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Itay Talgam: Listening and Creative Leadership

SPEAKING.COM: When and how did you discover your passion for music and begin your conducting career? ITAY: I played the Piano from the age of six, but hated practicing. As Read More

Inspiring Cultural Awareness Around the World with Chris Bashinelli

Chris Bashinelli (“Bash”) is one of the most exciting young inspirational speakers in the world today. He’s acted (on The Sopranos), spoken on the floor of the United Nations General Read More

Changing Behavior Starts with 1, not 21 Days

How quickly can you change a behavior? You have probably heard and seen it written that it takes 21 days. That “fact” has been quoted for decades but there is Read More

Is Luck Earned? How to Create Luck.

When you don’t get the raise, sign the deal, sell the product, or lose to the competition, the worst claim you can make is that you’re unlucky. This paralyzes you Read More

3 Tips for Developing an Ironclad Focus

“Why am I here?” Answering that question is essential to generating an effective focus in an organization. Employees in the today’s business world strive toward finding that one job or Read More


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