agreement, aiding in the wrap up of… Full Profile

Shawn Achor

FEE CATEGORY * $30,000 to $50,000
TRAVELS FROM Massachusetts, USA

With a highly distinguished academic career, Shawn Achor, a teacher at Wharton Business School, is a leading expert on the ways in which success and happiness are interrelated. His research into positive psychology has profound… Full Profile


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