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Technology & Leadership Lessons from Astronaut Ron Garan

A highly decorated fighter and test pilot, explorer, entrepreneur, and humanitarian, Ron inspires people to put aside their differences and destructive competitive tendencies so that they can work together for Read More

Why AI is Critical to the Future of Humanity, with Peter Cochrane

Engineer, scientist, and entrepreneur, Professor Peter Cochrane’s research and career has kept him at the forefront of technology for over 40 years. Cochrane’s company, Cochrane Associates, operates on 4 continents Read More

Empathy, AI and Leadership, with Minter Dial

When it comes to new technology and emerging digital opportunities, branding strategist Minter Dial gives companies a strong sense of where to go and what to avoid. Dial is an Read More

How to Predict the Future, with Daniel Burrus

The New York Times described Daniel Burrus as one of the top three most in demand business gurus in the United States. He is generally considered one of the world’s Read More

How to Thrive in the Digital Age, with Lital Marom

Lital Marom is internationally sought for her expertise on platform business models, AI, IoT, blockchain, and other emerging technologies. She is the founder of UNFOLD, a boutique innovation and management Read More

The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Susan Etlinger

As a technology pioneer and popular keynote speaker, Susan Etlinger teaches audiences how to contextualize data and use it in a smart way whether their company’s going through a crisis, Read More

Can Video Games Treat Conditions like Dementia and Depression?

World-class neuroscientist and neurologist, Dr. Adam Gazzaley is working to turn video games and other technology into medical treatments for conditions like dementia, depression, and pediatric ADHD. He teaches neurology, Read More

Why AR and VR are the Next Big Thing, with Charlie Fink

Former entertainment and tech executive, Charlie Fink is one of the world’s foremost authorities on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and new media. He is a staple at AR and VR Read More

Lisa Seacat DeLuca on How to Be a Successful Inventor

With 300 patents granted, Lisa Seacat Deluca is one of the most accomplished inventors in IBM history. The IBM engineer draws from her extensive field experience to help others tap Read More

How to Change the World with Innovation Speaker Mick Ebeling

Named one of the “50 Most Creative People” in the world, Mick Ebeling specializes in using imagination and technology to win small victories for humanity and inspire others to do Read More

Bringing Rocket Science Down to Earth, with Innovation Speaker Dan Goods

Named “One of the Most Interesting People in Los Angeles” by LA Weekly, innovation keynote speaker Dan Goods created his own dream position as “Visual Strategist” at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Read More

Harnessing the Green Business Revolution, with Sustainability Speaker Peter Boyd

Business and environment expert, Peter Boyd helps companies accelerate the adoption of business solutions that lower carbon emissions and increase long-term profits. Driven by his personal motto that “There is Read More

Harnessing the Power of Consumer Trends, with Futurist Speaker Daniel Levine

One of the world’s leading trends analysts, consumer trends keynote speaker, Daniel Levine heads an international team of over 9,000 trend spotters who research and chronicle the latest ideas, products, Read More

Creativity Speaker Dr. AnnMarie Thomas Inspires Innovators to Play

Innovation keynote speaker and expert, Dr. AnnMarie Thomas works (and plays) to empower, support, and inspire today’s innovators, engineers, and inventors, as well as those of tomorrow. A seasoned maker, Read More

Disruption and Invention, with Innovation Speaker Kevin Surace

Kevin Surace is a well known Silicon Valley entrepreneur, disruptive innovator and innovation keynote speaker, who had been awarded Inc Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year, listed as one of the Read More

Becoming a Successful Disruptor, with Innovation Speaker Jay Samit

A highly respected agent of change, innovation speaker Jay Samit is globally renowned for his expert advice on launching products, building successful businesses, and transforming careers and entire industries. From Read More

Ubertrends that are Changing our World, with Michael Tchong

Described by The Daily Telegraph as “America’s most influential trend spotter,” Michael Tchong has been at the forefront of internet, social media and computer innovation throughout his career. His start-up Read More

Social Hacking, with Josh Klein

Life-long expert on the use of hacking and innovation to create and solve social systems and industries, Josh Klein has served as a consultant on innovation and cyber security to Read More

Fraud Prevention and Personal Security, with Robert Siciliano

Best-selling author Robert Siciliano is a United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla Staff Officer of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security – whose motto is “Semper Paratus” (Always Ready). For Read More

Healthcare in the Digital Age, with John Patrick

For the past three decades, digital technology visionary John Patrick has been one of the primary forces driving technology innovation. As vice president of Internet technology at IBM, Patrick was Read More

How to Become a World-Class Innovator

Jim Carroll is at the forefront of global futurism, helping an array of blue-chip clients to predict the trends and innovations of coming years before they happen. In all of Read More

What to Expect: Life and Work in the 2020s

Michael Rogers helps people think about the future, with clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, from universities and government agencies to the general public. He has worked with Read More

Preparing for the Future, with Thornton May

An empirical futurist and corporate forecaster for 35-plus years, Thornton May has helped various organizations outperform their competition by designing for what comes next. He serves as Executive Director and Read More


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