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Exclusive Interviews with the World's Greatest Thought Leaders

Award-winning actress, writer, and producer Naomi McDougall Jones is one of the most prominent figures steering the "Women in Film Revolution." Her viral TED Talk, "What It's Like to Be a Woman in Hollywood" has helped raise awareness on the severe gender gap that plagues creative control in Hollywood. She aims to be part of the solution not only with her activism but her self-made film career, proof that there is a lucrative market for media that is both about women and created by women. ...(more)

Leadership / Management

How Gender Inequality in Hollywood Affects Everyone, with Naomi McDougall Jones

Award-winning actress, writer, and producer Naomi McDougall Jones is one of the most prominent figures steering the "Women in Film Revolution." Her viral TED Talk, "What It's Like to Be a Woman in Ho...(more)

Freeing Your Innate Creativity with Peter Himmelman

With timeless albums like This Father's Day and From Strength to Strength, Peter Himmelman won a permanent place in the hearts of countless rock fans. Now, the Grammy and Emmy-nominated musician chan...(more)

How to Drive Sustainable Growth with Leadership Speaker Rick Miller

Rick Miller is one of the few accomplished business executives who has been able to translate his decades of experience into actionable management advice that helps other senior leaders grow their bus...(more)

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Marketing / Branding

How to Create the Best Customer Experience with Dr. Joseph Michelli

Psychologist and customer experience expert, Dr. Joseph Michelli helps companies and organizations define their legacy. Michelli works with leaders and frontline employees alike to find joy in every ...(more)

Create a Future of Prosperity with Innovation Speaker, Michael Perman

Innovation keynote speaker, Michael Perman helps teams crack the innovation paradox to generate actionable ideas, breakthrough products, and revolutionary customer experiences. The founder of C’EST...(more)

Transforming Your Business through Practice Management, with Sales Speaker Duncan MacPherson

A professional branding and client acquisition expert, sales and marketing speaker Duncan MacPherson has been coaching financial professionals for over 20 years. His company Pareto Systems is at the f...(more)

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Motivational / Inspirational

Unlocking Your “STUFF” to Overcome Hardship, with Dr. Sampson Davis

Growing up in Newark, New Jersey, Dr. Sampson Davis was surrounded by poverty, broken families and drug-related crime. He managed to walk the tightrope between being smart and socially acceptable in a...(more)

Building the Life You Want with Inspirational Speaker Nick Santonastasso

Inspirational and motivational speaker, Nick Santonastasso is a medical miracle. Not only is he one of four people alive with the rare genetic condition, Hanhart Syndrome, the inspirational keynote s...(more)

Bear Grylls on Success, Team Building and Personal Strength

One of television's most watched celebrities, Bear Grylls launched a Survivalism Fever that has swept across the world. The former British Special Forces operative is best-known for taking his adventu...(more)

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Technology / Innovation

Succeeding in the Relationship Economy, with Jerry Michalski

Business advisor, keynote speaker and futurist, Jerry Michalski helps organizations navigate the transition from the consumer mass-marketing economy to the Relationship Economy, the new economic model...(more)

Driving Retail Innovation, with Sterling Hawkins

Entrepreneur and 5th generation retailer, retail keynote speaker Sterling Hawkins works with start-ups, legacy retailers, and Fortune 500 companies to close the innovation gap in retail. Hawkins head...(more)

Lisa Seacat DeLuca on How to Be a Successful Inventor

With 300 patents granted, Lisa Seacat Deluca is one of the most accomplished inventors in IBM history. The IBM engineer draws from her extensive field experience to help others tap into their creativ...(more)

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Growing through Adversity, with Inspirational Speaker Allison Massari

After surviving two horrific car accidents, artist and entrepreneur Allison Massari braved an excruciating recovery that forever changed the way she viewed life, happiness and fulfillment. She has sin...(more)

Managing Rapid Changes in Healthcare, with Healthcare Speaker Dr. Kent Bottles

Drawing from a wide range of leadership experience in biotechnology, academia, and community health systems, healthcare keynote speaker Dr. Bottles helps providers and healthcare leaders prepare for t...(more)

Increasing Employee Engagement in Healthcare with Leadership Speaker Vicki Hess

Healthcare keynote speaker, Vicki Hess, RN, is your go-to resource for improving employee engagement in healthcare. Whether you work in a hospital, health system or your members or customers work in h...(more)

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Customer Service / Sales

Building a Culture of Uplifting Service, with Ron Kaufman

Rated the #1 Customer Service Guru in the World by GloboGurus, Ron Kaufman is a keynote speaker based in Singapore, and has been working with and for clients all over the world for the past 30 years....(more)

Growing Your Business through Strategic Partnerships, with Tammy Levent

While other travel agencies were succumbing to the advent of online search engines and post-9/11 woes, Tammy Levent grew her company, Elite Travel, into a 100-million-dollar business. But economic s...(more)

Guiding a Salesforce Mindset, with Rob Jolles

With over 30 years of experience and research, Rob Jolles is a leading authority and pioneer on the art of influence and persuasion. Jolles is a sought after business coach, author, and keynote speake...(more)

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Entrepreneurship / Business

Thriving as a Sustainable Business, with Strategy Speaker Andrew Winston

Keynote speaker Andrew Winston is the author of the award-winning The Big Pivot and co-author of the international best seller Green to Gold . He speaks to executives around the world, appears regul...(more)

Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington Reveals the Secrets to Business Success

Kevin Harrington is a self-made millionaire and successful entrepreneur who is better known as one of the "sharks" on the popular TV show Shark Tank. He is recognized as the inventor of the infomercia...(more)

Launching a Successful Business, with Keynote Speaker Scott Duffy

One of the most popular entrepreneurship and business keynote speakers in the world, Scott Duffy has had the rare opportunity to learn from some of the most brilliant innovators and business professio...(more)

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Personal Growth

How to Change the World with Innovation Speaker Mick Ebeling

Named one of the "50 Most Creative People" in the world, Mick Ebeling specializes in using imagination and technology to win small victories for humanity and inspire others to do the same. His non-pro...(more)

Adventures in Kindness with Inspirational Speaker Leon Logothetis

Leon Logothetis is a global adventurer, motivational speaker and philanthropist. It wasn’t always that way. He used to be a broker in the city of London where he felt uninspired and chronically depr...(more)

Fitness, Nutrition and Life Balance with Gabrielle Reece

Fashion icon, health expert and TV Show Host Gabrielle Reece is an avid proponent of empowering people to take responsibility for their own health. Her commanding presence, passion for healthy living,...(more)

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Economy / Globalization

The Economic and Political Challenges Ahead, with John Manzella

Economic keynote speaker and international trade expert, John Manzella, provides businesses and organizations with the latest developments on trade, global affairs, and economic markets. Manzella is ...(more)

Harnessing the Green Business Revolution, with Sustainability Speaker Peter Boyd

Business and environment expert, Peter Boyd helps companies accelerate the adoption of business solutions that lower carbon emissions and increase long-term profits. Driven by his personal motto that...(more)

What the Past Presidential Election Reveals about the United States, with Richard Wolffe

A skilled storyteller with decades of experience in Washington D.C.’s inner circles, Richard Wolffe imparts informative insights on politics and economics, including both domestic and foreign affair...(more)

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