5 Reasons Businesses Should Be Tracking Social Conversations

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Identification – Connecting with new and existing audiences online is crucial, an effort made easier when you eavesdrop to understand their interests and motivations. But so is activating key influencers who can help spread the word and raise awareness with their own following. Online monitoring can help you find and engage these champions, as well as note rising critics, so you can activate the former’s support and address the latter’s concerns before they devolve into potential PR crises.

Insight – Two vital questions you should be asking yourself: How are customers interacting with my brand, and what feedback are they sharing based on these exchanges? Reviewing commentary is crucial, with public sentiment the best form of focus group testing money can’t buy. Likewise, listening to customer insights can help provide vital business intelligence on the shape of products and programs, or emerging areas of market opportunity, that help drive innovation and improvement.

Investigation – Just as eavesdropping on end-­‐users can provide telling insights into brand or campaign affinity and awareness, it also pays to keep your ears perked up surrounding competitors’ activity as well. Study what’s working for them, what isn’t, and potential strategic initiatives they’re pursuing, as well as areas of consumer interest they may be overlooking – but don’t forget to turn the magnifying glass on yourself as well. Regular and ongoing audits to determine which elements of campaigns are connecting or flopping, and where to double down or cut bait, are crucial to initiatives’ ongoing health.

Impact – Tracking online commentary lets you determine how well your message connects and resonates. The practice also provides a better sense of the public’s attitude and reception to new ventures. Want to know what people are saying about your business, and where you may need to enhance education or outreach efforts? Now you can find out directly from end-­‐users themselves.

Improvement – Like any good marketing campaign, no effective social media effort ever remains static. Based on data, analytics and audience reaction, you should be constantly updating, refining and interacting with customers to improve audience takeaway and campaign performance. Programs not resonating? Internalize feedback and tweak until success is achieved.

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