Tips for Building Better Business Relationships, with Keith Ferrazzi

Exclusive Interview with: Keith Ferrazzi

People want to work with those they like and with those they consider friends.

SPEAKING.COM: How can leaders foster organizational transformation through behavior changes?

FERRAZZI: It’s about trust and showing your team how they individually benefit from the change. Be the first to exhibit and model the change you want to see. Let them know what you need to work on. This will help reinforce to the whole team that you’re all working together.

SPEAKING.COM: How do business relationships play a profound role in sales forces’ success?

FERRAZZI: No one succeeds on their own. People want to work with those they like and with those they consider friends. Without strong relationships your sales force has to increase its efforts to compensate for the lost introductions and leads they may have received with stronger, more proactive business relationships.

SPEAKING.COM: Can you give us three tips for better relationship building?

• Always lead with generosity. You’re more likely to establish a bond when your first impression is as someone who is open and giving.

• Ping regularly. If the relationship is new, reach out whenever appropriate. Even something as simple as a text on someone’s birthday will make you memorable.

• Don’t keep score. Relationships aren’t a quid pro quo. Be of service because the relationship is important to you, not because you’re storing points.

SPEAKING.COM: What is the #1 mindset for relationship building that a team can implement today?

FERRAZZI: Candor, but with caring criticism. People fear confrontation, which can stifle progress. Teams need to practice candor both with themselves and with others to keep the team at peak productivity.

SPEAKING.COM: What are the four mindsets of intimacy, generosity, candor and accountability?

FERRAZZI: They really are the pillars of all relationships. If you practice and lead with generosity you can foster intimacy among your friends and peers. That intimacy will inspire greater candor and accountability. Knowing that you won’t let each other fail gives you each “butt-kicking” privileges to hold each other accountable.


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